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Firefox Marketplace にアプリを登録すると、ステータスとバージョンのページが作成され、アプリのレビュー状況やアップロードしたバージョン、最新バージョンのアップロード、メモリの少ない環境でのレビュー要請、プリインストール要求の状況、検索結果へのアプリの表示 / 非表示のコントロール、アプリの削除が可能になります。ここではそれぞれの機能について説明します。



ここではアプリの現在の状況、Marketplace 上でのレビューの進捗と公開状況が確認できます。



This section provides details of the versions of your app's package that you have uploaded.

Upload New Version


This section provides the feature to upload a new version of your app.

Low-Memory Devices

If you're unsure as to whether your app meets the low-memory requirements, you can find more details in the article Apps for low-memory Firefox OS devices.

When you submit an app to Marketplace it's initially excluded from the list of apps shown to users of low-memory devices, such as the Cloud FX and Spice Fire One MI FX1. If you believe your app meets the memory requirements for low-memory phones, you can request a review by clicking Request a low-memory review.

In this section you request a review of your app against the criteria for low-memory devices.

The Low-Memory Devices section is now updated to show when you made your review request.

Once a review has been requested the section is updated to indicate when you made the request.

(Further details on the process to be provided).

If the review is successful your app will be added to those visible in Marketplace to owners of low-memory phones.

Pre-Installed App Status


This section allows you to track the status of your app if you have requested it be considered for pre-installation on Firefox OS devices

Delist App


This section enables you to delist your app, so that it is still held within the Marketplace catalog but not listed in the Marketplace interface.

Delete App


This section enables you to completely remove your app from Marketplace, once deleted no record is retained of your app and deletion cannot be undone.


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