Performs a visual animation effect that follows specific parts of the music being played in a page.

利用技術: JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Audio,

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This demonstration uses CSS animation effects, specifically transformations, to produce an animated guide experience for a web page, in this case, a web page that has a music resource. The general idea is an experience can be enabled over web pages to toggle pages from its normal visualization state, to an animated view that shows page content in different ways. This demonstration use case features Prelude in C, from J.S. Bach. However, the animated page guide experience can also be used for other pages.

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  1. Marcio Galli によるコメント

    Noticed the above, CSS3 properties for transforms, are not 100% compatible with all the other modern browsers. This version has improved compatibility tested also in Chrome, but it has the scaling effect turned off This update is here so it's not cheating to the contest original submission.


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