TagVisor.js Teaser

A simple teaser of TagVisor.js library to make pages becomes animated

利用技術: JavaScript, CSS3,

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This demonstration showcases the use of an experimental library for JavaScript developers: TagVisor.js, which is an open-source work and serves as a development aid library that lets any web page be turned into an animated experience. The concept is simple and turns a web page into an observation experience. It's possible to create a camera illusion and guide the user through a web page using effects and time-based controls.

TagVisor is a 10K library that wants to explore the overlap, if any, between a web page and its probable views of observation. Any person has their own view towards an online document. An attempt to animate, let' say a web page guide, is an attempt to lock or an attempt to expand the possibilities? This is a quest and a challenge we want to explore. Think that TagVisor is just one, of many, tools that can help us understand how web pages can reach out to new dynamic views and at the same time the page data to be preserved. Maybe all users should be able to change a web page to a new dynamic view, maybe all users can re-share an animated ( as in annotated with multimedia enhancements ) view for online documents.

External Resources used:

* Jquery


* June 2011, original concept featured a use case for this concept:
+ https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/demos/detail/conductor

* June, 2011, Web Cast Videography work
+ https://drumbeat.org/en-US/challenges/unlocking-video/submission/322/

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