Take a Tour to Malaysia with HTML5

An example of demonstrating the use of Popcorn.js, an open source HTML5 video framework and CSS 3 animation.

利用技術: JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Video

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Do you know about Malaysia? If no, please click the "Launch Demo" button above to find out more about the great attractions in Malaysia.

Malaysia is a friendly neighbour of Thailand, Singapore, and Indonesia. This year, we are organising Visit Malaysia 2014 campaign, the nation's biggest and grantest tourism celebration. Thus, I have this demo to show how cool both Popcorn.js and my country are.

Inside the demo, you will get to see how YouTube and Google Maps plug-in work with Popcorn.js library. For the Google Maps, not only road map style is available, but also the street view mode is possible. A little bit of CSS 3 animation is being included in this demo as well.

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