An animation made with pure text

利用技術: JavaScript, CSS3, Fonts & Type, XMLHttpRequest

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If there's one thing programmers were ever good for it was for utilizing text in new and unheard of ways. I come from the demoscene, and have witnessed countless times how prods use text in many different artful/creative ways other than just displaying a message.

Wikipedia has an article on TextMode demos. You should give it a read:

Since JavaScript is blowing up on the web at an ever faster pace, we now have this:

And this:

I'm sure there's more out there, but those two really rock.

So my contribution was this:

A while back, my humans.txt went slightly viral after a tweet by @divya. I never knew one tweet could bring so many hits in such a small amount of time, so well done Divya, and her technorati crew of followers who propelled me even further into this whole Web development thing.

A star shape is not the only rendering available; there is also a cube, a triangle, and a ball to play with. You can also watch a Youtube video if you want to see how it should look in a modern browser; or you can download the sourcecode here, from Github:


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