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Cookies Preferences in Mozilla

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These preferences apply to most Mozilla products (including Firefox and Seamonkey), however they are application-specific, so not all of them may apply to you. The default values given are for Firefox 3.


Default Value: 0

0 = accept all cookies by default
1 = only accept from the originating site (block third party cookies)
2 = block all cookies by default
3 = use p3p settings (note: this is only applicable to older Mozilla Suite and Seamonkey versions.)


Default Value: 0

0 = Accept cookies normally
1 = Prompt for each cookie
2 = Accept for current session only
3 = Accept for N days


Default Value: 90

Only used if network.cookie.lifetimePolicy is set to 3

Sets the number of days that the lifetime of cookies should be limited to.


Default Value: false

Only used if network.cookie.lifetimePolicy is set to 1

true = accepts session cookies without prompting
false = prompts for session cookies


Default Value: false

true = restrict third party cookies to the session only
false = no restrictions on third party cookies


Default Value: 1000

Configures the maximum amount of cookies to be stored

Valid range is from 0-65535, RFC 2109 and 2965 require this to be at least 300


Default Value: 50

Configures the maximum amount of cookies to be stored per host

Valid range is from 0-65535, RFC 2109 and 2965 require this to be at least 20


Default Value: true

true = do not accept any cookies from within mailnews or from mail-style URIs
false = allow cookies in these situations

This preference is applicable to all versions of Seamonkey.

New in Thunderbird 3 This preference is applicable to Thunderbird 3 and later. Earlier versions of Thunderbird only allowed cookies on RSS feeds.


Default Value: false

Migration pref for users with older profiles (before Mozilla 1.7). If you have the old-style prefs, they will be migrated when starting the application. (The old prefs are network.cookie.lifetime.enabled, network.cookie.lifetime.behavior, and network.cookie.warnAboutCookies.)

true = prefs have been migrated
false = migrate prefs on next startup

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