The CSS3D environment

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You can use this tool to draw 3D elements and apply 3D effects in the easiest way, see the results and in the end, copy the elements's styles to use in your pages.
Hold ctrl and drag the map to rotate it.
Drag the map using the right button of your mouse to move it.
Check for more shortcuts in the "Help/About" menu, by clicking in the "gear icon".

The full version of this project(yet under development) is running at
Please, feel free to send feedback, report bugs and say some nice things!

** As you may know, Google Chrome has some issues rendering 3D CSS3 effects, and both Google Chrome and Safari have problems with z-index and 3Ded elements...due to this(what I hope they will fix soon) you may have to drag the map aside to be able to reach the icons in the tool bar...sorry for that!

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  1. WallaceErick によるコメント

    Ficou show, cara. Parabéns pelo trampo!
  2. suissa によるコメント

    The new AutoCad!
  3. aJaskulski によるコメント

    Parabéns. Isto pode chegar muito longe, heim???
  4. luisdalmolin によるコメント

    Demais, AutoCad online.
  5. ram.coelho によるコメント

  6. marciofao によるコメント

    Muito tri! os grandes motores de 3D e Ferramentas CAD estão com seus dias contados!

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