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The Navigator interface represents the state and the identity of the user agent. It allows scripts to query it and to register themselves to carry on some activities. This page represents the list of properties and methods added to Navigator on Firefox OS devices. For the list of properties and methods available to any Web sites, consult Navigator.

A Navigator object can be retrieved using the read-only Window.navigator property.


Navigator.Bluetooth 読取専用  
Returns a Promise to a BluetoothDevice object with the specified options.
Navigator.mozAlarms ※要 FirefoxOS 1.0
Returns a MozAlarmsManager object you can use to schedule notifications or applications to be started at a specific time.
Returns an Apps object you can use to install, manage, and control Open Web apps.
The navigator.mozAudioChannelManager object provides access to the mozAudioChannelManager interface, which is used to manage your Firefox OS device's audio channels, including setting what channel's volume to affect when the volume buttons are pressed inside a particular app.
Navigator.mozCamera ※要 FirefoxOS 1.0
Return a CameraManager object you can use to access cameras available on your device.
Navigator.mozFMRadio ※要 FirefoxOS 1.0
Return an FMRadio object you can use to access the device FM radio.
Navigator.mozMobileConnections ※要 FirefoxOS 1.0
Return a list of MozMobileConnection object to retrieve the connection states of a mobile device and to perform some SIM/RUIM card actions.
Navigator.mozMobileMessage ※要 FirefoxOS 1.1
Returns a MozMobileMessageManager object you can use to manage MMS and SMS messaging in your web application.
Navigator.mozNetworkStats ※要 FirefoxOS 1.0
Returns a MozNetworkStatsManager object you can use to access network data amount information.
Navigator.mozNfc ※要 FirefoxOS 2.0
Returns a MozNFC object that can be used to access Near Field Communication (NFC) functionality, allowing two phones to have data transferred between one another simply by holding them close or tapping them together.
Navigator.mozPower ※要 FirefoxOS 1.0
Returns a PowerManager object that allows to control the power usage and turn off unused peripherals to save power.
Navigator.mozSettings ※要 FirefoxOS 1.0
Returns a SettingsManager object you can use to access the device's settings.
Navigator.mozSms ※要 FirefoxOS 1.0 非推奨 Gecko 25
Returns a MozSmsManager object you can use to manage SMS messaging in your web application.
Navigator.mozTCPSocket ※要 FirefoxOS 1.0
Returns a TCPSocket object that allows to open a raw TCP connection.
Navigator.mozTelephony ※要 FirefoxOS 1.0
Returns a Telephony object you can use to create and manage telephone calls.
Navigator.mozWifiManager ※要 FirefoxOS 1.0
Returns a WifiManager object you can use to manage Wifi networks.


Navigator.getDataStores() ※要 FirefoxOS 1.0
Provides access to a list of the Data Store API data stores available on the device.
Navigator.getDeviceStorage() ※要 FirefoxOS 1.0
Gives access to device storage areas.
Navigator.getDeviceStorages() ※要 FirefoxOS 1.0
Gives access to all the device storage areas of the same type.
Navigator.mozHasPendingMessage() ※要 FirefoxOS 1.0
Allows an app to know if there is a pending message of a given type.
Navigator.mozSetMessageHandler() ※要 FirefoxOS 1.0
Allows an app to register a function handler for any kind of system message.
Navigator.removeIdleObserver() ※要 FirefoxOS 1.0
Allows to remove an observer used to check if the user is idle.


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