Click and drag to get some particles action

利用技術: JavaScript, Canvas, WebGL

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Just another simple particle system with mouse attraction. Pressing any key will switch between rendering modes.

This is a standalone version of a multiuser wireless installation called "FLU" where people can play together with particles using their devices (computer, tablet, phone) on a local network, using node.js, websockets, webGL and HTML5 stuff.

Find more about FLU here : http://checkthis.com/7ezv

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  1. xsoh によるコメント

    Great Work!!!
    I really like it
  2. scott@explainafide.com.au によるコメント

    this is so pretty :D
  3. AmirMahdi によるコメント

    Very goooooooooooooooood!!
  4. WhiteFlamingo によるコメント

  5. psutherland によるコメント

    Wow, I'm completely blown away. That is just awesome. Beautiful stuff.
  6. zig-zag によるコメント

    Thats really good, although towards the endge of the screen for me it is slightly disaligned from my mouse.
  7. ArdaTR によるコメント

    Unbelievable! Wonderful work.
  8. hendriono によるコメント

    Wow!!! Awesome project... I can't say anything... love it...
  9. KhaaL によるコメント

    I'd love to be able to interact with this through the webcam (a la kinect), very pretty and great fun!
  10. mahony0 によるコメント

    That's an Awesome project man.. Thanks for making things like this!!
  11. nabra によるコメント

    wow its great

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