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Using RAII classes in Mozilla

s/NS/MOZ/ in NS_STACK_CLASS. (since MOZ_STACK_CLASS is the current name for this annotation, per current version of )

How to build an XPCOM component in Javascript

update stale path to XPCOMUtils.jsm in MXR

Using flexbox to lay out web applications

s/flex-direction/flex-flow/ in prose at beginning, to make statement about adding "wrap" more valid (wrap can't be added to 'flex-direction' -- only to the shorthand 'flex-flow'), and to match examples later on.

Using flexbox to lay out web applications

s/main-size/auto/ since "flex-basis: main-size" no longer exists (


Note that safari does *not* support "object-position" (per footnote on , confirmed with local testing w/