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    Utility Libraries and APIs

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    When it comes to coding functionality for the Firefox Marketplace into your apps and Web pages, you'll make use of Marketplace Utility Libraries, Web APIs and Marketplace APIs. This page introduces these options, describes when you might use them and offers links to further documentation.

    Marketplace Utility Libraries

    The Marketplace Utility Libraries are designed to simplify your day-to-day coding needs, by shielding you from the complexities of the Web and Marketplace APIs. There is currently one such library, others may become available as the features of Marketplace expand:

    Web APIs

    Your Marketplace Apps will need to make use of Web APIs for certain functions:

    Marketplace APIs

    For most usual app coding requirements you shouldn't need to make use of the Marketplace APIs. Some activities, such as creating your own store do require their use; but where your requirement is supported, a Marketplace Utility Library is probably a better option.

    The documentation for the Marketplace APIs is hosted on here. If you need further details on the APIs, please join the dev-marketplace mailing list.

    The Marketplace APIs documentation is used to document Marketplace APIs under development, so may include details of APIs that aren't available for the public Marketplace.



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