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bugzilla.mozilla.org (よく b.m.o と略されます) は Mozilla.org のバグ管理システムで、Firefox、Thunderbird、SeaMonkey、Camino、や他の Mozilla.org のプロジェクトに関するバグや機能要望に関することを記録するためのデータベースです。

【訳注: 日本版 Bugzilla については Bugzilla-jp を参照してください。】

B.m.o. についてのドキュメント

Bugzilla で何ができて何をやってはいけないか
Bugzilla での行動規約
A guide to etiquette; this guide will help you understand how best to conduct yourself on b.m.o. and how using proper manners and civility will help ensure your problem gets solved sooner rather than later.
It's useful (but not mandatory) for you to check if the problem you're reporting has been already tracked. This guide will help you do so.
Documentation about quality assurance at Mozilla.
A guide to writing a good, understandable, bug that will be easily followed by the development team.
If you've fixed a bug, or have implemented a new feature, you'll need to get your patch into the tree so it can become part of the product. This guide will teach you how!

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  • Bugzilla Todos lists review and flag requests, patches to check in, unfulfilled requests you made of other people, and assigned bugs.