3D Image Transitions

Stunning 3D image slideshow

利用技術: JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3,

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All illustrations are the copyright of Nick La (http://ndesign-studio.com) and are used under permission (not CC-BY-SA License).

The slider is powered by Flux Slider which is copyright Joe Lambert and released under the MIT License.

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  1. jredkai によるコメント

    Beautiful, I really like it! Keep up the good work!
  2. Patrick_Star3 によるコメント

    Iam very happy that I found this all beautiful and awesome demo projects here at Mozilla developer site.....Good and Beautiful work!...
  3. alexjosesilva によるコメント

    Bonito porém não funciona no miseravel do IE8 e nem no Opera!
    Funciona perfeito no Chrome, Safira e no proprio FireFox
    Os efeitos apresentados funcionam com HTML ou somente com imagens ?
  4. JoeDoeWoe によるコメント

  5. aravindb によるコメント

    Cool demo!
    Try adding this "-webkit-backface-visibility: hidden;" to the images container div.. Makes it even more awesome!
  6. irma_marina によるコメント

    Una elegancia :D

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