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2015-04-25 3015-04-26 LinuxFest Northwest Bellingham, WA Benjamin Kerensa LinuxFest Northwest is the longest running, largest open source conference in the Pacific Northwest.
2015-05-27 2015-05-29 JSConf US Amelia Island, FL Tobias Schneider attending Over the last 7 years, JSConf has pushed the language outside of its comfort zone, the web browser, and into the forefront of servers, drones, robots and video games. Enjoy a very special day of exciting activities that are sure to make anyone happy from golfing to robot hacking to segway tours during our "choose-your-own-adventure" middle day only at JSConf US.
2015-05-31 2015-06-05 DjangoCon Europe 2015 Cardiff, Wales James Bennett Six days of talks, tutorials and code. James Bennett will be attending and giving a talk on web security
2015-06-01 2015-06-05 AusCERT 2015 Gold Coast, Australia François Marier, speaking IT security event for IT security professionals and all those with an interest in IT security. It is run by the leading Computer Emergency Response Team for Australia. François will be speaking about content security and sub-resource integrity.
2015-06-05 2015-06-05 Best Of Web Paris, France Julien Wajsberg, attending/organizing 8 Parisians web meetups joins their communities for a big day of talks. The event will take place in the prestigious "salons de l'hôtel de ville de Paris" and we'll have more than 500 local developers here. The idea is to take the best talk for each local web meetup and share this goodness during a full day event, including catering and a social event at night.
2015-06-22 2015-06-23 MediterráneaJS Barcelona, Spain Alberto Pastor, workshop lead MediterráneaJS is the first two-day single-track non-profit JavaScript conference in the heart of Barcelona.
2015-06-23 2015-06-26 Open Source Bridge Portland, OR Priyanka Nag, Christie Koehler, Lukas Blakk, Benjamin Kerensa Open Source Bridge is an annual conference focused on building open source community and citizenship through four days of technical talks, hacking sessions, and collaboration opportunities. Participants include developers, hardware hackers, community organizers, and people involved in the business of open source.
2015-07-04 2015-07-10 Libre Software Meeting Beauvais, France François Marier, speaking The Libre Software Meeting (in French: Rencontres Mondiales du Logiciel Libre, or RMLL) are a series of friendly and non-commercial lectures, workshops, and round tables on Libre Software and its uses. François will be speaking about the state of security and privacy on the web.
2015-07-08 2015-07-10 Cascadia JSFest Blaine, Washington Dave Camp, Jeff Griffiths CascadiaJSFest is a three-day, community-driven conference on the cutting edge of JavaScript and CSS. Browser, server, OS – we cover it all.
2015-07-20 2015-07-24 OSCON Portland, OR Stormy Peters - Speaking; Jim Blandy - Speaking; Benjamin Kerensa - Mozilla Booth For more than 17 years, OSCON has informed and educated software engineers, operations teams, and developers about the use of open source in real-world situations. With open source in nearly everything, today's IT professionals need OSCON more than ever. At OSCON, you'll learn from the combined experience of the open source community—yesterday's pioneers and today's innovators.

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2011-01-08 2011-01-23 Firefox Build for Platform x64 San Juan Lozano Juan Pablo Discutions, colaborations, ideas, and more... I have firefox for x64?... or with firefox x86 complete total satisfaction?... do you think?
2011-03-09 2011-03-13 Confoo Montreal, Canada Andy McKay Close Share: Rating Slides View session page Anatomy of a large Django site
2011-03-18 2011-03-18 State of the browser London, England Paul Rouget Panel with all the browser vendors on newest technologies Presentation Material
2011-03-29 2011-03-30 NASA Open Source Summit 2011 Ames Research Center in Mountain View, California Pascal Finette Lessons from Mozilla Presentation Material
2011-03-30 2011-03-30 Stockholm Web Monkeys Stockholm, Sweden Robert Nyman Community meetup where Robert will lead an HTML5 discussion: What's good, what's missing, web browser implementation takes
2011-04-07 2011-04-07 London jQuery Meetup The Guardian, London Ross Bruniges
2011-04-13 2011-04-14 Funkas Tillgänglighetsdagar Stockholm, Sweden Christian Heilmann Accessibility conference - talking about HTML5 and accessibilty and the clash of innovation vs. accessibility.
2011-04-15 2011-04-16 CCSCNE Springfield, MA Stormy Peters Stormy giving a keynote on Communities: Open Source and Education Working Together Presentation Material
2011-04-16 2011-04-16 W3café accessibilité Paris, France Christian Heilmann Accessibility and innovation Presentation Material
2011-04-19 2011-04-19 Monash University Australia Nicholas Nethercote Software Engineering for Firefox
2011-04-26 2011-04-26 Open Kvarken Vaasa, Finland Robert Nyman Open source conference spreading the awareness of open source software, where Robert will inspire people about HTML5 and the Open Web
2011-04-26 2011-04-28 Philly Emerging Technologies Philadelphia, PA, USA Stormy Peters Stormy is giving a keynote titled Would you give it away?
2011-05-02 2011-05-03 JAX Mainz, Germany Christian Heilmann HTML5 Keynote - telling the Java audience about client side technologies
2011-05-06 2011-05-08 FOSSCOM Patras, Greece Christian Heilmann HTML5 for use now! Presentation Material
2011-05-09 2011-05-10 Barcamp Bodensee Friedrichshafen, Germany Jean-Yves Perrier Near the Swiss-German border. Where the legendary Zeppelin were built. The format is a Barcamp. I plan to talk about Persona/BrowserID and about Documenting the Open Web. Presentation Material
2011-05-10 2011-05-11 Google IO San Francisco, California Christian Heilmann HTML5 Video
2011-05-11 2011-05-12 JSDay Italy Verona, Italy Robert Nyman JavaScript - Like a Box of Chocolates Presentation Material
2011-05-15 2011-05-18 STC Summit Sacramento, California, US Eric Shepherd, Janet Swisher Radically Open Documentation: How open documentation works for Mozilla. Presentation Material
2011-05-23 2011-05-23 How HTML5 Will Change the Web Robert Nyman Free online conference about HTML5 Presentation Material
2011-05-25 2011-05-25 Valtech Tech Days Stockholm, Sweden Robert Nyman Exciting things with HTML5
2011-05-30 2011-06-01 Webinale Berlin, Germany Christian Heilmann HTML fuer Alle
2011-06-03 2011-06-05 Open Help conference Cincinnati, Ohio, US Janet Swisher Engaging developers in Mozilla documentation
2011-06-06 2011-06-08 Amsterdam Andy McKay Large Django sites at Mozilla
2011-06-07 2011-06-08 Inspire Conference London, England Christian Heilmann Mentoring
2011-06-17 2011-06-17 Web2Day Nantes, France Christian Heilmann TBD
2011-06-21 2011-06-24 Open Source Bridge Portland OR, USA Syam Mani, Ryan Snyder, Fred Wenzel, Les Orchard Syam Mani, DNSSEC
Ryan Snyder, Pulling the Plug
Fred Wenzel, Massively Scaling Django for a Global Audience
Les Orchard, Inviting Contributors to Open Source Webdev thru Virtualization
2011-06-24 2011-06-25 Converge SE Columbia, South Carolina Christian Heilmann HTML5 for all / Using HTML5 Video
2011-07-02 2011-07-02 London Ajax Mobile Event London, England Robert Nyman HTML5 and CSS3: Exploring Mobile Possibilities
2011-07-08 2011-07-08 Highland Fling Edinburgh, Scotland Christian Heilmann Moderating
2011-07-09 2011-07-09 GothamJS NYC, United States Robert Nyman HTML5 APIs: Where no man has gone before
2011-07-16 2011-07-16 Open Web Camp Palo Alto, United States Christian Heilmann HTML5 battles still to be won!
2011-07-25 2011-07-29 OSCON Portland, OR, US Chrissie Brodigan
Laura Thomson
Shyam Mani
Open Source Conference
2011-08-06 2011-08-12 Desktop Summit Berlin, Germany Stormy Peters, Lucas Rocha Desktop Summit (GUADEC + Akademy)
2011-09-09 2011-09-09 Ask MDN: Local Web Development Online Paul Lewis, Hannah Wolfe, Francois Laberge This week's Ask MDN session is on Local Web Development; from code-editors, to server stacks, to general tips and tricks.
2011-09-15 2011-09-15 Mobile Merger Online Conference Online Thomas Arend Mobile Merger is the premier online event aimed at helping you incorporate mobile into your business. Learn from 36 unique sessions around mobile marketing, mobile advertising, mobile commerce, mobile recruiting, mobile development and much more. 3 separate tracks and 27 hours of original mobile content will be recorded for on demand replay later. Engage and strategize with our expert speaker lineup. Network with other professionals in our private group. Review days worth of mobile building materials in our mobile locker, a value-add for all attendees.
2011-09-15 2011-09-15 eMerce eDay Rotterdam, NL Pascal Finette Emerce eDay has been the leading and largest e-business event in the Benelux. Every year brings eDay the latest findings by international speakers. A day filled with thought leaders, eye openers, top cases and inspiration.
2011-09-18 2011-09-20 Kings of Code Amsterdam. Netherlands Christian Heilmann HTML5, What now?
2011-09-21 2011-09-22 dMexco Cologne Alex Fowler Digital marketing conference
2011-09-21 2011-09-22 ad:tech London, UK Alex Fowler ad:tech is an interactive advertising and technology conference and exhibition.
2011-09-22 2011-09-23 OWASP AppSecUSA Minneapolis, MN Michael Coates, Sid Stamm OWASP AppSec USA 2011 is an application security conference for information security and development enthusiasts building software - which plays such a vital role in our lives - to be more secure.
2011-09-27 2011-09-27 HTML5 Dev Conference San Francisco, CA David Herman Dave Herman is a resident programming language propeller-head at Mozilla. He has been a member of Ecma TC39, the committee in charge of standardizing JavaScript, since 2006. At Mozilla, Dave works on programming language design, including next generation features. Ecma TC39, the committee in charge of standardizing JavaScript, has been working on the next edition for several years as well. In this talk Dave will describe some of the new features planned for the future of JavaScript.
2011-09-27 2011-09-27 HTML5 Dev Conference San Francisco Bobby Richter + Dan Mosedale We'll be introducing Paladin, an HTML5Gaming initiative, and Gladius, a 3D gaming engine from Mozilla Labs.
2011-09-29 2011-09-29 Addons SDK Workshop London, England Jeff Griffiths Addons SDK Workshop
2011-09-30 2011-09-30 Evento Linux Lisbon, Portugal Christian Heilmann HTML5 TBD
2011-10-01 2011-10-02 Berlin, Germany Jeff Griffiths MDN Docs Sprint, Various Mozillians attending.
2011-10-01 2011-10-05 Adobe MAX 2011 Los Angeles, United States Robert Nyman HTML5 - The 2012 of the Web
2011-10-05 2011-10-05 European Startup Week Vienna Pascal Finette A five-day conference with focus on Startups from Central and Eastern Europe.
2011-10-06 2011-10-07 Fronteers 2011 Amsterdam, Netherlands Robert Nyman HTML5 Forms
2011-10-07 2011-10-08 Tulsa Hackathon Tulsa, OK, USA Luke Crouch Hacking Tulsa Presentation Material
2011-10-08 2011-10-08 HTML5.tx Austin TX, USA Kyle Simpson HTML5 JavaScript on Crack
2011-10-10 2011-10-13 Web 2.0 Expo New York City, NY Brendan Eich Web 2.0 Expo is a conference and tradeshow for everyone who cares about embracing and extending the opportunities created by Web 2.0 technologies.
2011-10-12 2011-10-12 Paypal X Innovate San Jose, USA Christian Heilmann A Glimpse Into the Near Future of Real Web Applications
2011-10-13 2011-10-15 Paris Web 2011 Paris, France Mounir Lamouri, Robert Nyman, Anthony Ricaud, Paul Rouget Conferences and workshops around accessibility, web design and quality in web development
2011-10-17 2011-10-21 Google Summer of Code Doc Sprint Summit Mountain View CA, USA Janet Swisher Writing documentation for open source projects
2011-10-19 2011-10-19 HTML5 live London, England Christian Heilmann One day HTML5 event
2011-10-19 2011-10-21 Latinoware Foz do Iguaçu (Iguazú River Mouth), Paraná, Brazil Reuben Morais, Fernando Pereira Silveira, Rodrigo Padula The Latin-American Open Source Software Conference – Latinoware – is an event that opens space for discussion and reflection on the use of Open Source Software in Latin America, in addition to promoting integration and valuing at the Latin-American level.
2011-10-20 2011-10-21 Frontrow Krakow, Poland Christian Heilmann Web Frontend conference
2011-10-22 2011-10-27 SPLASH Portland, OR Brendan Eich SPLASH is an annual conference that embraces all aspects of software construction and delivery, and that joins all factions of programming technologies.
2011-10-26 2011-10-26 Performance and Genericity Seminar Paris, France Nicolas Pierron The seminar goal is the dissemination of knowledge and skills on modeling performance and generic library. The talk held by Nicolas Pierron is on the optimizations and expectations of SpiderMonkey.
2011-10-27 2011-10-28 TECH4AFRICA Johannesburg, South Africa Robert Nyman TBA
2011-10-27 2011-10-28 Dublin Web Summit Dublin, Ireland Tristan Nitot This October we'll celebrate our first birthday, with another two-day Summit, for the start up and business communities.
2011-10-27 2011-10-29 FSOSS Toronto Jeff Griffiths The annual Free Software and Open Source Symposium provides a venue to share the latest trends in open source. It is an event aimed at bringing together industry, developers, educators and the community and any other interested parties to discuss open source, open web, and academic/industry partnerships.
2011-11-01 2011-11-01 HTML5 live New York City Christian Heilmann One day HTML5 event
2011-11-01 2011-11-02 New Game Conf San Francisco, CA Rob Hawkes HTML5 Game Developers
2011-11-01 2011-11-02 New Game Conf San Francisco, CA Alan Kligman, Robert Richter HTML5 game development
2011-11-04 2011-11-05 StarTechConf Santiago, Chile Robert Nyman HTML5 APIs: Where no man has gone before
2011-11-04 2011-11-05 1DevDay Detroit Detroit, MI Kevin Dangoor The goal of 1DevDay is to unite the Metro Detroit Software Development community for one day of knowledge sharing, learning and exploration. This event is a grassroots undertaking to bring an affordable, accessible, tech conference to the Metro Detroit area. The DetroitDevDays mission is to build a software developer community in the Detroit area that is regarded as the best in the world. Notes and links for Kevin Dangoor's talk are here:
2011-11-04 2011-11-06 Mozilla Festival London, England Lots of Mozillians Mozilla Festival — Media, Freedom and the Web. A gathering of passionate, creative people using the web to bend, hack and reinvent media. We're solving real problems and building prototypes with talented designers, world-class journalists, resourceful media-makers, and cutting-edge developers.
2011-11-07 2011-11-08 Keeping it Realtime Conference Portland, OR Chris Blizzard, Mike Taylor, Dietrich Ayala Discussing the methods, technology, & challenges of creating the realtime web.
2011-11-08 2011-11-09 Velocity Europe Berlin, Germany Christian Heilmann Speaking about Firefox performance
2011-11-09 2011-11-12 Grace Hopper Women in Computing Portland, OR, USA Stormy Peters, Lukas Blakk What if all women knew how to program? Panelists: Stormy Peters (Mozilla), Sarah Allen (Blazing Cloud), Mel Chua (Red Hat), and Lukas Blakk (Mozilla)
2011-11-10 2011-11-11 Lisbon, Portugal Patrick McManus An 800+ engineers-only Portuguese conference/hackathon. I'll be talking about emerging challenges and strategies with web transport protocols with a focus on SPDY, WebSockets, and developments in TCP.
2011-11-11 2011-11-11 Nerd New Year Redwood City, CA Mathew Claypotch, Greg Koberger Hackathon and street festival bringing developers and techies together to raise money for various charities.
2011-11-12 2011-11-13 MozCamp - Europe Berlin, Germany Lots of Mozillians This MozCamp will be an exceptional event for all of us. The web is moving fast and Mozilla is growing ever faster. MozCamp is a unique opportunity to meet together and synchronize our vision and activities in Europe as we prepare for 2012 and beyond.
2011-11-13 2011-11-16 The Lavacon Conference on Digital Media and Content Strategies Austin TX, USA Janet Swisher Shepherding the development of community-generated content
2011-11-18 2011-11-18 User Research Friday San Francisco, CA Diane Loviglio a casual conference, user research friday is where UX, research, and design professionals gather to discuss methods and meet each other.
2011-11-19 2011-11-19 Add-on SDK Hack Day Mountain View Jeff Griffiths An all-day event is designed to get you hands-on experience using the Add-on SDK & the online Add-on Builder to create Firefox addons.
2011-11-19 2011-11-20 MozCamp - Asia Kuala Lampoor, Malaysia Lots of Mozillians The theme of the 2011 Mozilla Camp Asia will be Many Voices, One Mozilla, to celebrate the diversity of our regional communities and reinforce that we're united as Mozillians.
2011-11-20 2011-11-22 Beyond Tellerand Cologne, Germany Christian Heilmann Building the next web experience
2011-11-26 2011-11-26 mozsn meetup rentrée Dakar/Sénégal Vivien Nicolas, Mounir Lamouri, Claire Corgnou, Mouhamadou M. CAMARA This meetup is intended to make a small record set way to the Mozilla community Senegal, but also see the Mozilla big projects for 2012 and prepare our community to participate. This will be also the occasion to launch the community portal We will mozilliens intervention from the Paris office and you can follow the event live around the world via Livestreaming
2011-12-01 2011-12-01 Canada's Most Powerful Women: Top 100 Summit Toronto, Ontario Mitchell Baker The Top 100 Summit is an exclusive chance to get up close and personal with our influential past and present Top 100 Winners from across Canada.
2011-12-11 2011-12-11 BarCamp Saigon Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Viet Nam 300 BarCamp is a user-generated event — open, participatory workshop-events, whose content is provided by participants — focusing on technology as well as teaching and learning. The event will be bilingual, in both Vietnamese and English.
2011-12-11 2011-12-11 BarCamp Saigon Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Viet Nam Arky (@playingwithsid) BarCamp is a user-generated event — open, participatory workshop-events, whose content is provided by participants — focusing on technology as well as teaching and learning. The event will be bilingual, in both Vietnamese and English.
2011-12-13 2011-12-13 London Ajax London, England 60 Talking about browserID and the need for new login systems for the web. Also covering open apps and web intents.
2011-12-21 2011-12-21 SmashingMagazine Meetup #3 Stuttgart, Germany Christian Heilmann There is a Google User Group meetup with Paul Irish and I was asked to come around and repeat a talk from Beyond Tellerand
2012-01-07 2012-01-07 Mozillian Meetup Shenzhen, China Mozillians in GuangDong province of China The purpose of this meetup is to promote the latest version of Firefox, and share the experience between Mozillians.
2012-01-14 2012-01-14 meet.js Summit Poznan University of Technology, Poznan, Poland Marek Stępien (@marcoos, speaking) A free Open Web conference organized as a yearly conclusion of meet.js summits in Poland.
2012-01-16 2012-01-20 Ballarat, Australia Laura Thomson, Shyam Mani, Ben Kero LCA is Australia's largest FOSS event.
2012-01-24 2012-01-25 Node Summit San Francisco, CA Brendan Eich, Mark Mayo Mark Mayo participates in a panel session titled "Large Scale Web" where they'll discuss the challenges of operating at web scale and how they plan to leverage Node.js to keep up with the ever increasing demand for always on, real-time connectivity. Brendan Eich will also participate in a panel titled "The Evolution of Javascript" where attendees will hear about the evolution of Javascript from a panel of experts who have taken it from an idea to where it stands today.
2012-01-24 2012-01-25 Node Summit San Francisco, CA Brendan Eich, Mark Mayo, Lloyd Hilaiel, Harald Kirschner, Anant Narayan All things Node.js
2012-01-25 2012-01-26 Mozilla Capture The Flag Online Frederik Braun, Yvan Boily The Mozilla CTF is a public capture the flag hacking competition for participants from all over the world. The CTF will go for exactly 24 hours.
2012-02-01 2012-02-01 Firefox for Android Superheroes Meetup San Francisco, CA Michelle Luna, Ibai Garcia, Cheng Wang This is a meetup for Firefox mobile users and developers. In February we will celebrate the NativeUI with a toast to all of the contributors and a look at the new features and performance.
2012-02-03 2012-02-03 news:rewired London, England Christian Heilmann Showing Popcorn.js to journalists.
2012-02-04 2012-02-05 Fosdem 2012 Brussels, Belgium Lots of Mozillians FOSDEM is the biggest free and non-commercial event organized by and for the community. Its goal is to provide Free and Open Source developers a place to meet. No registration necessary.
2012-02-04 2012-02-05 FOSDEM Brussels, Belgium Jeff Griffiths, Matteo Ferretti FOSDEM is the biggest free and non-commercial event organized by and for the community. Its goal is to provide Free and Open Source developers a place to meet.
2012-02-04 2012-02-05 FOSDEM 2012 Brussels, Belgium Rob Hawkes Rob will be talking at FOSDEM about the Mozilla Labs Apps project as well as giving an insight into the future of HTML5 game development.
2012-02-04 2012-02-04 FOSDEM Brussels, Belgium Jean-Yves Perrier FOSDEM is the biggest free and non-commercial event organized by and for the community. Its goal is to provide Free and Open Source developers a place to meet.
2012-02-06 2012-02-07 Techshare India 2012 New Delhi, India Arky Since 2008, Techshare India has brought about awareness about the needs of people with disabilities in India. Techshare India is a National Conference with International participation. It has brought so many conversations to the forefront from web accessibility to digital talking books, from patient moving hoists to accessible ATMs, from screen readers to sign language interpreter relay services, from AAC devices to reading writing tools.
2012-02-07 2012-03-07 Blackberry DevCon Europe Amsterdam, NL Christian Heilmann Browser Panel
2012-02-10 2012-02-10 jQuery UK Oxford, England Christian Heilmann The main jQuery event in Europe.
2012-02-10 2012-02-12 GNUnify'12 Pune, India Gen Kanai, Arky, Vineel Reddy, Stas Malolepzy, Axel Hect GNUnify'12(February 10-11, 2012) is the annual conference hosted by SICSR. The event focuses on Open Source and Emerging/ Next generation technologies in the world of FOSS. Speakers from Mozilla will be hosting: -- Developer session -- Localization session -- Social event
2012-02-10 2012-02-12 Mozilla India Inter Community Meetup 2012 Pune, India Gen Kanai, Arky, Vineel Reddy, Stas Malolepzy, Axel Hecht, Mozilla Reps, Student reps, Regional community First event Mozilla India regional community meetup.
2012-02-11 2012-02-12 NodePDX Portland, OR Dietrich Ayala NodePDX is an independent grassroots technology conference for the Portland Node.js and Javascript communities. The two-day conference will bring together local professionals from the Portland/Pacific Northwest area who are working with Node.js and Javascript to create highly-scalable, bleeding-edge internet/web-based applications.
2012-02-13 2012-02-17 HTML5 Games Work Week Toronto, Canada Rob Hawkes More and more video games developers are starting to look at HTML5 as a key platform for future growth. With the upcoming release of our market place, we are already starting to see support requests coming in, many of which are difficult to resolve without changes to the platform. Games also tend to be a great driver of technology and have high expectation on quality of user experience. Looking at ways to address their needs in an open way will help us improve the platform and positively impact users far beyond just the video game industry, especially those looking to build media rich experiences. This work week is intended to help figure out our path forward and determine how these issues fit in with other priorities.
2012-02-23 2012-02-23 Security & Privacy in the Cloud - Brown University Providence, RI Michael Coates This event will discuss security and privacy controls, risks, and considerations with the increasing move towards Cloud technologies. Michael's Talk: The technologies available on the web are quickly advancing. Along with the new power of these technologies come new attack vectors that are leveraged to exploit users and websites. To combat these new threats, browsers have been enhanced with many new security capabilities that automatically protect the user or can be enabled by a web application to create a more secure browsing experience. During this discussion we will explore the changing threat landscape and discuss new security controls within browsers that help protect users against today's most prevalent attack techniques.
2012-02-27 2012-02-28 BSidesSF San Francisco Yvan Boily (presenting), Joe Stephensen It is a technical security conference.
2012-02-29 2012-02-29 Society for Technical Communication Toronto Community Management Day Toronto ON, Canada Janet Swisher For technical communicators who want to grow professionally. Participants will learn about agile development and community-driven collaborative content, and will apply them hands-on to benefit
2012-02-29 2012-03-02 Confoo Montreal Andy McKay PHP Québec, Montréal-Python, Montreal.rb, Montreal Jug, W3Qc, OWASP Montréal, Android Montreal, are proud to announce the third edition of the ConFoo Conference. From February 29th to March 2nd, 2012, international experts in Java, .Net, PHP, Python and Ruby will present solutions for developers and project managers the prestigious Hilton Bonaventure Hotel, located downtown Montréal.
2012-03-01 2012-03-01 Mobile World Congress - Mobile & Privacy Seminar Barcelona, Spain Alex Fowler Come along to this workshop and join the conversation on how we can help ensure the privacy of mobile users is respected and safeguarded across the mobile ecosystem in ways that make sense for users and which support innovation and which creates opportunities.
2012-03-05 2012-03-09 GDC San Francisco, CA Rob Hawkes, Martin Best, Alan Kligman, Bobby Richter Mozilla will have a technical and developer outreach presecence at GDC and would love to meet up with and chat HTML5 games with anyone who is attending.
2012-03-06 2012-03-07 World Internet Developer Summit HK Tim Chien Get connected with the greatest minds in the industry with the latest Internet development, news, various development platform techniques, hints and tips. World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), Microsoft, Facebook, Yahoo!, Mozilla and more are coming all together with motivating and inspirational talks and workshops. Hundreds of developers will gather at the summit to meet, learn and exchange experiences and ideas on different development platform / environment. The main theme of the event is HTML5 and it will be divided into two parts: conference and workshops. The workshops will provide a two way communication platform for developers to obtain hands-on experience in small groups to learn new technique, share experience and exchange ideas.
2012-03-09 2012-03-11 PyCon 2012 Santa Clara, CA Stormy Peters PyCon is the largest annual gathering for the community using and developing the open-source Python programming language. PyCon is organized by the Python community for the community. Stormy Peters will be giving a keynote.
2012-03-09 2012-03-13 SXSW Interactive Festival Austin, TX Many Mozillians, including Brendan Eich, Tantek Celik, David Baron, Joe Stagner On the evening of March 10 at SXSW, Mozilla will co-host a "Science Fair" with the Knight Foundation at the Brush Square Park East Tent near the Convention Center. We anticipate over 200 participants to join for drinks, discussion, and 15 table-top demos spread throughout the venue. The demos will be from Mozilla projects, such as Popcorn.js, Add-Ons, and Open Badges, as well as other innovative web projects with relevant to journalism. The Science Fair is part of an ongoing collaboration with the Knight Foundation to foster open web technology for journalism.
2012-03-14 2012-03-14 ParisHackers Meetup #4 Paris, FRance Tristan Nitot Hackers News community in Paris will meet up for the 4th time. The topic of the talk will be: * How does Mozilla plan to be relevant in a world of apps and mobile? * How does the Mozilla mission play a role in there?
2012-03-23 2012-03-24 Codemotion University of Rome Carlo Frinolli Codemotion is the main Italian technical event, born last year as evolution of JavaDay, oragnized in Rome.It takes Javaday a giant step further: it’s open to all languages and technologies, becoming a catalyst for more creativity and more job opportunities.
2012-03-24 2012-03-24 MDN Hack Day Manhattan, NY Developer Evangelist Team Join Mozilla's Developer Engagement team on Saturday, March 24th for a day of hacking on open web technologies such as HTML5 Apps & Games, Identity, Firefox Addons and Open Web Documentation.
2012-03-28 2012-03-28 Developing Cross Platform Apps with HTML5 Vancouver, BC James Burke From the event link: Want to learn about HTML5 and how it can be used to create some incredible, complex apps that work flawlessly across multiple cross platforms? i.e. smartphone, tablet, notebook, or a Smart TV. Wavefront is pleased to partner with speakers Jesse Heaslip, local developer and HTML5 practitioner, and Thomas Lewis, Technical Evangelist from Microsoft, for an introductory overview into HTML5 and the different APIs and templates you can utilize to kickstart your development. A local developer case study will be featured along with the opportunity to ask the experts questions on this hot topic!
2012-03-29 2012-04-01 Regional Leadership Development Conference 2012 Sacramento, CA Jennifer Arguello This is a leadership conference for members of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers ( in the Northwestern region of the US. The conference is comprised of various workshops about leadership and chapter development. I am on the National Board of Directors for SHPE as the Region 1 Vice President. I will be in facilitating various activities from Leadership panels, Roundtables, Fundraising workshops and regional meetings.
2012-03-30 2012-03-30 TLDRconf San Francisco, CA Pascal Finette HTML5 & Post-PC web
2012-04-04 2012-04-06 Web 5 Béziers, France Robert Nyman The aim of Web-5 is to show that WebGL, Dojo Toolkit, SocketIO, NodeJS, HTML5 and JavaScript are not just buzzwords, but real opportunities in terms of development of client application.
2012-04-07 2012-04-07 Triton Day Experience La Jolla, CA Jen Arguello This is a day full of information sessions and tours for prospective students at UC San Diego. As part of the Computer Science and Engineering Department Alumni Advisory Board, I will be part of an alumni panel for incoming students. I will also be speaking at a Diversity event for minority students accepted into UCSD.
2012-04-13 2012-04-13 Tulsa School of Dev Tulsa, OK Luke Crouch (groovecoder) Tulsa, think like the web.
2012-04-14 2012-04-15 2012 Taipei, Taiwan Tim Chien, Po-chiang Chao and many others from community Having lots of tech talks, meeting with good friends every years. That is the key points of the OSDC.TW.
2012-04-14 2012-04-15 2012 Taipei, Taiwan Li Gong, Tim Chien, and many other mozillians! Having lots of tech talks, meeting with good friends every years. That is the key points of the OSDC.TW.
2012-04-14 2012-04-15 djangocong Carnon-Montpellier, France Anthony Ricaud, Alexis Métaireau French Django conference.
2012-04-17 2012-04-18 DIBI (Design It. Build It.) Newcastle, UK Rob Hawkes Over the past three years DIBI has attracted some of the world’s most talented and influential web designers and developers to the North East of England for an awesome two day event designed to generate learning, new relationships and innovation.
2012-04-18 2012-04-18 Cinéma et Animation sur le Web / Firefox Flicks Paris Clarista Presenting Firefox Flicks, PopCorn.js and video on the Web.
2012-04-20 2012-04-20 MDN Hack Day Buenos Aires Buenos Aires ( exact location TBD, see lanyrd for updates ) Robert Nyman, Shanre Caraveo, Shezmeen Prasad, many more Buenos Aires Hackday Description Join Mozilla's Developer Engagement team on Friday, April 20th for a day of full-stack Web hackery and good times with HTML5 and friends, Apps & Games & Firefox Addons.
2012-04-20 2012-04-21 RVA Hackathon Richmond, VA James Long We're hosting a hackathon where anything goes. People are going to come and create stuff for 24 hours and at the end going to show it off. There will be some talks as well during that time.
2012-04-23 2012-04-23 Node.Philly Philadelphia, PA Lloyd Hilaiel Node.Philly 2012 is an exclusive evening event for anyone interested in Node.js. In addition to hearing from some of the most influential Node experts, there will be plenty of food and drink, hands-on demos and tons of chances to meet and collaborate with other members of the community.
2012-04-23 2012-04-23 Cambridge Geek Night Cambridge, England Ben Francis Ben Francis will be giving a talk about Mozilla's Boot to Gecko project, a complete standalone mobile operating system for the open web.
2012-04-28 2012-04-28 State of the browser 2 London, England Christian Heilmann Annual battle of the browser makers in London.
2012-04-28 2012-04-29 Game Hack Buckinghamshire, UK Rob Hawkes An overnight hackathon at the world famous Pinewood Studios and it’s all about making games!
2012-05-11 2012-05-12 Professional IT Community Conference New Brunswick, NJ Matthew Zeier, Sheeri Cabral, Pete Fritchman PICC is a two day east coast conference for all types of system and network administrators, SRE/DevOps, network engineers, DBAs, and other IT professionals from industry, R&D, academia, and government Three Mozillians will be presenting three different talks: Matthew Zeier: Growing Bigger, Stronger, Faster: Reinventing the IT Wheels That Drive the Firefox Distribution Machine Sheeri Cabral: MySQL Security Pete Fritchman: Application Monitoring
2012-05-14 2012-05-17 AnDevCon San Francisco, CA USA Joe Stagner AnDevCon III is the technical conference for software developers building Android apps. AnDevCon is the biggest, info-packed, most practical Android conference in the world.
2012-05-16 2012-05-16 jsDay 2012 Hotel San Marco Via longena 42, Verona Italy Robert Nyman and Mark Boas, probably jsDay Given the rising importance of Javascript, both in the development of web applications and as an all-purpose language, the Italian PHP user group GrUSP decided in 2010 to organize a conference fully dedicated to Javascript, alongside the traditional phpDay conference. Much beyound any expectaion, the first edition has been incredibly successful, with over 300 visitors coming from all around Europe and sponsorship from big corporations and organizations, like Microsoft, Mozilla, Yahoo!, Opera, and Sencha. The speaker list included Steve Souders (Google), Kyle Simpson (Mozilla), James Pearce (Sencha Touch, Facebook), Robert Nyman (Mozilla), Patrick Lauke (Opera), and many more. You can take a look at the videos of past talks at The 2012 edition of the jsDay will be held in Verona on May 16h-17th. The call for papers will close on February 28th and we are still accepting submissions at: Event tickets are available, Please visit for more information, and/or our Facebook and Twitter accounts if you want to keep in touch and hear the latest news: and
2012-05-18 2012-05-19 DrupalCamp Twin Cities Minneapolis, MN Dan Callahan Regional Drupal conference. Dan Callahan is speaking on Mozilla Persona in the session "stop making your users remember passwords!"
2012-05-19 2012-05-19 2012 Taipei, Taiwan Andreas Gal and many others 2012 is the first annual Javascript conference in Taiwan. This conference is set to help mid and high-end Javascript developers to learn most important trends of utilizing Javascript in both front and back-end applications in 2012. Also, can help in providing sponsors a point of engagement to access most prestigious and skilled Javascript developers in Taiwan.
2012-05-20 2012-05-23 Society for Technical Communication Summit Chicago (Rosemont), IL Janet Swisher Janet will present in a "Beyond the Bleeding Edge" session about how HTML5 video can be used for technical communication, and will demo Popcorn Maker to show how non-programmers can assemble interactive video.
2012-05-21 2012-05-21 meet.js Warsaw, Warsaw, Poland Marek Stępień (speaking), Zbigniew Braniecki (attending) Local JS meet-up in Warsaw, Poland.
2012-05-23 2012-05-24 Web Directions Code Melbourne, Australia Rob Hawkes Mel­bourne, get your code on. Con­nect with the smartest people on the web and see what’s hap­pen­ing at the lead­ing edge of devel­op­ment.
2012-05-24 2012-05-25 Web Rebels Oslo, Norway Dave Herman The Web Rebels conference is an event which takes place on the 24-25th of May 2012 in Oslo, Norway. We are non-profit community driven conference for everyone who loves programming applications and services using web technology. Our focus is on the art of programming the web based solutions that we all use and cherish. We are very excited to host this community event and we welcome all of our friends around the world who share our passion.
2012-05-25 2012-05-25 .toster Moscow, Russia Robert Nyman Engineering conference with a strong focus on JavaScript.
2012-05-25 2012-05-26 SudWeb Toulouse, France Anthony Ricaud, Jérémie Patonnier Sud Web is a two-day conference about Web matters, current and future. Our goal: spreading knowledge and know-how. This year’s focus will build on what made the first edition a success: sharing experience, with real cases. Our priority is daily issues, and inspiration to better ourselves and each other, together.
2012-05-26 2012-05-27 Polyglot Vancouver, BC Jeff Griffiths, Rolland Tanglao, James Burke, others Polyglot un-conference. An entirely non-denominational software development conference that is about software development and nothing but.
2012-05-27 2012-05-27 Firefox x Ubuntu 12(.04) Release Party Taichung, Taiwan Irvin,Petercpg,BobChao When Firefox 12 meets Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, two communities will join together and have a joyful party to celebrating the lately release of the best OSS browser and operating system.
2012-05-28 2012-05-28 State of Play Sydney, Australia Rob Hawkes Browser based games and HTML5 are hot. Web or game design­ers and develop­ers, cre­atives and deci­sion mak­ers in dig­i­tal agen­cies, game indus­try big wigs: dive into the busi­ness & tech­nol­ogy chal­lenges and oppor­tu­ni­ties at the inter­sec­tion of the web and gam­ing at State of Play 2012.
2012-05-29 2012-05-29 Reasons to be 'appy London, England Chris Heilmann Microsoft sponsored conference on HTML5 apps - talk about the issues with HTML5 and solutions to be found.
2012-05-29 2012-05-31 MOSQUITO Issy-Les-Moulineaux, France Etienne Segonzac MOSQUITO project partners are organizing their second event around mobile application fragmentation in Paris, France (29-31 May 2012). Over the three days, attend and get an unique chance to: * Listen to current major issues in the mobile world during the one day workshop: major stakeholders will be there to explain their view on the mobile fragmentation issues and how they overcome them. Real use cases will be presented as well. Check out the agenda! * Participate to an HTML5 training conducted by W3C staff. * Test mobile HTML5 applications in real world situations on a wide variety of devices through various network configurations during the 2-days interop event. * Promote your brand to boost the mobile market and develop the successful ecosystem. * Check state of the art web technologies: HTML5, ...
2012-05-30 2012-05-31 Fluent San Francisco, CA Brendan Eich, Rob Hawkes At the O’Reilly Fluent Conference, you’ll make sense of the vast explosion of JavaScript and related technologies and take away practical skills you can apply immediately. Fluent gives developers working with JavaScript a place to gather and learn from each other. From the moment the conference starts, you’ll be immersed in JavaScript and related technologies.
2012-05-30 2012-05-31 OUG Harmony Aulanko, Finland Sheeri Cabral The Harmony conference has independent technical sessions about Oracle technologies, including MySQL, in Hämeenlinna, Finland and Riga, Latvia.
2012-06-01 2012-06-02 Over the air Bletchley Park, UK Christian Heilmann, cyberdees UK's biggest Mobile event.
2012-06-04 2012-06-04 CodePassion 2012 Lima, Perú micky_miseck, willyaguirre, Foto del perfil C Carruitero CodePassion is the event that will gather in Lima to technicians, developers and students of all communities and languages. It is the first event that we hope will be repeated every year. By and for community development CodePassion is an event organized by communities for communities. Each group is responsible for organizing his own Call For Papers, and high time the final schedule shall be drawn with talks selected by each community. We are many And see you soon. This event is a unique opportunity to mix in the same place communities like Java, Rails, Mozilla-Perú, Python, PHP, JavaScript, or Agile. If you're hoping to find some technology that you out of your comfort zone, this may be your day and we can be your excuse.
2012-06-08 2012-06-10 SouthEast Linux Fest and Open Database Camp Charlotte, NC Sheeri Cabral The Southeast LinuxFest is a community event for anyone who wants to learn more about Linux and Free & Open Source software. It is part educational conference, and part social gathering. Like Linux itself, it is shared with attendees of all skill levels to communicate tips and ideas, and to benefit all who use Linux/Free and Open Source Software. LinuxFest is the place to learn, to make new friends, to network with new business partners, and most importantly, to have fun! Open Database Camp, now in its 6th year, is a free community event for anyone who wants to learn more about open source databases like MySQL, Postgresql, SQLite, MongoDB, Cassandra, etc.
2012-06-09 2012-06-10 PyCon Taiwan 2012 Taipei, Taiwan Kan-Ru Chen and many other community members PyCon,亦即 Python 年會,是 Python 社群最大型的年度聚會。PyCon 是社群同好自發籌辦的活動,展現 Python 在各式領域的應用現況。我們致力讓台灣 Python 年會成為高品質的專業活動,讓與會朋友享受技術交流的樂趣,體驗社群獨有的熱情。 2012 台灣 Python 年會的特色,除了呈現 Python 在應用領域的案例和實務,也重視與會人員的交流互動,包括促成開發者與廠商之間的合作可能,達到提昇社群技能和豐富產業發展的目的。
2012-06-11 2012-06-11 FFWD.PRO Zagreb, Croatia Robert Nyman Micro conference and workshops for Internet Professionals
2012-06-11 2012-06-12 Orange Partner Days Espace Cinko, 75002 Paris, France Anthony Ricaud Join Orange and friends over two days to discover, think about and share views on the next-generation products, apps and services that have one thing in common: leveraging the latest innovations such as HTML5, 4G/LTE, NFC, LBS and M2M.
2012-06-14 2012-06-14 TXJS Austin, TX Marshall Culpepper A Javascript focused conference in Austin TX
2012-06-14 2012-06-17 Pas Sage En Seine 2012 Paris, France Tristan Nitot Some say that smartphones are "Stalin's dream" . What could be done so that users have more control over their smartphone? How would look like a phone that you can tinker with? We'll discuss Mozilla's plan with regards to mobile: Firefox for Android, and Mozilla's newer initiative codenamed Boot to Gecko, an Operating System made of the Web. ==== French Version ==== Les plans de Mozilla pour que les téléphones aussi soient libres et bidouillables Aujourd'hui, si on veut un smartphone, il faut passer par Apple ou par Android, c'est à dire des entreprises commerciales qui veulent contrôler soit l'appareil, soit tout savoir de l'utilisateur (ou les deux). Si on considère que le téléphone est "le rêve de Staline" comme le dit Richard Stallman , que peut-on faire pour avoir un mobile sur lequel l'utilisateur a plus de contrôle et d'influence ? Un smartphone qu'on puisse hacker / bidouiller ? Mozilla se penche sur la question et veut offrir le confort d'utilisation que réclame le plus grand nombre, tout en préservant la "bidouillabilité" que les hackers réclament.
2012-06-15 2012-06-16 Test the Web Forward Adobe @ 601 Townsend St, San Francisco, CA fantasai, dbaron Test the Web Forward! Representatives from W3C, Google, Mozilla, and Microsoft will be on hand to guide you in writing tests for CSS and SVG features in order to get them implemented consistently across all browsers faster. So if you're passionate about HTML, CSS, or SVG, come along to make the web more awesome!
2012-06-19 2012-06-21 Solutions Linux Paris, France Anthony Ricaud The European Fair for Linux and Open Source softwares.
2012-06-22 2012-06-23 Conferenzia Italiana sul Software Libero Ancona, Italy Tristan Nitot Tristan will discuss how Mozilla has been a driving force on user control when it comes to our on-line lives, and how Mozilla plans to do the same on Mobile, with Firefox for Android and Boot 2 Gecko. The title of the presentation is "User freedom and control on the Web: from desktop to mobile".
2012-06-25 2012-06-29 Open Source Bridge Portland, OR Jeff Griffiths, Christie Koehler, Shane Caraveo, others Open Source Bridge is a conference for developers working with open source technologies and for people interested in learning the open source way.
2012-06-26 2012-06-28 MySQL, NoSQL and Cloud Latin American Conference Buenos Aires, Argentina Sheeri Cabral MySQL / MariaDB Conference & Expo Latin America is the first conference held in Latin America by Binlogic Inc. Hilton Buenos Aires Hotel will witness from June 26 until 28 this wonderfull event that will bring together the most important key players of the industry and members of the open source community together to share an experience of incredible value to all professionals. Exchange experiences with colleagues, talk with speakers and presentators, take tutorials and much more. An event designed for DBAs, programmers, system administrators and CTO'sy to analyze different cases and practices MariaDB / MySQL, Drizzle, Percona Server. Learn more about Cassandra, MongoDB, Hadoop, Redis, Memcache, Couchbase and CouchDB.Also will cover search engines like Solr and the Sphinx. Learn best practices in the cloud. Using databases at the cloud and different architetcures or services. See what Percona,Oracle,Ask Monty, and other companies are doing with MySQL and their products and services.
2012-06-28 2012-06-29 DevOps Days Mountain View Mountain View, CA Brandon Burton Abstract: Providing Infrastructure to a variety of application and web developers, which ultimately serves the needs of 450+ million plus end users is tricky at best. Needs in terms of environments, monitoring, support, and SLAs varies from product to product and group to group, and Mozilla IT does its best to service them all. As part of this, Project Petri was formed in late 2011 to help integrate ideas and practices from "cloud computing." Per, "Project Petri is a 1-year experiment in providing a Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) and/or Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) offering to make it easy for people with new ideas for web apps to try them quickly, with minimal impact on IT/Ops, and with an on-ramp to making webapps that are better/safer/faster/more maintainable if the ideas they're testing prove to be useful." Late 2011 and Q1 2012 were spent exploring various options and Q2 2012 will see us build out initial services for our developers to utilize. We'll be building an IaaS service based on Eucalyptus 3.0 and a PaaS service with Cloud Foundry. My talk with provide a brief history of Mozilla's challenges, how Petri arrived at the decision to use the technologies we have, and provide a status update for our progress with our "alpha" in Q2 2012. The goal of this talk will be to share some of the challenges Mozilla IT has faced in building more self service type services and their adoption amongst our developer teams and provide some real world feedback on how Eucalyptus and Cloud Foundry work.
2012-06-29 2012-06-29 W3café France Paris, France Tristan Nitot Tristan will be explaining how Mozilla is moving to mobile browsing with Firefox for Android and the very exciting Boot 2 Gecko project. The talk's title is (in French): "Mozilla et le Web mobile : de Firefox pour Android à Boot 2 Gecko"
2012-06-29 2012-06-29 MozValencia 2012 Valencia, Comunidad Valenciana Rubén Martín, Francisco Picolini, Willy Aranda, Fernando Agüero Mozilla Hispano realizará un evento en Workether el próximo 29 de junio, a las 17:30 horas, que servirá no sólo para dar a conocer el trabajo que hace la comunidad, sino también para descubrir las nuevas tecnologías impulsadas y promovidas desde Mozilla. Podrás conocer de primera mano cómo es el trabajo de una comunidad de software libre, y de paso ver demos o aprender cómo se trabaja con las nuevas tecnologías. Habrá refrescos, algo para picar y quizás te lleves a casa un souvenir, pues sortearemos alguna que otra camiseta durante el acto. Programa (provisional): - Qué es Mozilla - Boot2Gecko: La web es la plataforma - Labs: ¿En qué estamos trabajando? - Tecnologías HTML5: Webapps y mercado de aplicaciones. - Mozilla Hispano en España
2012-06-29 2012-06-30 Paris, France Tristan Nitot It's the second edition of DemoJS, the browser demoparty (writing short demos in open Web technologies only, no plug-ins).
2012-06-30 2012-06-30 Gather Auckland, New Zealand Francois Marier Gather is the annual Barcamp/un-conference of 275 passionate creative New Zealanders who care enough to share their expertise, their innovation and their success to fuel the embers of tomorrow’s creative forest fires. It’s a time when we gather designers, developers, artists, scientists, teachers, researchers and politicians in an attempt to create an exhibition of the best ideas: the best design practices and principles, the most avante garde in art and the cutting edge of engineering and science.
2012-06-30 2012-06-30 Firefox Developers Conference 2012 Osaka, Japan Mozilla Japan Mozilla is holding a Developers Conference.
2012-07-02 2012-07-03 NodeConf 2012 Portland, OR A conference all about the world of node and the power of node. Jed Parsons will discuss how the Mozilla Persona (BrowserID) project uses node to scale.
2012-07-04 2012-07-04 OTN Latin American Tour - North Cali, Colombia Sheeri Cabral This is an Oracle Technology Network Tour of Central and South America and the Caribbean. Sheeri will be speaking about how to optimize queries using MySQL EXPLAIN and Getting Rid of Cron Scripts using MySQL Events.
2012-07-04 2012-07-07 WebVisions Barcelona, Spain Crystal Beasley WebVisions explores the future of the Web and mobile design, technology, user experience and business strategy. We’re changing the world, one byte at a time.
2012-07-06 2012-07-06 OTN Latin American Tour - North Quito, Ecuador Sheeri Cabral This is an Oracle Technology Network Tour of Central and South America and the Caribbean. Sheeri will be speaking about How to Optimize Queries Using MySQL EXPLAIN and MySQL Security
2012-07-07 2012-07-12 13th Libre Software Meeting (LSM or RMLL) Geneva, Switzerland Jean-Yves Perrier The LSM (RMLL in French) is a cycle of conferences around Open Source. It is a free event, opened to anybody. Talks and activities ranges from technical presentations (like BrowserID) to Linux install parties and support.
2012-07-09 2012-07-09 OTN Latin American Tour - North port of spain, trinidad & Tobago Sheeri Cabral This is an Oracle Technology Network Tour of Central and South America and the Caribbean. Sheeri will be speaking about How to Optimize Queries Using MySQL EXPLAIN and MySQL Security
2012-07-09 2012-07-11 ePIC 2012 London, UK Carla Casilli, Doug Belshaw The 10th International ePortfolio and Identity Conference (ePIC) brings together policy-makers, researchers, teachers, trainers, human resource managers and technologists. As a thematic event it allows an in-depth and broad exploration of the issues - and results in real outcomes. Thanks to the Mozilla Foundation, a special track is programmed on Open Badges.
2012-07-11 2012-07-11 OTN Latin American Tour - North Guatemala City, Guatemala Sheeri Cabral This is an Oracle Technology Network Tour of Central and South America and the Caribbean. Sheeri will be speaking about How to Optimize Queries Using MySQL EXPLAIN and MySQL Security.
2012-07-13 2012-07-13 OTN Latin American Tour - North Tegucigalpa, Honduras Sheeri Cabral This is an Oracle Technology Network Tour of Central and South America and the Caribbean. Sheeri will be speaking about How to Optimize Queries Using MySQL EXPLAIN and MySQL Security.
2012-07-14 2012-07-14 Open Web Camp IV San Jose, CA USA A one-day event celebrating the open web (including mobile) and how it will rock your world. Hosted at Paypal.
2012-07-16 2012-07-16 OTN Latin American Tour - North San Jose, Costa Rica Sheeri Cabral This is an Oracle Technology Network Tour of Central and South America and the Caribbean. Sheeri will be speaking about How to Optimize Queries Using MySQL EXPLAIN and MySQL Security.
2012-07-16 2012-07-21 OSCON 2012 Portland, OR Benjamin Kerensa O'Reilly Open Source Convention
2012-07-25 2012-07-28 FISL Porto Alegre, Brazil Shezmeen Prasad, Chris Heilmann, Jeff Griffith Massive open source event in Brazil, B2G workshops
2012-08-11 2012-08-12 Northeast PHP Conference Boston, MA Sheeri Cabral The Northeast PHP Conference is a 2-day web developer conference focused on PHP, Web Technology, Design, and UX. This year's event will be Aug 11th & 12th at the Microsoft N.E.R.D. Center, Cambridge MA. Mozila's Sheeri Cabral will be speaking about "Getting Rid of Scheduled Tasks using MySQL Events", and "Better JOINs and Subqueries" and "Are You Getting the Best Out of Your MySQL Indexes?"
2012-08-18 2012-08-21 PyCon Australia Hobart, Tasmania, Australia Francois Marier, Ryan Kelly PyCon Australia is the national conference for users of the Python Programming Language. Following the two-day conference is a coding sprint for various Python projects.
2012-08-21 2012-08-26 Campus Party Berlin Berlin, Germany Christian Heilmann Telefonica and Mozilla event showing off all kind of cool new things to hack on.
2012-08-30 2012-08-31 BrazilJS Porto Allegre, Brazil Brendan Eich, Dave Herman, Michael Budzynski The Largest JavaScript Conference in the Universe! Dave Herman will give a deep dive into EcmaScript 6; Michal Budzynski will tell how "the next console generation will be the last"; Brendan Eich will describe "Palestra: The State of JavaScript"
2012-09-01 2012-09-01 Firefox Apps Hack Day and Localization Sprint Porto Allegre, Brazil Brendan Eich, Fabio Magnoni, Matthew MacPherson, Janet Swisher, Yasodara Learn about open web apps, localizing developer documentation on MDN, and more. Then get hacking!
2012-09-01 2012-09-02 Kiwi PyCon Dunedin, New Zealand Francois Marier, Nigel Babu Kiwi PyCon is an regional event for the community that uses and develops the open-source Python programming language.
2012-09-03 2012-09-03 Mozilla Dev Meetup & Firefox OS Drinkup Saõ Paulo, Brazil Janet Swisher, Havi Hoffman, Ali Spivak Join us at Boteca Saõ Bento for an evening of food and drink with Mozilla Firefox visitors from the North (Canada, California & Texas!) and friends in the local Mozilla community. An informal event to meet each other and chat about what's coming up in Brazil and things we can work on together. Can't wait to meet many Paulistanos! Até breve.
2012-09-04 2012-09-06 OWASP AppSec Ireland 2012 Dublin, Ireland Simon Bennetts, Mark Goodwin This conference, in its 4th consecutive year, is a premier gathering for Information Security leaders, executives from Fortune 500 firms along with technical thought leaders, security architects and lead developers to share cutting-edge ideas, initiatives and technology advancements. OWASP events attract a worldwide audience interested in “what’s next”.
2012-09-06 2012-09-06 Ideas Are Worthless San Francisco, CA Diane Bisgeier Ideas are a dime a dozen, but execution is what drives success. This day-long event will include hands-on workshops on practical approaches to building a successful startup; Diane will lead a session around open source startups. The event is sponsored by Black Founders and features keynotes from entrepreneurial thought leaders including Steve Blank and investor & former Mozilla Chair Mitch Kapor.
2012-09-08 2012-09-09 MozCamp Europe Warsaw, Poland Invited Mozillians MozCamps are a critical part of our Grow Mozilla program, aiming to mentor and train core contributors to help us bring our products to market and bolster our efforts to recruit new contributors in region. Hosted by the Contributor Engagement Team, MozCamps are intensive, multiple-day summits that occur in strategic locations around the world. Over the course of two days, MozCamps includes keynote speeches by Mozilla leadership, workshops and breakout sessions (lead by paid and un-paid staff), and fun social outings. All of these activities combine to reward contributors for their hard work, engage them with our new products and initiatives, and align all attendees on Mozilla's mission.
2012-09-12 2012-09-12 The Business of Open Source Mozilla, 2 Harrison Street, 7th Floor, San Francisco, CA Diane Bisgeier Many misconceptions exist around the viability of open source as a business advantage. We'll hear successful open source executives share how to make money out of free and open software by examining their past successes and exploring frameworks for aspiring open source entrepreneurs. The event is co-hosted by Mozilla WebFWD, a 12-week business creation program dedicated to supporting the next generation of open web entrepreneurs, and 10gen, the supporters of MongoDB the open source, document oriented database.
2012-09-17 2012-09-19 Smashing Conference Freiburg, Germany Christian Heilmann Smashing Magazine's conference
2012-09-19 2012-09-19 WebFWD Graduation Mozilla, 2 Harrison Street, 7th Floor, San Francisco, CA Diane Bisgeier WebFWD is Mozilla's program to support open source entrepreneurs who hope to transform closed markets and create new ones. Our 9 teams have just completed 3 months of focused work with our stellar Experts, evolving and executing on their product, business and community strategies. They are ready to change the world through software! Join us at Graduation where they will share more on their projects as well as what they need from you, whether it be connections, marketing, or funding. And of course, we'll eat. Please invite others who are interested and we look forward to seeing you with our teams in September!
2012-09-25 2012-09-28 Nagios World St. Paul, MN Sheeri Cabral The conference offers attendees a unique venue to collaborate and enhance their knowledge on Nagios - the industry standard in IT infrastructure monitoring. The conference will feature knowledgeable speakers and cover a variety of subject matters, including: New developments and features Best practices information Scalability and performance tuning Mapping and visualization tools Training courses and workshops Development tutorials
2012-09-28 2012-09-29 Lisbon JavaScript Lisbon, Portugal Dale Harvey A 2-day not-for-profit by-the-community and for-the-community international conference about the New Worlds of JavaScript.
2012-09-29 2012-09-30 MySQL Connect San Francisco, CA Sheeri Cabral Learn, share, and network with the MySQL community in a conference jam-packed with technical sessions, hands-on labs, birds-of-a-feather sessions, exhibits, demos and networking events. Located at the Hilton San Francisco Union Square, the MySQL Connect conference will be delivered by Oracle engineers, MySQL community members, users, and customers. Oracle is leading MySQL innovation and delivering numerous exciting new product features to the MySQL community. At MySQL Connect, learn how to leverage those new features, hear the latest on product roadmaps, and get all your questions answered by the Oracle engineers developing and supporting MySQL
2012-10-04 2012-10-05 Fronteers Amsterdam, NL Christian Heilmann European conference on all important web development topics backed up by an organisation dedicated to educating people and corporations about open web development.
2012-10-19 2012-10-19 Web Developer Conference Bristol, UK Shane Tomlinson The aim of all WDC events is to bring together a mix on professionals and students and to teach everyone something new and introduce a bespoke networking opportunity and social gathering. Unlike most events who have the same old line up, some saying the same old thing we try at each WDC to shakes things up. Be it first time speakers who have never spoken before or by running a panel which is put together to answer questions you want answers to.
2012-10-23 2012-10-25 EclipseCon Europe Ludwigsburg, Germany Christian Heilmann HTML5 presentations for the Eclipse community
2012-11-06 2012-11-06 German OWASP Day Munich, Germany Simon Bennetts The German Chapter of the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) is again organizing a German OWASP Conference, for the 5th time this year: the German OWASP Day.
2012-11-14 2012-11-15 iDate Montpellier, France Christian Heilmann Smart Devices vs. Open Cloud panel discussion
2012-11-15 2012-11-15 JS Conf Downunder Sydney, Australia Brendan Eich, Francois Marier Australian conference for Javascript developers.
2012-11-17 2012-11-17 1DevDay Detroit Detroit, MI Kevin Dangoor "The DetroitDevDays mission is to build a software developer community in the Detroit area that is regarded as the best in the world. DevDays educate and unite our Software Developer community with inclusive, accessible and affordable events and conferences." This is a multi-programming-language conference that covers a wide range of topics. They have a target attendance of 500 this year.
2012-12-05 2012-12-07 Open Source Developers Conference Sydney, Australia Francois Marier The Open Source Developers Conference is a not-for-profit conference covering all aspects of open source technology - from software and systems to open data.
2013-01-08 2013-02-02 Canberra, Australia Ben Kero, Daniel Maher is one of the foremost open source conferences in the world, and is considered the most prestigious in the southern hemisphere. Every year open source geeks from across the globe gather in Australia to meet their fellow technologists, share the latest ideas and innovations, and spend a week collaborating on free, open source software projects.
2013-01-23 2013-01-23 Mountain View Diane Bisgeier & Didem Ersoz Mozilla's accelerator program is graduating its second class of stellar open source startup teams! Come hear from them (or watch them on Air Mozilla) from 6pm - 9pm PST. RSVP pls.
2013-01-28 2013-02-01 2013 Canberra, Australia Francois Marier, Brian Hourigan is one of the foremost open source conferences in the world, and is considered the most prestigious in the southern hemisphere. Every year open source geeks from across the globe gather in Australia to meet their fellow technologists, share the latest ideas and innovations, and spend a week collaborating on free, open source software projects.
2013-02-02 2013-02-03 FOSDEM Brussels Simon Bennetts The Free and Open source Software Developers’ European Meeting (FOSDEM) is a two-day event organized by volunteers to promote the widespread use of Free and Open Source software. Simon will be showing how OWASP ZAP can be used by developers to easily find vulnerabilities in their web applications.
2013-02-22 2013-02-23 PyTennessee Nashville, TN USA Jason Orendorff and Lars Lohn We're going to be WEIRD, and we want to celebrate that fact with unusual keynoters and happenings! We will have have three talk tracks, open and closing keynotes, lightning talks, and a young coders class. The three talk tracks will cover a wide array of python topics such as: Data Analysis, web development, security, and system programming. We'll also have a few talks on UX and Design. Lars Lohn's talk: "When Firefox Face-plants: Socorro, the Mozilla Crash Reporter" - Jason Orendorff's talk: "lambda and the Nature of Data" -
2013-02-25 2013-03-01 ConFoo Montreal, Canada Andy McKay, Erik Rose, Matthew Riley MacPherson, Sheeri Cabral Multi-technology web development conference.
2013-03-05 2013-03-09 Cebit Hannover, Germany Gary Kovacs, Christian Heilmann, Martin Kurze Mozilla CEO Gary Kovacs will explore the global impact of a rapid expansion in Internet connectivity being driven primarily by mobile devices in emerging markets. He will address opportunities and threats to the mobile industry from these shifts, and how Open Web devices such as Firefox OS will enable carriers, user and developers to keep pace with demand and spur exciting new opportunities.
2013-03-09 2013-03-10 Open Source Days Copenhagen, Denmark Francois Marier Open Source Days is the premier danish open source event with about 500 visitors most of whom work in systems administration, network administration, software development or project management.
2013-03-14 2013-03-14 AsyncJS Brighton, UK Francois Marier and Shane Tomlinson Authentication is a perennial bugbear of the modern web developer. Should you use your own custom username/password solution? The vendor independent, but not yet prevalent, OpenID? Or take the easy option with Twitter, Facebook Connect or Google? Mozilla Persona is a brand new, decentralised authentication solution that takes the sorrow out of security.
2013-03-15 2013-03-15 OnGameStart New York, NY James Long, James Socol First onGameStart HTML5 Gaming Conference in North America!
2013-03-15 2013-03-15 Mozilla Apps Day Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina Aleksandr Savic and Alex Latakos The next in the Mozilla Apps Day series that will share Firefox OS & Firefox OS Apps awesomeness to the Bosnian developer sphere.
2013-03-15 2013-03-17 PyCon US Santa Clara, CA Selena Deckelmann, Christie Koehler, Dan Callahan The largest annual gathering for the community using and developing the open-source Python programming language
2013-03-23 2013-03-24 LibrePlanet Cambridge, MA Francois Marier LibrePlanet is where global free software community members and newcomers meet together to learn from each other, share accomplishments and face challenges.
2013-03-27 2013-03-28 POSSCON Columbia, SC, USA Christian Heilmann Some of the best speakers in open source will again attend and participate – in a boutique, personal environment. We’ll focus specifically on developers, system administrators and IT managers. If you do any of this you’ll find excellent information in a session or training format. We’ll focus on established technologies and topics, like Linux, Drupal, MySQL, LibreOffice, Security, Virtualization, Licensing and Patents. We’ll focus on emerging technologies like Riak, MongoDB, Software Defined Networking, JavaScript, backbone.js, Python, Clojure, Couchbase and HTML5. The biggest companies in the open source space will again attend and participate, including Mozilla, SIOS, SparkFun, Red Hat, Engine Yard, GitHub, ForgeRock, HP, and Google.
2013-03-28 2013-03-29 Monitorama Boston, MA, US Brandon Burton We'll be hearing talks from leading open source developers and web operations luminaries, and then taking what we've learned to apply it towards advancing the state of open source monitoring and trending software.
2013-04-01 2013-04-03 HTML5 Developer Conference San Francisco, CA, US Chris Heilmann, Burak Yiǧit Kaya, Diane Bisgeier, Tantek Çelik, Nick Desaulniers, Luciana Viana The HTML5 Developer Conference has become the largest JavaScript and HTML5 developers conference in the world. We provide trend setting sessions and training given by renowned speakers on client, server, mobile, cloud, apps, games, and more, all at the most developer friendly price on the planet.
2013-04-05 2013-04-06 Open Source and Linux Days Istanbul, Turkey Brian King, Selim Sumlu, Burak Yigit Kaya Since 2002, "Free Software and Linux Days" is Turkey's first and largest annual free software and Linux event. Organized by Turkish Linux Users Association and Istanbul Bilgi University, the event is highly expected and visited by the government agencies, private companies, IT professionals, university students and enthuasists all over the nation. With the experience and knowledge accumulated over more than a decade, we aim to gather the free software community in Turkey once more, increasing awareness to free software and its applications in many areas. This year's focus (main theme) is on NoSQL databases, without neglecting other free software applications.
2013-04-08 2013-04-09 Write the Docs Portland, OR, US Christie Koehler, James Socol Write the Docs is a two-day conference focused on documentation systems, tech writing theory, and information delivery. It will be held on April 8-9 in Portland, Oregon. Writing and maintaining documentation involves the talents of a multidisciplinary community of technical writers, designers, typesetters, developers, support teams, marketers, and many others. This conference creates a time and a place for this community of documentarians to share information, discuss ideas, and work together to improve the art and science of documentation.
2013-04-08 2013-04-11 Angle Brackets Las Vegas, NV, US Christian Heilmann anglebrackets is a conference for lovers of the web. We believe that the web is best when it's open and collaborative. We believe in the power of JavaScript and expressiveness of CSS the lightness of HTML. We love interoperability and believe that the best solution is often a hybrid solution that brings together multiple trusted solutions in a clean and clear way. We love the expressiveness of language, both spoken and coded. We believe that sometimes the most fun at a conference happens in the whitespace between conference sessions.
2013-04-12 2013-04-13 Whisky Web II Airth, Scotland Dale Harvey, Robert Nyman A web conference created for the web community, by the web community, Whisky Web will have something to offer everyone who works with the web, be they a designer, a developer or something in between.
2013-04-12 2013-04-14 Mozilla Meetup Romania 2013 Cluj, Romania Dumitru Gherman Mozilla is organizing Mozilla Meetup Romania 2013. This meeting will gather Romanian contributors to Mozilla from all over Romania and Republic of Moldova. The schedule will consist of talks, open discussions and social events.
2013-04-13 2013-04-14 Frontend United UK 2013 London, England Christian Heilmann Frontend United, formerly known as Drupal Design Camp, is a yearly European conference that moves from country to country, previously hosted in Prague, Berlin and Amsterdam. Our aim is to bring Frontend developers, designers and Drupal themers from all kinds of backgrounds closer together and share knowledge, experiences and ideas face-to-face. We strive to reach out to attendees and speakers outside the standard comfort zone. Frontend United looks to help grow the local community as well as build bridges across Europe for further collaborations and cross-border exchange. We aim to be the TED of Frontend conferences – inspiring, thought and process provoking.
2013-04-13 2013-04-14 Ruby on Rails Girls Workshop Warsaw, Poland Staś Małolepszy, Sara Prussak, Asia Mazgaj A two-day crash-course to the exciting world of building web applications with Ruby on Rails. Founded by Linda Liukas and Karri Saarinen. The first event, held in Helsinki in November 2010, got over 100 interested girls signed-up for the workshop. Since then the free events have expanded to Shanghai, Singapore, Tallinn, Berlin, Krakow and many more attracting thousands of girls to the world of web building. Rails Girls aims to open up technology and make it more approachable for girls and women. The weekend event is free and open to all enthusiastic girls and women. Rails for Girls wants to empower girls to build the capacity and acquire the tools to conquer the last online frontier. We are a fully non-profit operation with a small base-funding from Aalto Center for Entrepreneurship. All events are organized together with local partners.
2013-04-15 2013-04-15 TXJS Austin, TX, US Dave Camp, Heather Arthur, Anton Kovalyov, Jeff Griffiths Texas JavaScript 2013
2013-04-15 2013-04-16 D: All Things Digital New York, NY, US Gary Kovacs, Brendan Eich D: Dive Into Mobile – Global Edition will focus on the ubiquity of mobile technologies and delve into how this mobile first revolution is reshaping the media, technology, communication and entertainment industries across the globe. The conference will also take a closer look at the latest developments in devices, networks and operating systems as well as what’s next on the horizon.
2013-04-17 2013-04-21 One Spark 2013 Jacksonville, FL, US Carmen Collins One Spark is built on the belief that game-changers emerge from dorm rooms, garages, and small studios. For five days in April 2013, One Spark lights up Downtown Jacksonville. More than 500 Creators will display their work in over 65 Venues and Spaces, all vying for $250,000 in crowdfunding, up to $1 million in capital investments, and immediate individual investments.
2013-04-18 2013-04-18 HTML5 Game Developers Meetup London, England Chris Lord "This a group for game developers making games using HTML5. We organize get-togethers in central London, to talk about and show-off games made using Javascript and HTML5. After the successes of the last few pub nights, I'd like to announce our first Presentation Night. A few hand-selected speakers will talk to you about the latest and greatest HTML5 frameworks, engines and games being developed. Mozilla are kindly providing a venue and PlayCanvas will provide a few drinks."
2013-04-18 2013-04-19 DevOpsDays Paris, France Daniel Maher The conference that brings development and operations together.
2013-04-19 2013-04-19 jQuery UK 2013 Oxford, England Brendan Eich, Christian Heilmann jQuery UK 2012 was the first European jQuery conference and as such, the 320 available tickets sold out within three weeks. We're glad to report that the conference proved to be a huge hit with overwhelmingly positive feedback from delegates and speakers alike. "I can safely say it was a massive success," said 2012 speaker Christian Heilmann from Mozilla. "The success of a conference very much depends on the passion of the organisers and the group behind this one has passion to spare." This inspired us to do it all over again, and for our second outing we want to be even more ambitious. Go big or go home. Needless to say John has lined up another cracking speaker line-up for 2013. But it's also an opportunity for us to give something back to the community and show how committed we are about what we do.
2013-04-20 2013-04-20 State of the Browser 3 London, England Christian Heilmann, Vik Iya, Ryan Watson, Richard "Viddy" Vidler, Chris Lord Like every year, London Web Standards bring you State of the Browser, a conference where browser representatives are on hand to show us how their technologies are being used to bring the web to tablets, smartphones, games consoles and television. Keynote talks, Q&As, breakout sessions and socialising will give you a better understanding of the modern, cross-platform web.
2013-04-20 2013-04-20 Firefox OS Apps Workshop - Madrid Madrid, Spain Mark Coggins, Anthony Ricaud (rik), Ben Francis, Robyn Chau, Guillermo López, Fernando García, Francisco Picolini, Francisco Jordano, Rubén Martín, Fernando Jiménez Moreno Our first Firefox OS App Workshop will take place in Madrid, Spain, followed by workshops in Bogotá, Colombia, and Warsaw, Poland. These one-day Open Web App Workshops are designed to help you complete an HTML5 web app for Firefox OS or get your existing HTML5 web app working well on the Firefox OS phone and into the Firefox Marketplace. NOTE: These are hands-on technical workshops for skilled app developers. Space is limited and we may not be able to accommodate all qualified applicants, but we promise to get back to you quickly. Please visit if you're interested in participating!
2013-04-22 2013-04-22 The RealTime Conference Lyon, France Tristan Nitot and Anthony Ricaud A Melting Pot Conference For Realtime Technologies
2013-04-24 2013-04-24 Webinar: Running a web security testing program with OWASP ZAP and ThreadFix Online Simon Bennetts OWASP's Zed Attack Proxy (ZAP) is an easy to use integrated penetration testing tool for finding vulnerabilities in web applications. ThreadFix is a software vulnerability management platform that allows organizations to track the results of testing and communicate vulnerabilities to software development teams. Used together, these open source tools allow organizations to build a comprehensive program of web application security testing and vulnerability management. Security analysts can perform automated and manual testing of critical applications, track the results of their testing and report metrics on their program's effectiveness. This webinar walks through the basics of using OWASP ZAP for web application scanning and testing. It then demonstrates storing and managing these results inside of ThreadFix and communicating them to development teams for resolution. Developers and security professionals alike will benefit from seeing how these two tools used in combination can allow any organization to start taking control of the security of their web applications.
2013-04-24 2013-04-26 Front-Trends 2013 Warsaw, Poland Zachary Carter, Nick Fitzgerald, Allen Wirfs-Brock, Shane Tomlinson, Zbigniew Braniecki, Bartosz Piec, Staś Małolepszy A gathering for Front-End Lovers and Business Entrepreneurs to discover the current trends to build a professional career. Allen Wirfs-Brock's Talk Title:  JavaScript: The Machine Language of the Ambient Computing Era We are well into the transition away from PC centric computing.  But the new order isn't just about mobile phones and tables.  It's about all of us living in a world that is augments by the ambient presence of billions of computing devices.  And they're all going to be programed using JavaScript! Well, at least a lot of them will be. In this presentation I'll be discussing how JavaScript is changing the world, and how the world is changing JavaScript.
2013-04-24 2013-04-26 Front-Trends 2013 Warsaw, Poland Zach Carter, Shane Tomlinson Front-Trends focuses on web and mobile developers, interaction and UX designers, and tech entrepreneurs. April 25th - Zach Carter is speaking on the topic of: Building Languages in JavaScript April 26th - Shane Tomlinson is speaking on the topic of 2013 Everybody hates passwords - your site doesn't need one
2013-05-01 2013-05-03 Web Directions Code Melbourne, Australia Cameron McCormack For web professionals like you who care about codetwo days of intense learning, connecting and geeking out. JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3: it’s a changing landscape. Web Directions brings together practitioners and big thinkers at the leading edge to educate and inspire at a “festival of code”.
2013-05-04 2013-05-04 MobiDevDay Detroit, MI, US Jared Wein MobiDevDay Detroit was the first conference of its kind. Now in its third year, MobiDevDay is dedicated to bringing the world of Mobile to Michigan’s Software Developer Community. We hope to grow MobiDevDay Detroit into the most important polyglot Mobile Developer conference in the world. Jared's presentation: "The FireFox OS for Mobile Devices"
2013-05-05 2013-05-05 Kansas City Developer Conference Kansas City, MO Luke Crouch The Kansas City Developer Conference a Kansas City based non-profit, is pleased to announce our 5th annual event. The event is scheduled for the May 3-4 2013 with a full day pre-compiler on May 2nd. KCDC13 will be held at Bartle Hall in downtown Kansas City. The Kansas City Developer Conference is a three-day, multi-track conference that covers all aspects ofsoftware development and agile project management.
2013-05-15 2013-05-16 JSDay Italy 2013 Verona, Italy Dale Harvey From case studies to project management, from new technologies to established ones, from development environments to best practices and mobile development, everything a javascript ninja should know will be covered during the jsDay 2013. Among the topics you will find client side and server side javascript, best-practices, success cases related to quality, revision control, test-driven development, continuous integration, jQuery, MooTools, YUI, NodeJS, Backbone.js, Three.js , SproutCore, Raphaël, Sencha Touch, jQuery Mobile, HTML5 and many more.
2013-05-15 2013-05-18 DjangoCon 2013 Warsaw, Poland Tarek Ziadé, Alexis Mataireau and Andy McKay speaking, Arky, Zbigniew Braniecki, and Dwayne Bailey attending DjangoCon Europe 2013, the best Django community event ever is on again!
2013-05-16 2013-05-17 Mobilism Amsterdam, Netherlands Rob Hawkes What you don't know will hurt you: Designing with and for existing content Are you trying to make responsive design scale for a complex site? Building an app, but your organization doesn't have an API yet? If so, you've probably got legacy content—content that already exists, and that doesn't fit neatly into your new project. What do you do? You could ignore it and end up with one of those responsive homepages that devolve into big content blobs after just one tap, or a one-off mobile site that no one can remember to maintain. You could put it off until it becomes the bane of your existence: the thing that "breaks" your design, because it's way messier than you’ve planned for. Or, you could deal with it. If you take the time to make existing content work for you—by understanding what you've got, identifying patterns and relationships in its structure, and cutting the cruft along the way—you'll end up with a system that will not just support your content, but _enhance_ its meaning, message, and power. In this talk, you'll learn how to start analyzing content and understanding its structure—and see how content knowledge can help make your mobile products better and longer-lasting.
2013-05-16 2013-05-17 NodePDX 2013 Portland, OR, US Benjamin Sternthal, Wraithan (Chris McDonald) "ZenIRCBot and the Art of Pub/Sub" Pub/sub has been growing in popularity for various pieces of infrastructure due to how much bigger our networks are getting. The publisher being able to completely ignore if there is anything listening or not and just fire off messages means that if a part of your infrastructure goes down it doesn't bring down the other parts. I'll be using my bot, ZenIRCBot, as a case study for pub/sub that is more approachable. ZenIRCBot connects to IRC then sends the things it receives into a redis pub/sub channel, it also listens on a pub/sub channel for things to do such as sending messages to IRC channels. On the other side of these channels are services that listen for events, react, and send back things to do. Or maybe they just listen or just send things to do, there is no reason why they have to both listen and send commands, this is the beauty of this services based model. This talk will be comprised of: A basic intro to Redis and what it is capable of. What pub/sub is and some basic examples. The case study: ZenIRCBot Problems and other various difficulties I've faced. Where is this project going?
2013-05-18 2013-05-18 Firefox OS Apps Workshop - Bogotá Bogotá, Colombia Mark Coggins, Robert Nyman Our first Firefox OS App Workshop will take place in Madrid, Spain, followed by workshops in Bogotá, Colombia, and Warsaw, Poland. These one-day Open Web App Workshops are designed to help you complete an HTML5 web app for Firefox OS or get your existing HTML5 web app working well on the Firefox OS phone and into the Firefox Marketplace. NOTE: These are hands-on technical workshops for skilled app developers. Space is limited and we may not be able to accommodate all qualified applicants, but we promise to get back to you quickly. Please visit if you're interested in participating!
2013-05-20 2013-05-20 International Workshop on Release Engineering 2013 San Francisco, CA, US Kim Moir, John O'Duinn, Dustin Mitchell, Hal Wine RELENG 2013 is a full-day workshop that aims to provide a highly interactive forum for researchers and practitioners to interact and address the challenges of, find solutions for and share experiences with release engineering, and to build connections between the various communities.
2013-05-20 2013-05-24 AusCERT Gold Coast, Australia Francois Marier IT security event for IT security professionals and all those with an interest in IT security. It is run by the leading Computer Emergency Response Team for Australia.
2013-05-27 2013-05-29 Beyond Tellerrand Dusseldorf, Germany Christian Heilmann Fixing the mobile web Tuesday, 28th – 10:00 The mobile web got a bad reputation by now. Over-inflated promises, partnered with platforms that didn't allow HTML5 apps to access what they need and non-enthusiastic copy attempts of native apps made it seem like a hack and not worth exploring further. In reality the mobile web is the platform to bet on - if you care about reach and sustainability of your product. In this talk Chris Heilmann shows how Firefox OS gives the mobile web the boost it needs and why it makes sense to bet on HTML5 and brush up what you already publish instead of betting on a new platform.
2013-05-28 2013-05-28 Solutions Linux, Paris, France Paris, France Tristan Nitot Firefox OS, un système d'exploitation libre pour les smartphones
2013-05-28 2013-05-30 FluentConf 2013 San Francisco, CA, US Brendan Eich, Heather Arthur O'Reilly's Fluent Conference was created to give developers working with JavaScript a place to gather and learn from each other. As JavaScript has become a significant tool for all kinds of development, there's a lot of new information to wrap your head around. And the best way to learn is to spend time with people who are actually working with JavaScript and related technologies, inventing ways to apply its power, scalability, and platform independence to new products and services. Fluent Conference provides a variety of forums for learning, from workshops and sessions with experts to the "hallway track" between sessions, where attendees informally connect and share questions, knowledge, and perspectives with their peers.
2013-05-29 2013-05-29 Introduction to Firefox OS Mozilla Office, San Francisco, CA, US Nick Desaulniers, Mozilla + Diane Bisgeier, Mozilla WebFWD program Firefox-OS dev phones have been selling out. For those interested in upcoming phone platforms and the easier initial game and app discovery opportunities they potentially represent, we're happy to announce an Introduction to Firefox OS with Nick Desaulniers. This event will take place at Mozilla on Wednesday May 29th at 6:30pm. A Q&A session will follow the introduction. Mozilla will also graciously be providing snacks and refreshments for attendees. This event is 21 and over because Mozilla will provide beer along with the refreshments. We may have a large crowd for this event so please come early to reserve your seat. It is first come first served. Special Note: Event will be hosted in Mozilla's new community space on the 1st floor! Enter off Embarcadero (the former entrance to Gordon Biersch). There will also be a special presentation by Diane Bisgeier of Mozilla about WebFWD. This is Mozilla's accelerator to help open source and open standards startups, offering curriculum, coaching, resources and access to the Mozilla network for early-stage teams over a period of 4 months. Details and application to the next class are at
2013-05-29 2013-05-31 JS Conf US Amelia Island, FL, US Brendan Eich, Etienne Segonzac, Kevin Grandon, Francois Marier, Yury Delendik, Zach Carter JSConf is a unique conference organization, because we aren't really a conference organization at all. We are a very loose federation of developers who share the same general idea about how a technical conference should be held. We don't believe that one model or process fits all communities, in fact we are big advocates of locally run events driven by passionate individuals dedicated to the community. We make events that aren't from the standard conference playbook because we believe you (attendees, speakers, and sponsors) deserve more than that. We focus on two things, pushing the boundaries of what is thought to be conceivable with JS and providing exceptional human social activities that encourage community and friendship building. That sets the general tone for each of our events and from there, local individuals from each region drive the conference to its own incredible level of excellence. Our mission is to make the technology community better, more diverse, and more human; in short, we just want to make things better. JSConf does not focus on what is popular or cool now, but on topics that define and revolutionize the following year of technology. We have been the launching point for some of the most revolutionary products, services, and technologies on the web. We have also been the inspiration point and support base for a wide range of conferences beyond the "JSConf" name.
2013-06-01 2013-06-01 Firefox OS Apps Workshop - Warsaw Warsaw, Poland Christian Heilmann, Robyn Chau, Piotr Zalewa Our first Firefox OS App Workshop will take place in Madrid, Spain, followed by workshops in Bogotá, Colombia, and Warsaw, Poland. These one-day Open Web App Workshops are designed to help you complete an HTML5 web app for Firefox OS or get your existing HTML5 web app working well on the Firefox OS phone and into the Firefox Marketplace. NOTE: These are hands-on technical workshops for skilled app developers. Space is limited and we may not be able to accommodate all qualified applicants, but we promise to get back to you quickly. Please visit if you're interested in participating!
2013-06-05 2013-06-05 WebFWD Accelerator Graduation Mountain View, CA Diane Bisgeier, Didem Ersoz WebFWD is Mozilla's global accelerator that combines the best of startup and open source principles to help entrepreneurs change the world with the web. Our third batch of startups will have just completed 3.5 months of focused work with our stellar Experts, evolving and executing on their product, business and market strategies and of course, pitching. They will then be ready to show you how they are changing the world through software! Join us at our Graduation & Demo Day where they will share more on their projects as well as what they need from you, whether it be connections, testing, building, marketing, or funding. And of course, we'll eat. You can learn more about our teams below. Hope to see you there! Warm regards, The WebFWD Team PS - June 5 is the deadline for new open web startups to apply!!
2013-06-10 2013-06-12 Selenium Conference 2013 Boston, MA Jonathan Griffin (speaking), Malini Das (speaking), David Burns (speaking), Stephen Donner, Dave Hunt, Zac Campbell, Matt Brandt, Bob Silverberg Selenium Conference is for core committers, thought leaders, and those wanting to learn more about how to use and integrate Web-based testing through Selenium automation (in many languages/frameworks) at their organization, to improve quality.
2013-06-14 2013-06-15 Web-5 Conference 2013 Beziers, France Andrzej Mazur, Michal Budzynski Web-5 Association (Law 1901) aims to promote and encourage vocations for software development and wider technology with local actors and Béziers Languedoc-Roussillon. It develops and implements exchange the know-how of the territory Biterrois internationally. The effort of the Association will particularly on informing students, technicians and engineers working to improve their access to technology. The assumption that knowledge and scientific and technical knowledge is an asset for the territories, the association will develop according to the circumstances and all related actions contributing to the achievement of its objectives.
2013-06-15 2013-06-16 Barcamp Erfurt Erfurt, Germany Michael Kohler Barcamp Erfurt is a conference on the wide topic of digital media for children and teenagers. After a successful premiere last year, the second BarCamp Erfurt will take place on June 15-16 2013 as an open conference. As a business location for various digital enterprises and media that focus on a young target group (children's TV station KI.KA, enterprise hub "Kindermedienzentrum" with several agencies and digital enterprises, universities in Erfurt, Weimar, Jena and Ilmenau and scientific organizations like Fraunhofer Institut and Erfurter Netcode), Erfurt is ideal for the BarCamp. As the event has an open structure, everybody from CEO, marketing manager, teacher to student is invited to present their idea's and share their knowledge. We provide the platform necessary to bring different fields (programming, device development, education and science) together.
2013-06-15 2013-06-19 Open Help Conference & Sprints Cincinnati, OH, US Janet Swisher Open Help brings together leaders in open source documentation and support, as well as people from across the technical communications industry who are interested in community-based help. The Open Help Conference features two days of presentations and open discussions. In true open source spirit, our discussions and agenda are led by our attendees, allowing you to learn and share what matters to you most. With some of the most interesting people in the industry, the Open Help Conference showcases the ideas that are shaping the future of help. Following the conference, multiple teams take part in the Open Help Sprints, collaborative team meetings where people put ideas to work.
2013-06-17 2013-06-21 Hack in Paris Paris, France Frederik Braun Frederik's talk: Abstract: The Same Origin Policy is the foremost security policy in all browsers. Like most browser code, it underwent a significant amount of changes to keep up with the recent development for HTML5. This talk covers the Same Origin Policy implemented in modern browsers. It goes into detail where browsers behave similarly and where differences occur. The presentation of noteworthy exceptions, regardless of whether they are intended or have evolved out of legacy features, is then followed by an analysis of previous flaws. We identify parsing mismatches as the key source of policy bypasses and suggest methods to analyze and test browser code with regard to this discovery. The talk also gives an outlook into things that may come and evaluates the origin as a measure to bind authority for HTML5 APIs. Using our methods we have also identified security issues in the Java Runtime Environment and Mozilla Firefox, which will be presented in the end.
2013-06-18 2013-06-21 Open Source Bridge Portland, OR Francois Marier Open Source Bridge is a conference for developers working with open source technologies and for people interested in learning the open source way.
2013-06-18 2013-06-21 Open Source Bridge Portland, OR, US Christie Koehler, Tim Chevalier, Sucheta Ghoshal, Liz Henry, Benjamin Kero, Harsh Kothari, François Marier, Schalk Neethling, Larissa Shapiro Open Source Bridge is a conference for developers working with open source technologies and for people interested in learning the open source way. ... As developers, we find ourselves in many roles; we are users, creators, and leaders. The Open Source Bridge team believes that our role as open source citizens informs our work whether we are conscious of it or not. Open Source Bridge is intended as a call to action to become better citizens, by sharing our knowledge with each other.
2013-06-22 2013-06-22 JS Conf BR Fortaleza, Brazil Brendan Eich, Angelina Fabbro, Leonardo Balter, Andre Garzia, Fabio Magnoni "JSConf is the most important conference when you think about everything JS, be it on the web or on the server-side. The conference has been the location where groundbreaking tech, libraries, products, services are released, and even more important, the place where smart minds get together to exchange knowledge. In June 2013, 250 of the best JS devs from around the globe will be discussing and showcasing the future of the language and all the tech around it."
2013-06-22 2013-06-22 RVA Hackathon Richmond, VA James Long This year's RVA Hackathon is a 12 hour event on June 22nd, 2013 for attendees to develop an idea they've been meaning to tackle. There are no restrictions on platform or language and there is no theme. At the end of the event we'll have everyone present what they made and award the best stuff.
2013-06-22 2013-06-23 IndieWeb Camp Portland, OR Atul Varma, Austin King, Francois Marier, Tantek Çelik IndieWebCamp is a regular gathering of web creators building and sharing open web technologies to advance the state of the indie web, and empower users to own their own identities & content on the web. We get together for a weekend to talk about what has been done in the field, what still needs to be done, and then spend a day hacking and creating. There are workshops and breakout sessions.
2013-06-24 2013-06-25 Mobile Solutions Day Darmstadt, Germany Christian Heilmann "Firefox OS - Supercharged HTML5": Chris Heilmannn of Mozilla will show what Firefox OS means for web technologies and the web, how to use reliably as web developers what was only promised to us by other platforms and how to write your first HTML5 app and deploy it on Firefox OS.
2013-06-25 2013-06-27 WebRTC Conference and Expo Atlanta, GA, US Andreas Gal, Jb Piacentino, Jan-Ivar Bruaroey, James Murdock WebRTC Conference and Expo is the opportunity for companies, web application providers, investors and developers to understand the exciting opportunity that WebRTC opens and how it will challenge and change much of today's communications landscape.
2013-06-26 2013-06-26 Mobile Asia Expo - Web Apps Developer Day Shanghai, China Lots of Mozillians! "Theme for 2013: Connecting the Future Mobile is connecting the world in a dramatic and breath-taking fashion. It bridges generations, builds communities, ignites ideas and tears down the barriers which separate us. Mobile Asia Expo will accelerate this effect by showcasing the mobile trends and solutions that will transform our lives today and tomorrow. Join us in Connecting the Future!"
2013-06-26 2013-06-28 WebVisions Barcelona, Spain Christian Heilmann WebVisions explores the future of design, content creation, user experience and business strategy in an event that inspires learning, collaboration and entrepreneurism. Since 2001, we’ve built a loyal audience of designers, developers and industry leaders. Join us for an event that’s seen as “the creative conference for the Web.”
2013-06-27 2013-06-30 NodeConf 2013 San Francisco, CA, US Nick Desaulniers For two years we’ve run two conferences: NodeConf and NodeConf SummerCamp. NodeConf SummerCamp, held at Walker Creek Ranch, has been where node developers connect and discuss the future of node.js and work together in an “unconference” format. At the same time, NodeConf has been a leader in the conference world producing innovations in format and content that have influenced and raised the bar for conferences all over the world. NodeConf remains dedicated to building community and spreading knowledge about what is possible with node.js.
2013-06-28 2013-06-28 Kiwi Party 2013 Strasbourg, France Tristan Nitot Tristan's talk: "Firefox OS: how HTML5, JS and WebAPIs are going to change the mobile world thanks to Mozilla"
2013-06-28 2013-06-30 Demo JS Paris, France Paul Adenot, Nicolas Silva DemoJS is a digital arts festival which gathers coders and artists from the web community and the demoscene. It is the only demoparty strictly dedicated to web technologies.
2013-07-03 2013-07-06 Forum Internacional Software Livre Porto Alegre, Brazil Francois Marier FISL is meant as a "get-together" of students, researchers, social movements for freedom of information, entrepreneurs, IT enterprises, governments, and other interested people. It is considered one of the world´s largest free software events, harboring technical, political and social debates in an integrated way. It gathers discussions, speeches, personalities and novelties both national and international in the free software world.
2013-07-04 2013-07-06 Spain JS Madrid, Spain Robert Nyman Spain.js is a non-profit volunteer-driven event run by the Spanish Association for Promoting Web Development (APRODEWEB).
2013-07-06 2013-07-11 Libre Software Meeting Brussels, Belgium Francois Marier, Yvan Boily LSM is a non-commercial cycle of conferences, round tables and practical workshops based on Libre Software and its uses. Its aim is to provide a platform for Libre Software users, developers and stakeholders.
2013-07-13 2013-07-13 Open Web Camp V San Jose, CA Vladimir Filippov Ready for the hottest event of the summer? Open Web Camp V sizzles with fantastic speakers leading a wide range of topic sessions from every aspect of the Open Web Platform and beyond! Whether you’re looking to know more about HTML5, CSS3, Web Accessibility, Responsive Web Design and Mobile Technology topics, or are interested in networking with peers in an open, celebratory day, Open Web Camp is sure to set your passions afire.
2013-07-13 2013-07-13 Open Web Camp San Jose, CA Vlad Filippov Open Web Camp V sizzles with fantastic speakers leading a wide range of topic sessions from every aspect of the Open Web Platform and beyond! Whether you’re looking to know more about HTML5, CSS3, Web Accessibility, Responsive Web Design and Mobile Technology topics, or are interested in networking with peers in an open, celebratory day, Open Web Camp is sure to set your passions afire.
2013-07-19 2013-07-19 PhoneGap Day US 2013 Portland, OR, US John Hammink PhoneGap Day is one part conference and one part celebration. Expect a fun and informative day packed with people who are using PhoneGap as part of their mobile app development. Meet members from the PhoneGap team, hear the latest PhoneGap news, and find out what’s coming next!
2013-07-20 2013-07-21 Community Leadership Summit Portland, OR, US Benjamin Kerensa, Janet Swisher, Liz Henry, Ralph Daub, Christie Koehler "Attendees are community leaders, organizers and managers and the projects and organizations that are interested in growing and empowering a strong community. The event pulls together the leading minds in community management, relations and online collaboration to discuss, debate and continue to refine the art of building an effective and capable community."
2013-07-22 2013-07-26 OSCON 2013 Portland, OR, US Benjamin Kerensa, Christie Koehler, Margaret Leibovic, Dave Herman, Brian Anderson. Ben Bangert, Tony Santos, Benjamin Kero, Laura Thompson, Daniel Maher, Janet Swisher Now in its 15th year, OSCON has shown that open source software is the standard for everyday programming languages, databases, utilities, and operating systems. At OSCON 2013, we’ll celebrate the open source success story and the ongoing revolution.
2013-07-25 2013-07-25 WDCNZ Wellington, New Zealand Francois Marier Tech talks for web devs
2013-07-31 2013-08-04 OHM 2013 Amsterdam, Netherlands Stefan Arentz OHM2013. Observe, Hack, Make. A five day outdoor international camping festival for hackers and makers, and those with an inquisitive mind. On 31st July 2013, 3000 of those minds will descend upon on an unassuming patch of land, at the Geestmerambacht festival grounds, 30km north of Amsterdam. It is a four year tradition in The Netherlands to hold such an event. In the spirit of WTH, HIP and HAR the latest edition, OHM2013, is a non-commercial community run event. The event happens thanks to the volunteers, all 3000 of them. They will run the network, help people around the site, give talks, hold workshops and be excellent to one another. The target audience includes free-thinkers, philosophers, activists, geeks, scientists, artists, creative minds and a whole bunch of people interested in lots of interesting stuff. Stefan will be presenting two talks: "Web Security 101" and "A Holistic Overview of Firefox OS"
2013-08-03 2013-08-03 Front in Belo Horizonte Belo Horizonte, Brazil Fábio Magnoni The biggest event of Front-end Brazil.
2013-08-09 2013-08-12 CampJS Australia Gold Coast Hinterland, Australia Angelina Fabbro Angelina will be presenting: "Building Apps for Firefox OS." "Launching around the world one country at a time is Firefox OS, Mozilla's push to bring smartphones to developing markets and provide an open alternative to proprietary phone operating systems. Building applications for Firefox OS is easy for even a marginally experienced web developer, particularly those with front-end experience. Server-side friends should participate too - apps need servers to talk to in order to accomplish interesting things from time to time after all. We'll discuss the operating system structure, device APIs, UX and UI guidelines, as well as how to publish your app in the app store, whether for free or for pay. Having a device is not mandatory to participate: the Firefox OS simulator add on is suitable to get started. Angelina will be bringing several devices for you to test your app on though too, as nothing is better than the real deal when it's in your hands. Special perk: If you happen to use your CampJS experience to make an app or the better portion of an app for the marketplace - you might just get to be taking one of these devices home with you."
2013-08-09 2013-08-13 PyCon Canada Toronto, Canada Dan Callahan Dan Callahan from the Identity team will be speaking on "Quick Wins for Better Website Security."
2013-08-20 2013-08-23 OWASP AppSec EU Hamburg, Germany Yvan Boily, Simon Bennetts, Freddy Braun OWASP is the foremost web app security organization in the world, with thousands of members globally, including some of the biggest names in the industry. This conference is an opportunity to hear about the latest research on a myriad of topics related to web security, as well as establish connections between developers, security experts, and business leaders who are all stakeholders in ensuring applications are as secure as possible. 3 members of the Mozilla Security team will be presenting, with Yvan talking about Making Security Tools accessible for Developers, Simon talking about OWASP Zed Attack Proxy innovations and Freddy talking about Origin Policy Enforcement in modern browsers.
2013-08-22 2013-08-23 BrazilJS Porto Alegre, Brazil Robert Nyman, Angelina Fabbro In its debut in May 2011, the BrazilJS conference became one of the biggest events in the Javascript world, with 600 participants and more than 20 lectures. In 2013, we host the third edition of this event, with the daring purpose of becoming the greatest Javascript conference in the world!
2013-08-24 2013-08-24 Firefox OS Apps Workshop - Porto Alegre Porto Alegre, Brazil Robert Nyman, Angelina Fabbro, Havi Hoffman, Robyn Chau The idea with the workshop is to port existing web apps, or create new ones, and make sure they run on Firefox OS. Since apps are built on web technologies, porting should be easy – Open Web Apps are described more in detail in Getting started with Open Web Apps – why and how – and then you can spend time testing a number of the WebAPIs available, to give a richer experience for your app. Applying to attend: We’re looking for developers with a strong interest in open standards and existing web development skills. If you match any of these, you’re the person/team we’re looking for! - Built any HTML5 mobile web site before - Have been working with hybrid apps through PhoneGap or similar solutions - Built something for webOS - or in general have a good experience working with web apps. We’ll treat you to a great day of hacking and learning, and hands-on help from Mozilla people. The focus is on coding and trying things out, and naturally we’ll offer foods, drinks and such throughout the day. And, as an extra perk, you get to test your web app on a Firefox OS phone – a Geeksphone Keon – that you get to keep at the end of the day! So what are you waiting for? Apply now!
2013-08-24 2013-08-25 FrOSCon Sankt Augustin, Germany Francois Marier Free and Open Source software conference
2013-08-28 2013-08-30 Ember Fest EU Munich, Germany Dan Callahan Dan Callahan from the Identity Team will be speaking on "Forget Passwords, Use Persona"
2013-08-29 2013-08-31 QCon São Paulo, Brazil Fabio Magnoni O QCon enfatiza os tópicos de desenvolvimento mais importantes, em busca da inovação — assuntos que você precisa conhecer agora ou pesquisar para seu projeto futuro — apresentados por engenheiros e empreendedores das grandes comunidades de desenvolvimento e arquitetura. Cada QCon é cuidadosamente elaborado para oferecer um ambiente que promove aprendizado de alta qualidade e entrosamento entre os participantes, além de diversão e inspiração para novos projetos. O QCon SP terá oito tracks, divididas em quatro salas simultâneas nas confortáveis instalações da Fecomercio. Serão mais de 50 palestrantes, discutindo e apresentando os tópicos mais inovadores e atuais na evolução do desenvolvimento de software e áreas correlatas. Quatro keynotes internacionais já estão confirmados, entre eles de engenheiros da Netflix e ThoughtWorks.
2013-09-11 2013-09-11 Firefox OS App Workshop Krakow, Poland Frédéric Harper & Christian Heilmann The next in a series of workshops designed for invited web developers to learn about Firefox OS and how to port apps into the Firefox Marketplace.
2013-09-12 2013-09-12 OWASP New Zealand Day Auckland, New Zealand Francois Marier one-day conference dedicated to application security, with an emphasis on secure development techniques to help Kiwi developers build more secure applications
2013-09-12 2013-09-14 SmartDevCon Katowice, Poland Piotr Zalewa The event is focused on hardware and software solutions "connected with smart devices, which includes not only phones and tablets, but also Smart TV, IVI or even robots." The event consists of 3 days of talks, lightning talks and trainings/tutorials.
2013-09-13 2013-09-13 Berlin, Germany Angelina Fabbro CSSconf is a one day conference, dedicated to the designers, developers and engineers who build the world’s most engaging user interfaces. Very much inspired by community-driven events like CSSconf US and JSconf, we will bring 10+ world-class speakers together with a 200+ audience that cares deeply about the web and technology.
2013-09-13 2013-09-13 Wildcard Conference Jurmala, Latvia Raivis Dejus In software technology, a wildcard is a character that can be substituted for any other possible characters. Just as this conference does not aim to cover only a narrow scope of the IT industry, but most of them, broadly, and globally, for all our guests from neighboring countries. The idea of a broadly-scoped “wildcard” conference had been discussed for a couple of years, together with our fellow colleagues from Lithuania and Estonia. This year we're going to make our plans come true, rock the Baltic Sea, and make this a yearly tradition. The event is for all kinds of IT professionals — developers, testers, database gurus, arhitects, analysts, UX guys, project managers, Scrum masters or POs. That's why the motto of the conference is “Everyone's invited!” We're waiting for you!
2013-09-14 2013-09-15 JSConf EU Berlin, Germany Angelina Fabbro, Axel Hecht, Zbignew Braniecki, Stas Malolepszy JSConf EU, the labour-of-love conference for the JS community in Europe.
2013-09-16 2013-09-18 Web & PHP Conference San Jose, CA Frédéric Harper This is a three-day conference in September that will immerse you in a world of continuously evolving web technologies. Sticking with our ethos of open knowledge sharing and community support, all conference sessions, keynote presentations, hacks and Expo on September 17 & 18 are FREE to attend! Frédéric will be presenting "Responsive Web Design, Get the Best of Your Design"
2013-09-18 2013-09-20 Strange Loop St. Louis, MO, USA Angelina Fabbro Strange Loop is a multi-disciplinary conference that aims to bring together the developers and thinkers building tomorrow's technology in fields such as emerging languages, alternative databases, concurrency, distributed systems, mobile development, and the web. "Using JavaScript for the greater good - science!"
2013-09-20 2013-09-21 JSFoo Bangalore, India Francois Marier India’s first JavaScript conference returns for a fifth edition after four successful runs in 2011 and 2012. This year’s event will focus on original creations with JavaScript.
2013-09-21 2013-09-21 Kongossa Montreal, Canada Frédéric Harper Kongossa est une initiative de Africa Link, un club basé à Yaoundé au Cameroun dont la vocation est de faire la promotion d’internet en Afrique. Frédéric's presentation is entitled: "Mobile First."
2013-09-27 2013-09-27 200 OK Tulsa, OK, US Luke Crouch, James Socol, David Walsh Connecting developers from the South & Central US to explore the best and brightest ideas in web technology.
2013-09-27 2013-09-28 Over The Air 2013 Bletchley Park, Bletchley, United Kingdom Soledad Penadés The 6th annual Over the Air will be held on Friday & Saturday the 27th & 28th of September at Bletchley Park. For two days we’ll be based at Station X, hacking in the shadows of the WWII Enigma & Lorenz code-breakers, and hanging out at the home of Colossus the world’s first programmable computer.
2013-10-02 2013-10-03 LXJS 2013 Lisbon, Portugal Angelina Fabbro, Robert Nyman, Michal Budzynski A 2-day not-for-profit by-the-community and for-the-community international conference about the New Worlds of JavaScript.
2013-10-09 2013-10-10 nternet & Mobile World Bucharest, Romania Christian Heilmann We believe that Romania has the human talent, the technical competency, the drive and the passion to become a major Internet technology hub in the region. Internet & Mobile World wants to contribute in creating a sustainable momentum of vision and aggressive development for Internet industry in the region. IMWorld is an yearly event that brings together all major actors in Internet & Mobile related businesses in Romania and the region.
2013-10-10 2013-10-11 Fronteers Amsterdam, Netherlands Angelina Fabbro Founded in 2007, Fronteers is the non-profit trade organization of Dutch front-end developers. Its goals include the professionalisation of our trade, (improved) recognition of the front-end discipline, and improving the position of Dutch front-end developers in their company and the web design/development world in general.
2013-10-10 2013-10-12 Paris Web 2013 Paris, France Geoffrey Dorne, Julien Wajsberg, Jérémie Patonnier Geoffrey Dorne will be presenting: "Multimodalité des interfaces web : une nouvelle approche du design" ("Multimodal web interfaces: a new approach to design"). Jérémie Patonnier will be presenting the workshop "Projets responsive : mise en commun de retours d'expérience" and conference: "Web Apps et sites web, le jeu des différences." ("Responsive projects: sharing lessons learned" and "Web Apps and websites, the game of differences.")
2013-10-11 2013-10-11 GDG Devfest Barcelona Barcelona, Spain Soledad Penadés GDG Devfest is a free event organised by user groups and fans of Google technologies in Spain. Although it's held in Barcelona it's organised by people from all over Spain which fly into town for a couple of days.
2013-10-12 2013-10-13 Pycon Ireland Dublin, Ireland David Burns, Glen Howard PyCon Ireland is the largest annual gathering of the Irish Python community which takes place over a period of two days. A two-day sprints will be held on Mon 14th - Tuesday 15th October at College of Computer Training. The sprints are a free event open to all (18+), registration will be required.
2013-10-14 2013-10-17 Code for America San Francisco, CA Christie Koehler, Josh Mize, Luke Crouch Through the Fellowship, Brigade, Accelerator, Peer Network and Code for All, Code for America aims to improve the relationships between citizens and government. We help governments restructure to create low-risk settings for innovation, engage citizens to create better services, and support ongoing competition in the govtech marketplace.
2013-10-18 2013-10-19 JSConf Colombia Medellin, Colombia Angelina Fabbro JSConf Colombia is a conference about Javascript and web development, main topics are Frontend Javascript and Backend Javascript (with Node.js). We will have 8 international speakers and 12 local speakers including workshops.
2013-10-18 2013-10-19 CodeMotion Madrid, Spain Guillermo Lopez, Francisco Picolini On our second edition of Codemotion Madrid, the developers party, we bring together again in Madrid specialists, developers and students from many different communities and technologies.
2013-10-19 2013-10-19 meet.js Summit Gdansk, Poland Andrzej Mazur meet.js Summit is a one-day conference devoted to front-end technologies – JavaScript programming language and HTML5, which will Take place In Gdańsk on 19th of October, 2012. Admission to the conference is free of charge. meet.js Summit is an extension of Polish JS meet-ups called meet.js. It is an opportunity to connect those local communities and meet professionals from all over the country and Europe. The first edition of the conference, which was held in Poznan in 2012, brought together nearly 300 participants, and half of the speakers came from abroad. The event is free and funded solely from the proceeds of the sponsors. All presentations are conducted in English. Andrzej Mazur will present "Abusing Firefox OS and HTML5 games for fun and profit."
2013-10-21 2013-10-23 Open Source Developers' Conference Auckland, New Zealand Francois Marier The Australasian Open Source Developers Conference is one of the top conferences for developers in Asia Pacific. It’s primarily focused on development with open source tools and development of open source software, and is now in its 10th year.
2013-10-21 2013-10-23 Open Source Developers' Conference (OSDC) Auckland, New Zealand Francois Marier The Australasian Open Source Developers Conference is one of the top conferences for developers in Asia Pacific. It’s primarily focused on development with open source tools and development of open source software, and is now in its 10th year. For the first time, the conference is crossing the ocean and is landing in Auckland, New Zealand, 21st – 23rd October 2013, at the lavish Langham Hotel. This makes it truly an international event to that is a must attend. The conference covers everything from revision control to the latest software development methodologies and tools, OSDC cannot afford to be missed by anyone who uses open source development tools, or writes open source software.
2013-10-22 2013-10-23 HTML5DevConf San Francisco, CA, US Robert Nyman, Nick Desaulniers, Jordan Santell, Tantek Çelik, and Diane Bisgeier The HTML5 Developers Conference continues to grow into the largest software developer focused conference in the known universe, with the finest technical speakers in the cosmos. Our core strengths are in mobile web cross platform technologies such as HTML JavaScript, CSS, node.js coding and design for client side, apps and servers.
2013-10-23 2013-10-24 All Things Open Raleigh, NC, US Jason Weathersby All Things Open™ is a conference for developers, technologists and decision makers around the topic of open source and the open web in the enterprise. The event will feature world-class speakers, content and networking opportunities. The goal is to educate you so you can make open source work for your company.
2013-10-24 2013-10-25 Free Software and Open Source Symposium 2013 (FSOSS) Toronto, Canada Mike Hoye, Majken Connor FSOSS 2013 will continue the tradition of providing a venue where educators, developers, industry, and community can meet to discuss new and evolving ideas regarding open source and its applications. The two day event will showcase a variety of presentations and demonstrations on how open source can be utilized in various sectors of industry including education, emerging hardware, and software.
2013-10-25 2013-10-25 JS.everywhere(2013) San Francisco, CA, US Lyle Troxell, Nick DeSaulniers 200 programmers, hackers, and troublemakers, discuss JavaScript.
2013-10-26 2013-10-26 Firefox OS App Workshop Guadalajara, México Robert Nyman, Frédéric Harper, Havi Hoffman, Alex Fuser, Julian Ceballos At the workshop, you’ll spend the day working on your app with help from our team, with breaks for meals and snacks. Our first activity will show you how to send your app from the Simulator to the Geeksphone Keon Firefox OS Developer Preview device. At the end of the day, there’s a chance to demo the app you’re working on. After the workshop, the Geeksphone is yours to keep, to complete your Firefox OS app and continue to use. Our goal is to help you finish your first app and see it listed in Firefox Marketplace. We’re especially interested in apps built in your language, for people in your location.
2013-10-26 2013-10-26 ReadTheDocs Hack Day Portland, OR, US Rob Hudson Read the Docs is a project that Mozilla uses very heavily (one of the biggest users of the project) to host documentation for most of our websites as well as other projects.
2013-11-04 2013-11-08 Øredev Malmö, Sweden Christian Heilmann Øredev has its origins and focus on the software development process, from programming to project management. They work to organize an event based on the concept of quality - for learning and networking - Sharing Knowledge. Christian Heilmann will be presenting two talks at Øredev this year: "The very near future of a richer, standards based web" "Firefox OS - the platform HTML5 deserves"
2013-11-06 2013-11-07 YUIConf 2013 San Jose, CA Bill Walker, Havi Hoffman YUIConf is an annual conference to talk about all things related to the YUI ecosystem. Whether you’re a YUI newbie or a seasoned pro, join us at YUIConf to learn more, share ideas, and meet fellow developers. This is our fifth year running, and it promises to be the best one yet! We'll be revealing the schedule for YUIConf 2013 shortly, but here's what you can expect: * Gesture events, mobile apps, testing, and performance talks * Case studies from Yahoo Search, Yahoo Mail, and Yahoo Sports * Back by popular demand, a sequel to last year’s talk by Evan Goer * Keynotes by Eric Ferraiuolo, Ariya Hidayat, and Dav Glass
2013-11-07 2013-11-07 Thunder Plains Oklahoma City, OK, USA Yury Delendik and Mike Taylor Thunder Plains is a web and mobile developer conference organized by the Oklahoma City Javascript User Group. The conference will focus on JavaScript and related technologies in a wide variety of different use cases and platforms. Topics can be anything from best practices, HTML5 game development, helpful tips and code libraries, node.js, mobile development, APIs, client-side frameworks like Backbone, Angular, Ember or Knockout, and more.
2013-11-07 2013-11-08 Digital Winners Conference 2013 Fornebu, Norway Brendan Eich Digital Winners is the Nordic region’s premier gathering of leaders and innovators in media, technology and communications. In addition to bringing the latest thought leadership to more than 300 senior executives, we also showcase top entrepreneurs and startups with our annual Digital Winners Awards.
2013-11-08 2013-11-08 Full Frontal 2013 Brighton, UK Angelina Fabbro, Shane Tomlinson, Dan Callahan, Austin King, Jed Parsons, Lloyd Hilaiel, Francois Marier Full Frontal is now in it's fifth year, and is the UK's leading JavaScript conference, for front end developers and engineers who want to learn more about the programming language of the web - and last year we sold out in just 2½ hours! The direct dictionary definition of Full Frontal is: with nothing concealed or held back, which is the essence of the conference: to fully understand the World's most popular programming language.
2013-11-16 2013-11-24 Startup Bus Africa Harare, Zimbabwe to Cape Town, South Africa Michael Adeyeye The startupbus is the world's most intense hackathon. 30 strangers are put on a bus and will drive 2500 kilometers from Harare, Zimbabwe, to Cape Town, South Africa, during which they'll conceive, built and launch their startup. On the way there'll be multiple stops where the teams get the chance to interact with mentors and are challenged to talk to users in order to perfect their product, business and pitch. Upon arrival in Cape Town they'll get the chance to pitch their brand new ventures to a professional jury and international investors. The winning teams will get the chance to pitch their ventures to Sir Richard Branson.
2013-11-17 2013-11-17 HTML5 Game Jam Krakow, Poland Andrzej Mazur Gamedev.js GameJam Kraków to całodniowy hakaton skupiony na tworzeniu gier HTML5 i JavaScript. Spotkamy się w siedzibie Google for Entrepreneurs, gdzie weźmiemy udział w listopadowym konkursie GitHub Game Off i inicjatywie One Game A Month. Porozmawiamy także między innymi o developmencie gier na telefony z systemem Firefox OS autorstwa Mozilli czy nowym frameworku Phaser.
2013-11-19 2013-11-21 2013 WebRTC Expo Santa Clara, CA, US Andreas Gal, Jb Piacentino, Eric Rescorla, Dan Mosedale, Romain Testard, Adam Roach, James Murdock, Alina Hua The show will feature the most up to date, technically sound advice and view the latest platforms & applications that will show you how to harness the power of this protocol. WebRTC allows implementation of real time solutions across a multitude of applications.
2013-11-23 2013-11-23 Firefox OS App Workshop Budapest, Hungary Robyn Chau, Kalman Szalai, Gergo Nagy, Jason Weathersby, Frédéric Harper, Sergi Mansilla At the workshop, you’ll spend the day working on your app with help from our team, with breaks for meals and snacks. Our first activity will show you how to send your app from the Simulator to the Geeksphone Keon Firefox OS Developer Preview device. At the end of the day, there’s a chance to demo the app you’re working on. After the workshop, the Geeksphone is yours to keep, to complete your Firefox OS app and continue to use. Our goal is to help you finish your first app and see it listed in Firefox Marketplace. We’re especially interested in apps built in your language, for people in your location.
2013-11-23 2013-11-23 techMeetup UY Montevideo, Uruguay Guillermo Movia techMeetup UY is an annual conference created by and for Uruguayan developers. It has 3 main objectives: Empower local communities. Encourage IT students. Offering a day of professional actualization and networking of the highest quality.
2013-11-25 2013-11-25 Firefox OS DevTreff Vienna Vienna, Austria KaiRo A special version of ViennaJS where Firefox OS will be discussed and demoed.
2013-11-26 2013-11-26 Athens App Days 2013 Athens, Greece Frédéric Harper, John Bernard 12 hour event combining presentations and coding for Firefox OS.
2013-11-28 2013-11-29 JSConf Asia Manila, Philippines Michal Budzynski, Bob Reyes, John Britton, Kevin John Ventura, Joell Lapitan, Kemuel Joseph Domanog, Christian Ronquillo, Ryan Jayson Ermita, Aaron Joshua Cajes The JavaScript, web and mobile developer conference for Asia.
2013-12-02 2013-12-02 dotJS Paris, France Brendan Eich, Paul Rouget, Jeremie Patonnier, Julien Wajsberg, James Burk dotJS is a single-day, single-track event where the best JavaScript hackers in the world appear on a crazy beautiful stage.
2013-12-03 2013-12-04 Node Summit 2013 San Francisco, CA, US Trevor Norris Node Summit will bring together business leaders and technology experts to discuss Node.js’ transformative role in the future of computing. The event will also showcase solutions from a select group of startup companies that are looking towards the future by incorporating Node.js today. Two Day conference with panels, presentations, workshops, and NodeTalks(inviting leading technology and business experts from across the Node.js ecosystem to submit real-world case studies and talks that highlight the rapidly growing number of high profile web applications that rely on the emerging Node.js ecosystem).
2013-12-04 2013-12-06 APIdays Global Paris, France Francois Marier The International Conference Series On APIs.
2013-12-05 2013-12-06 Latino Startup Alliance (LSA) Innovator Summit 2013 San Francisco, CA, US Didem Ersoz The Latino Startup Alliance (LSA) 1st Annual summit in San Francisco that brings together Latino tech entrepreneurs for two days of startup pitches, keynotes, lighting talks, workshops, networking, and the fostering of both partnerships & friendships to help support Latino startups globally.
2013-12-06 2013-12-07 RobotsConf Amelia Island, FL, USA Angelina Fabbro, Kevin Grandon, Jon Hylands Built by the team behind JSConf, NodeBots, and NodeCopter, this event bridges the world of software and web developers to the blossoming realm of hardware hacking. There are many events for each specific group, but only RobotsConf brings these two pillars of technology together. Furthermore, this event brings together all of the high level language developers instead of isolating them from each other. It is a revolutionary launch point for both hardware and software libraries, products, services, and, most importantly, business relationships. It is an amazing event that focuses on energy, excitement, and education to introduce today’s developers with the tomorrow’s makers.
2013-12-07 2013-12-07 Spotlight: AdvancedJS Toronto, Ontario, Canada Vladimir Vukicevic One day, one track, 8 speakers. TOPICS INCLUDE: Turbocharging Client-Side Processing: Leveraging asm.js Awesome Ember Tricks Client Side MVC and The Gosh Darn Back Button Continuous Deployment Workflows for Non-Trivial Full-Stack JavaScript Applications Realtime “Eye Candy” with AngularJS Rich Interactivity with CreateJS
2013-12-09 2013-12-13 HTML5 & Firefox OS Bootcamp Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Michael Henretty, Nicholas Desaulniers, Yan Wang This event is aim to help students/developers there to know how to develop applications using HTML5 technology. It will be a 4 days event (most talks are in morning, afternoon is hands-on Lab session).
2013-12-10 2013-12-11 DevCon5 Los Angeles, CA, USA Bill Walker, Jared Hirsch The event has a strong focus on development of mobile and web applications along with gaming. HTML5 topics, include, user experience, design and security, building new business models for the Mobile Web, browser compatibility with HTML5 and more. Bill Walker's topic: "Firefox Marketplace: Breaking the Stranglehold of App Stores"
2013-12-17 2013-12-17 Node Brigade Vancouver, BC, Canada Jeff Griffiths Node Brigade is an occasional meetup of Node.js / JavaScript developers in Vancouver run by Rob Ellis and Brock Witten. The evening typically consists of 2-3 talks on Node.js.
2013-12-20 2013-12-21 Mozilla Power '13 Remote presentation at the British University in Cairo, Egypt Mitchell Baker, Soledad Penades, Bahy Maghrabia A conference that would gather the people who can share the mission of Mozilla promoting openness, innovation and opportunity on the Web.
2014-01-01 2014-01-31 Hacker Beach, Episode 2 Lamu, Kenya Ben Kero, Arzel Younsi "Hacker Beach is a spontaneous gathering of hackers and like-minded people on a tropical island, taking place every year in January...During Hacker Beach, we’ll have spontaneous mini events like talks, community sessions, user groups, and so on, all contributed by the participants. Whoever wants to discuss, present, teach, or learn something is invited to contribute one, or ask for one." More information:
2014-01-08 2014-01-08 MobileStartupsTO introduces Firefox OS Toronto, Ontario, Canada Frédéric Harper Mobile Startups Toronto (#MobileStartupsTO) brings the LeanCoffeeTO format of group therapy and peer discussion to mobile entrepreneurs and developers in the Greater Toronto Area. We discuss both the development and business side of creating/operating a mobile start-up, talk about the growing pains in getting to market and dissect what peers within this space are doing right and wrong. The idea is to share tricks and tips we've learned, and be open to feedback.
2014-01-16 2014-01-18 Canadian University Software Engineering Conference (CUSEC) Montreal, Quebec, Canada Josh Matthews CUSEC is a 3 day conference for students in/interested in Computer Science and Software Engineering. They get together and learn from experts in the field and meet with companies.
2014-01-17 2014-01-18 Ski PHP Conference Salt Lake City, Utah, USA Laura Thomson, Jeff Beatty "For a while, several members of the Utah PHP Users Group have been discussing the need for a PHP conference in the western United States. The greater Salt Lake area is home to many large tech companies that rely on PHP for their core business, and it seemed like a great place to have a conference." Laura Thomson's keynote: "I Can't Believe You Still Do It That Way: A Best Practices Retrospective"
2014-01-24 2014-01-26 Poznan Game Jam Poznan, Poland Andrzej Mazur The Poznan Game Jam will be held in Poznan University of Technology as part of the Global Game Jam initiative [1] This event is targeted toward HTML5 (mobile) game developers, Andrzej will provide insight into developing HTML5 games for the Firefox OS platform, will encourage people to develop games on a Firefox OS device, and will help attendees to submit these games to the Firefox Marketplace.
2014-01-24 2014-01-26 Lahore Civic Hackathon Lahore, Pakistan Fawad Hassan, Shahmir Khan and Muhammad Mehmood Ali We are bringing together civic-minded software developers to innovate in public services, by creating open source solutions to address the needs of citizens using technology. This is an opportunity for citizens and the private sector to give back to Pakistan by engendering civic innovation.

2014-01-31 2014-02-02 Peshawar Civic Hackathon Peshawar, Pakistan Fawad Hassan We are bringing together civic-minded software developers to innovate in public services, by creating open source solutions to address the needs of citizens using technology. This is an opportunity for citizens and the private sector to give back to Pakistan by engendering civic innovation.

2014-02-06 2014-02-08 SunshinePHP Miami, FL, US Brandon Savage The Sunshine PHP Developer Conference has something for every level of PHP developer. We will have a full day of 9 x 3 hour tutorials and workshops, followed by 2 days with 30 talks in 3 tracks where one track is completely dedicated to PHP frameworks. So come see what others are doing, and share your experience as well.
2014-02-07 2014-02-09 Django Weekend Cardiff Cardiff, Wales, UK Jannis Leidel Django Weekend Cardiff will take place at Cardiff University in Wales, from the 7th to the 9th February, for three days of talks, tutorials, code sprints and clinics. The conference is Django-focused, but all aspects of Python fall within its remit. Django Weekend Cardiff is a Django/Python non-profit community event, organised and run entirely by volunteers.
2014-02-08 2014-02-09 StudentHack Manchester, UK Simon Bennetts StudentHack is a 26 hour platform and competition to build ideas. One venue, 200 hackers, prizes, nerf guns, mentors and lots of food + drinks = epic hackathon!
2014-02-14 2014-02-17 Western Kenya Make a Party Kisumu City, Kenya Chrispine Ochieng, Michael Adeyeye Netsquared Kenya and Mozilla make a party Kenya are organizing a regional meeting in Kisumu Kenya.( Make aparty) .(Venue KVDA residential in Kisumu city) .the training will bring bloggers ,ICT experts and non governmental organization working towards the promotion of use of ICT in the region.
2014-02-17 2014-02-17 Portland's Techno-Activism 3rd Mondays Portland, OR, US Christie Koehler, Benjamin Kerensa Techno-Activism 3rd Mondays is a monthly meetup to talk about privacy and security related topics. This month we'll be doing a hands-on meetup with PGP. Last month we did a hands-on meetup about browsing the internet privately that attracted more than 20 participants. The workshop is organized by The Privly Foundation.
2014-02-18 2014-02-18 Tradeshift Open House (part of San Francisco developer week) San Francisco, CA, US Christian Heilmann A panel discussion with speakers from Google, Facebook, Adobe and Mozilla. In today's world where native mobile apps are king (or queen), the mobile web browser has taken a backseat. However, there's been so much progress made in the past couple of years in regards to frameworks, libraries, and tools, that it is time we started talking about mobile web apps again. Join us to discuss the status mobile web apps and the frameworks, libraries, and tools key players are providing today's developer. In addition to hearing from our presenters and getting at look at how the mobile web is changing, join us for a cocktail hour and discuss your thoughts and ideas.
2014-02-21 2014-02-23 SCALE 12x Los Angeles, CA, USA Benjamin Kerensa, Casey Becking, Joanna Mazgaj, Brandon Burton As the first-of-the-year Linux/Open Source software expo in North America, SCaLE 12X expects to host more than 100 exhibitors this year, along with nearly 80 sessions, tutorials and special events SCaLE is a community run open-source and free software conference held annually in Los Angeles.
2014-02-23 2014-02-25 FITC Amsterdam 2014 Amsterdam, Netherlands Laura Hilliger Now in its 7th year, FITC Amsterdam 2014 is host to the latest and greatest in design, technology and cool **** from all around the globe. Join fellow digital creators and world renowned speakers at the Felix Meritis this February to learn about HTML5, CSS, design, creativity and so much more. FITC Amsterdam will leave you inspired, educated and challenged to do something new and set the bar higher. Two-day conference, one day of optional workshops and FITC evening events. Over 50 presentations and panels covering creative, technical and business topics in digital media. TOPICS Web Frameworks • Creative Coding • Installations/Hardware • Experiential media • Projection mapping • Gaming • Creativity • Design • Art • Video/VFX • WebGL • HTML5 • Javascript • APEXvj • Data Visualization • SASS • Cross Media Laura Hilliger's presentation: "You’re more talented than you know, so how about you help us #teachtheweb"
2014-02-27 2014-03-01 FOSSASIA Phnom Penh, Cambodia Axel Hecht, Peiying Mo, Arky FOSSASIA 2014 is an exciting Open Technology event for developers, students, and start ups using open source to build up their businesses. It is a unique opportunity to share the latest innovations in open source technologies and meet contributors and potential partners. FOSSASIA 2014 will take place for the first time in Cambodia. It will be held at Norton University in Phnom Penh from February 28 - March 2. FOSSASIA 2014 will focus on the use of open technologies in sustainable development in order to improve the lives and conditions of those living in poverty. Since the first FOSSASIA meetup in 2009 in Ho Chi Minh City, FOSSASIA has taken the lead to organize Free and Open Source Software conferences in Vietnam. Past FOSSASIA events have attracted over 1400 participants and speakers from 24 countries, with more than 100 volunteers. More than half of all participants were women.
2014-02-28 2014-03-01 jQuery Europe 2014 Vienna, Austria Christian Heilmann All topics around jQuery and Javascript or web development related technologies around these. Focus on mobile devices and web technologies for these devices.
2014-03-04 2014-03-04 Elasticsearch Portland Meetup Portland, OR, US Rob Hudson I'd like our first meetup to be around all the new goodness in Elasticsearch 1.0 from Aggregations to Backup and Restore. I'd also like to hear from anyone in the community that is using it and would like to talk about it with the rest of the group! I have a lot of use cases I can talk about but hearing from one of us would be better.
2014-03-06 2014-03-06 jQuery UK Oxford, UK Soledad Penades The leading jQuery event in the UK.
2014-03-10 2014-03-11 BSidesVancouver 2014 Vancouver, BC, Canada Yvan Boily, Curtis Koenig, Jesse Ruderman, Jeff Bryner BSidesVancouver is a not-for-profit security event that is a part of the Security B-Sides global movement to provide local, high-quality security conferences. Started in 2013, this event is organized by volunteers and focuses on providing a free event that has no vendor influence over presentations and content (although sponsors are encouraged to submit talks, sponsorship does not have speaking slots attached). In 2013 we had 80 people register and 115 attend. In 2014 we have booked a space that can support 200 easily (and can grow beyond that).
2014-03-11 2014-03-13 O'Reilly's Fluent Conference San Francisco, CA, US Brendan Eich, Chris More The O'Reilly Fluent Conference was first launched in 2012 as a new event for developers working with JavaScript, HTML5, and other web technologies. Now in its third year, Fluent covers the full scope of the Web Platform and its associated technologies, including WebGL, CSS3, mobile APIs, Node.js, AngularJS, ECMAScript 6, and more.
2014-03-13 2014-03-15 JSConf Uruguay Montevideo, Uruguay Pablo Terradillos, Pablo Cuadrado, Nick Desaulniers Mozillians Pablo Terradillos and Pablo Cuadrado will be hosting a FirefoxOS Workshop at this JSConf event.
2014-03-20 2014-03-20 Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2014 San Francisco, CA, US Luke Wagner, Alon Zakai Compiling to the Web: Getting Started With asm.js and Emscripten (Presented by Mozilla) Compiling code to run on the web is pretty easy these days! In this talk we'll explain through concrete examples how you can use the open source Emscripten compiler to convert your C/C++ codebase to asm.js and run it in modern web browsers. We'll focus on common porting-related issues (event loop, rendering, etc.) and how best to handle them. This talk will also explain how asm.js is designed to be reliably compiled to efficient machine code using classic compiler techniques and why asm.js is a competitive approach to safe native-code execution.
2014-03-20 2014-03-20 Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2014 San Francisco, CA, US Martin Best, Vladimir Vukicevic Mozilla's Showcase: I Can't Believe It's Not Native (Presented by Mozilla) Mozilla has led the way in enabling high quality games on the web, for both C and C++ developers and JavaScript developers. During this session, we willbe showing off some high profile examples as well as providing an overview of the state of the web for game development. With techniques appropriate to both desktop and mobile, the audience will see high quality content from tool makers and from companies previewing commercial products on the web.
2014-03-20 2014-03-20 Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2014 San Francisco, CA, US Angelina Fabbro, Bill Maggs Tools and Distribution Models for Games on the Modern Web
2014-03-21 2014-03-21 Edge Conference London London, UK Christian Heilmann, Soledad Penades, Joe Walker Edge is a new kind of non-profit one-day conference on advanced web technologies for developers and browser vendors, raising funds for CodeClub. Soledad and Joe will be participating as speakers, Christian will serve as a a moderator for the panel on accessibility.
2014-03-27 2014-03-27 Pixlfest Oklahoma City, OK, US Luke Crouch A conference for creative students from across Oklahoma to come together to share their passion and desire to shape the future.
2014-03-27 2014-03-27 PragueJS Prague, Czech Republic Frédéric Harper Frédéric Harper's presentation abstract: Empower mobile web developers with JavaScript & WebAPI HTML5 is a giant step in the right direction: it gives a lot more tools that developers need to create better experiences for users. The problem? It’s not there yet when it comes to web development for mobile devices. In this talk, Frédéric Harper will show you how you can use HTML, and JavaScript to build amazing mobile applications, and brush up what you published before. You’ll learn about the open web technologies, including WebAPIs, and tools designed to get you started developing HTML apps for Firefox OS, and the web.
2014-03-31 2014-04-01 Write the Docs EU Budapest, Hungary Jannis Leidel Write the Docs is a series of conferences and local meetups focused on documentation systems, tech writing theory, and information delivery. Writing and maintaining documentation involves the talents of a multidisciplinary community of technical writers, designers, typesetters, developers, support teams, marketers, and many others. Our conferences create a time and a place for the global community of documentarians to share information, discuss ideas, and work together to improve the art and science of documentation.
2014-04-02 2014-04-03 Great Wide Open Atlanta, GA, US Jason Weathersby Explore Open Source, Open Tech, and the Open Web with the world's top developers, technologists and decision makers for two days in the heart of Atlanta's downtown business and entertainment district.
2014-04-05 2014-04-05 JoomlaDay Atlanta Atlanta, GA, US Jason Weathersby The first ever JoomlaDay Atlanta will be on April 5th this year. We're going to be at the beautiful Global Learning Center in the heart of the Georgia Tech campus and Midtown Atlanta. We're going to feature 4 tracks of excellent web education. Join us for excellent presentations from inside and outside the Joomla world.
2014-04-09 2014-04-12 Codemotion Rome, Italy Francisco Picolini, Carlo Frinolli, Chris Mills Codemotion is one of the biggest technical conference in Europe, with an international network of 30.000 developers and 300 speakers from all over the world and from the most important IT realities. Codemotion is directed to a target of developers and is open to all programming languages and technologies. It represents a unique opportunity of exchanging views, in depth analysis and sharing of technical topics. Now Codemotion is also a startup with many projects, a part from huge international conferences. Chris Mills will be presenting: "Empowering the 'Mobile Web'" "Mobile web" applications are often criticised for having inferior performance and a limited featureset, compared to "native" apps. To redress the balance, browser vendors are working on a number of technologies to grant them superpowers. In this talk, we will discuss the inherent historic problems with mobile apps, and what technologies are stepping up to fill the holes. This includes device APIs such as Web Activities, Notification, Network Information and Vibration, offline apps, installable apps, and performance enhancers such as asm.js and Emscripten.
2014-04-10 2014-04-10 Melbourne, Australia Dave Herman and Jen Fong-Adwent speaking, Paul Theriault, Nicholas Nethercote, Blair McBride attending "On Thursday 10th April, just after the inugural, we are hosting, in another one of Australia's historical venues, a day filled with the best, and brightest minds that the JavaScript community provides, sharing their ideas, excitment and projects with you."
2014-04-10 2014-04-12 Codebits Lisbon, Portugal Christian Heilmann 3 days, 24 hours/day, 800 geeks, 64 talks, several workshops, about a dozen satellite activities and a 48 hour programming/hacking competition. Topics range from web to databases, from hardware to computer security.
2014-04-11 2014-04-11 Mobile Web Developer Meetup San Francisco or Mountain View, CA, US Larissa Co, Cori Schauer A place for Mobile Web Apps developers, end-users, entrepreneurs, local industries and communities stakeholders involved in evaluating, developing and providing web and mobile web applications as well as anyone wishing to learn about the business opportunities and mobile lifestyle experiences the newly created Mozilla marketplace and other mobile web development environments (Participants in the W3C Mobile Web Platform Core Community Group) will help create and bring to end-users and consumers Worldwide. We will get together several times a month to network, bounce ideas, share projects, opportunities. We will enjoyed presentations from developers, entrepreneurs, development platforms providers, W3C stakeholders and experts in all sorts of relevant topics.
2014-04-12 2014-04-12 Alagoas Dev Day Alagoas, Brazil Fábio Magnoni A primeira edição do Alagoas Dev Day acontecerá no dia 12 de abril de 2014, no Arte Pajuçara, em Maceió. O evento tem como objetivo fomentar a cultura dos desenvolvedores, além de promover a troca de experiência entre os profissionais e a interação com as empresas, que são referências tanto no mercado local quanto nacional.
2014-04-12 2014-04-13 HTML5 Developer Conference Kochi, Kerala, India Nick Desaulniers, Shwetank Dixit, and lots of regional Mozillians This two day event explores the browser as an operating system, technologies such as SVG, WebGL and Canvas, how to make web apps run at native like performance, modern front-end work flow, the limitless possibilities of using open web technologies like WebSockets & WebRTC to extend the possibilities of Open Hardware etc. ● The Convergence of the Browser and Operating System: Nick Desaulniers talking about how the browser and the operating system are becoming indistinguishable to the end user. ● The Future of Web Graphics: Shwetank Dixit talking about the future of Web graphics. He'll be discussing advanced techniques and technologies related to CSS, SVG, Canvas, WebGL etc
2014-04-13 2014-04-16 AngleBrackets Orlando, FL, US Christian Heilmann AngleBrackets is a conference for lovers of the web. We believe that the web is best when it's open and collaborative. We believe in the power of JavaScript and expressiveness of CSS the lightness of HTML. We love interoperability and believe that the best solution is often a hybrid solution that brings together multiple trusted solutions in a clean and clear way. We love the expressiveness of language, both spoken and coded. We believe that sometimes the most fun at a conference happens in the whitespace between conference sessions.
2014-04-22 2014-04-22 HTML5MTL Meetup Montréal, Québec, Canada Frédéric Harper HTML5 étant une technologie moderne et grandissante, nous avons décider de créer ce groupe à l'intention des passionnées et enthousiastes à propos de cette version d'HTML. Un groupe où les gens techniques pourront se rassembler pour partager, réseauter et surtout apprendre sur les différents aspects de cette technologie.
2014-04-22 2014-04-22 SF Beta Open Source Startup Summit San Francisco, CA, US Diane Tate A summit that explores the business of open source.
2014-04-26 2014-04-26 State of the Browser 2014 London, UK Christian Heilmann State of the Browser is coming back this year to bring you the latest on the web standards front and talks on where the web is going. Christian will be presenting: "Open web apps – going beyond the desktop" A lot has happened in the world of the web in the last year. One of the main changes is that users are more likely to use apps on mobile devices instead of web sites and desktop browsers. The disappointing part of this is that the most successful platforms on mobile don’t have any sufficient support for web standards based solutions. The Open Web App proposal of Mozilla wants to change that and already has proven itself in various emerging markets. In this presentation Chris Heilmann from Mozilla will show how you can turn an HTML document into an app and reach beyond the capabilities of web sites without having to learn a new development environment. The start and the end of this journey is the browser.
2014-04-26 2014-04-27 Firefox OS Game Hack 2 São Paulo, Brasil Andre Garzia Telefonica is hosting an HTML5 game development event targeting Firefox OS. The event will have a series of talks (dev. content plus game designer talks) on one day and a hackathon on the second day. Telefonica is expecting about 150 attendees. Last year edition had about this number of participants and lectures from Playphone (game publisher), Amazon Web Services, a game designer teacher from Brasil and a keynote from Mozilla Canada (Tofumatt) talking about HTML 5 game development. This year Mozilla Rep Andre Garzia will be presenting.
2014-04-26 2014-05-10 Older Adults Contributing to Open Source Portland, OR, US Selena Decklemann The first Saturday (scheduled April 26) will be a full day workshop to enable older adults to contribute to free/open source software. It will be a hands-on workshop that will teach technical tools as necessary, social skills for open source software communication, and an "open contribution" time. The workshop is being held to address the issue of a lack of age diversity in open source software. There will be a second workshop, 2 weeks later (tentatively scheduled May 10), where we will touch base with participants again. This workshop is being done in partial fulfillment of a PhD dissertation.
2014-04-27 2014-04-29 FITC Toronto 2014 Toronto, Ontario, Canada Frédéric Harper, Chris Mills, Vladimir Vukicevic FITC is the intersection between Creative Technologists, Designers, Developers and all-around awesome thinkers from various innovative industries across the globe. They converge every year in Toronto to connect, challenge, inspire and to experience the cutting edge in design and technology. This is the 13th annual FITC Toronto. Topics include: Web Tech (Responsive, SASS/LESS, Javascript, node.js, WebGL, Kendo UI, Sencha, Backbone.js, Ember, Angular, and more) • Business (Networking, Selling, Pitching, Process, Clients, Startups/Freelancer tips, and more) • DIY/Hardware • Web Gaming • Unity • Design • Inspiration • Creativity • Digital Art • Creative Coding (3D printing, Installations, Projection Mapping, OpenFrameworks, Processing, and more) Frédéric Harper's abstract: Firefox OS, fixing the mobile web The mobile web got a bad reputation. In reality, it's the platform to bet on if you care about reach, and sustainability of your product. In this talk, Frédéric Harper will show you how you can use HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript to build amazing mobile applications as to brush up what you previously published. Learn about the open web technologies, including WebAPIs, and tools designed to get you started developing HTML apps for Firefox OS, and the web. 
2014-04-29 2014-04-29 Infosecurity Europe London, UK Simon Bennetts ‘Applification’ of business and implications for security: Securing software development Agile software development is critical in enabling rapid adaption and speed to market for new applications. The continued ‘applification’ of business highlights the importance of embedding security into the SDLC to ensure security architecture is in place to minimise vulnerabilities and ensure software meets regulations and OWASP standards. Often there is a lack of communication between security and development as the business pushes to make the application available as quickly as possible. So how can security professionals ensure that applications are secure by design? How can security and development work together to achieve best practice and ensure the rapid delivery of secure applications to enable business growth securely? How can DevOps be used to embed security into the development cycle? This session will bring together security practitioners and developers to discuss how to build security into design.
2014-04-29 2014-04-30 Mix-it Lyon, France Tristan Nitot Mix-IT is a conference organised by the Lyon Java User Group and the Club Agile Rhône-Alpes. It aims to offer a mix of themes and activities around agile (Scrum, Kanban, XP, DevOps, Lean Startup, etc.), programming (Java, Javascript, Scala, Groovy, etc.), innovation, IT trends, and serious games to learn by practicing with others. You will have the opportunity to plan your day by focusing on a single topic or by skipping from one theme to another. According to your wishes you can attend technical, organisational conferences or play educational games (agile game, code retreat, dojo).
2014-05-01 2014-05-02 Web Directions Code Melbourne, Australia Allen Wirfs-Brock, Tantek Çelik, Paul Theriault A single track, two day, conference, for professional front end engineers, covering HTML, JavaScript, performance, security and more.
2014-05-03 2014-05-04 Open Source Conference Albania (OSCAL) Tirana, Albania Brian King (speaker), Redon Skikuli (speaker), Elio Qoshi (workshop host), Kelvin Cobanaj, Kristi Progri, Bilbil Zharri, Greta Doci, Altin Ukshini, Gent Thaci, Ardian Haxha, Giannis Kostantinidis OSCAL (Open Source Conference Albania) is the first international annual conference in Albania organised to promote software freedom, open source software, free culture and open knowledge. The Conference will take place at 3 and 4 May 2014 in Tirana and will gather free libre open source technology users, developers, academics, governmental agencies and people who share the idea that software should be free and open for the local community and governments to develop and customize to its needs. Track topics: Mozilla Webmaker, LibreOffice, Linux Proffesional Institute (LPI), Fedora, Creative Commons, Wikipedia, open source software in the public administration and the open web. Event format: A combination of presentations and workshops.
2014-05-05 2014-05-05 Berlin WebRTC Meetup Berlin, Germany Romain Gauthier [:tOkeshu] The event is a side event of API Days in berlin. API days is an event of ~200 attendees. The WebRTC meetup will be a smaller more informal event more oriented to developers. "WebRTC and API's are disrupting communications and software ! We're building an European community of those who believe that this technology is more than some nice features to build alternative solutions to Skype. If you believe like us that WebRTC is a movement for the next years, then please join us to build this community, share ideas, projects and some nice food and drinks."
2014-05-05 2014-05-06 Write the Docs NA Portland, OR, US Christie Koehler, Eric Shepherd, Luke Crouch, Janet Swisher, Will Bamberg, and Kris Maglione Write the Docs is a series of conferences and local meetups focused on documentation systems, tech writing theory, and information delivery. Writing and maintaining documentation involves the talents of a multidisciplinary community of technical writers, designers, typesetters, developers, support teams, marketers, and many others. Our conferences create a time and a place for the global community of documentarians to share information, discuss ideas, and work together to improve the art and science of documentation.
2014-05-09 2014-05-10 ScotlandJS Edinburgh, Scotland Angelina Fabbro JavaScript keeps growing and growing. It is the language most repos on GitHub are written in! Scotland JS aims to bring together 30+ local and international speakers and to enable attendees to share their experiences and learn we are introducing a new Discussion Track.
2014-05-12 2014-05-12 Python Montréal Montreal, Canada Frédéric Harper Montréal-Python's mission is to promote the growth of a lively and dynamic community of users of the Python programming language and to promote the use of the latter. Montréal-Python also aims to disseminate the local Python knowledge to build a stronger developer community. Montréal-Python promotes Free and Open Source Software, favors its adoption within the community, and collaborates with community players to achieve this goal.
2014-05-13 2014-05-17 DjangoCon Europe 2014 Ile des Embiez, France Tarek Ziadé, Mathieu Pillard, David Larlet, Mathieu Agopian DjangoCon Europe is the biggest event in Europe for users of the Django web application framework. DjangoCon Europe 2014 will take place on the île des Embiez, a small island off the coast of the French Riviera, from the 13th to the 17th of May. This will be one of the largest and most significant IT events to take place in the area, attended by over 300 developers from Europe, the USA and across the world. Talks will be recorded and freely accessible online. DjangoCon Europe is a non-profit English speaking community conference, managed and promoted by a team of volunteers with substantial experience of organising large IT events.
2014-05-19 2014-05-23 HTML5 Developer Conference San Francisco, CA, US Christian Heilmann The HTML5 Developers Conference continues to grow into the largest software developer focused conference in the known universe, with the finest technical speakers in the cosmos. Our core strengths are in mobile web cross platform technologies such as HTML JavaScript, CSS, node.js coding and design for client side, apps and servers. We are also holding additional new training courses on May 20th, 21st, & 23rd. Tracks on Server Side, Mobile, Performance & Dev Tools, OS & Platforms, Core Languages & APIs, Graphics & Design, and Games with renowned speakers giving leading edge sessions.
2014-05-21 2014-05-21 DevComo May Meetup Columbia, MO, USA Brian Grinstead "devcomo is a monthly user group Columbia, MO that is focused on development and design. Simply put, if it is interesting then it’ll be discussed!" Brian Grinstead will be presenting the Firefox Developer Tools at this edition.
2014-05-23 2014-05-25 Polyglot Unconference 2014 Vancouver, BC, Canada Jeff Griffiths, Roland Tanglao This is our 3rd annual Polyglot Unconference and we promise it will be the biggest and best yet. This year over 250 software developers will leave language, platform and possibly even editor wars behind and come together for a spontaneously organized day of amazing talks, round-table discussions, panel sessions and coding.
2014-05-23 2014-05-26 CampJS III Melbourne, Australia Andrew Chilton, Paul Theriault CampJS has a hybrid conference/hackathon/retreat format – talks and workshops are all optional, primary event space reserved for open-ended hacking. Focus on creating good environment for learning and fostering new relationships. More about what we're about here:
2014-06-03 2014-06-03 JSCamp Romania Bucharest, Romania Robert Nyman A JavaScript conference for Romania and Eastern Europe
2014-06-04 2014-06-04 CSS Day Amsterdam, Netherlands David Baron Intermediate to advanced CSS conference.
2014-06-05 2014-06-06 Scotch on the Rocks Edinburgh, Scotland, UK Dale Harvey Scotch on the Rocks is our annual gathering of web technologists, bringing together some of the brightest minds from across the globe. Focusing on development, best practices and human experience, Scotch on the Rocks has built a reputation as a must attend event. SotR covers all areas of web development featuring sessions on front and back end tools, techniques and practices (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, node, CFML, Ruby, Groovy, Agile) and more. The format is two tracks, with traditional theatre style presentations though we encourage speakers to be creative and take charge. We also feature a number of "one for all" sessions, I.e. Keynote type sessions but without a financial incentive behind them.
2014-06-07 2014-06-08 Vancouver Makerfaire Vancouver, BC, Canada Emma Irwin Maker Faire is the Greatest Show (and Tell) on Earth—a family-friendly showcase of invention, creativity and resourcefulness, and a celebration of the Maker movement. It’s a place where people show what they are making, and share what they are learning.
2014-06-12 2014-06-13 Devoxx UK London, UK Frédéric Harper Lead by top developer talent, Devoxx UK will bring top presentations, BOFs, hands-on labs and parties delivered by industry veterans, mavericks and rising stars, both UK and Internationally based. Expect Rock Star speakers, Community leaders, authors, JSR leads and more.
2014-06-14 2014-06-18 Open Help Conference and Sprints Cincinnati, OH, USA Eric Shepherd Open Help brings together leaders in open source documentation and support, as well as people from across the technical communications industry who are interested in community-based help.
2014-06-18 2014-07-29 The Crafting Code Tour Multiple cities in the U.S. and Canada. Brandon Savage The Crafting Code Tour is a community focused event aimed at sharing the love and craftsmanship of web development with the world. Focused on individual user groups, this event is designed to be free, fun and focused on the open web, new and emergent web technologies, opportunities to build for others, and ownership of the web ecosystem we all depend on for our daily livelihood.
2014-06-24 2014-06-27 Open Source Bridge Portland, OR, US Lukas Blakk, Lars Lohn, Ben Kero, Erika Owns, Liz Henry, Eitan Isaacson, Larissa Shapiro, Sucheta Ghoshal, Netha Hussain Open Source Bridge is an annual conference focused on building open source community and citizenship through four days of technical talks, hacking sessions, and collaboration opportunities. Participants include developers, hardware hackers, community organizers, and people involved in the business of open source. The four-day event consists of three days of conference presentations followed by a single-day unconference. The evenings bring peer-driven BoF sessions and space for collaboration in our hacker lounge. For the conference portion, we have five interdisciplinary tracks and usually run six sessions per time slot, for a total of around 100 presentations.
2014-07-11 2014-07-12 MozFest East Africa Kampala, Uganda San James Emmanuel, Lawrence Kisuuki, Michelle Thorne, MozFest East Africa is a tech event organized by the Mozilla Community in Uganda to get different minds together to share their knowledge, skills and expertise on the web and how to improve it. It will also get exhibitions on African innovations or creations being made to improve the web in relation to the context and African needs. - Educate several of the participants about the internet as a human right, its access especially case in point being there are children in many schools in Ugandan villages who don't have access to the internet or computer facilities. How can we help break this barrier. - Brainstorm how we can improve web literacy in Uganda or East Africa and get a few stakeholders/organisations onboard to help us curb these problems, to join us on the Mozilla Webmaker mission we're trying to accomplish in Uganda. - Teach the web using Mozillas tools and launch the Mozilla Developer Network in Uganda. - Showcase and teach other ways to contribute to Mozilla, for example Localization, FirefoxOS, SUMO, etc.
2014-07-20 2014-07-24 O'Reilly Open Source Convention (OSCON) Portland, OR, US Benjamin Kerensa, Casey Becking, Majken Connor, Emma Irwin Everything open source (and we mean everything) From the early days of open source, OSCON has been the only event that covers the open source stack in its entirety. Not just one language, tool, or philosophy, but all of the moving parts, integrated and working together. It's everything you need to know about open source to keep you ahead of the curve.
2014-07-24 2014-07-25 ForwardJS San Francisco, CA, US Nick Fitzgerald Why confer when you can rally, really? The future is moving faster and faster, and it’s time to break with convention. We're gathering a group of people with the skills to do incredible things today and the vision to take our craft forward. Stand up and rally with the future of javascript and the web ... in the heart of the tech world, downtown San Francisco. There's something here for everyone.
2014-08-13 2014-09-13 js13kGames 2014 Online Andrzej Mazur, Jason Weathersby Js13kGames is a JavaScript coding competition for HTML5 game developers. The fun part of the compo is the file size limit set to 13 kilobytes. Andrzej Mazur is the event organizer, and Jason Weathersby will be one of the competition's judges.
2014-08-20 2014-08-23 LinuxCon North America Chicago, IL, USA Lars Bergstrom There's simply no other event in North America where developers, sys admins, architects and all levels of technical talent gather together under one roof for education, collaboration and problem-solving to further the Linux platform.
2014-08-21 2014-08-22 BrazilJS Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil Miller Medeiros, Nick Desaulniers, Chris Mills, Florian Scholz, Leo Balter, Andre Garzia, Fabio Magnoni, Ricardo Pannagio, Melissa Devens, Ricardo Brandao, Andre Natal, Guilherme Costa Berghauser, Cynthia Zanoni, Rodrigo Pereira da Silva, Emerson Engroff, Morvana Bonin, Vagner Ribas The largest JavaScript conference in the universe!
2014-08-23 2014-08-31 DebConf 14 Portland, OR Francois Marier (speaker), Benjamin Kerensa, Oliver Propst DebConf is the annual Debian developers meeting, an event filled with discussions, workshops and coding parties – all of them highly technical in nature. This year's schedule of events will be exciting, productive and fun. As in previous years DebConf14 features speakers from around the world. Past Debian Conferences have been extremely beneficial for developing key components of the Debian system, infrastructure and community.
2014-09-01 2014-09-05 Congreso Universitario Móvil Mexico City, Mexico Frédéric Harper, Luis Sanchez The Mobile University Congress has become a reference mobile event for young entrepreneurs focused on mobile technology and its enviroment. It is considered the most representative encounter between the university community and the mobile industry leaders in Mexico, because of its content related to reducing the digital divide, entrepreneurship, development, education and digital culture in Mexico with a global perspective.
2014-09-04 2014-09-04 ColdFront Conference Copenhagen, Denmark Christian Heilmann Front-end conference focusing on what it takes to build for the web. Christian Heilmann will be presenting: "The web in a mobile world dominated by native platforms."
2014-09-04 2014-09-06 Music Hack Day Berlin, Germany Paul Adenot "Music Hack Day is a 2-days event designed to find new ways in reinventing and reengineering music for the digital age. The hackathon will bring together creative developer, designers, musicians and product visionaries. Music Hack Day is the perfect environment to test your idea, find a team help to execute and take the first steps to launch your own project." Mozillian Paul Adenot is attending.
2014-09-05 2014-09-06 Strathmore University Annual ICT Conference Nairobi, Kenya Michael Adeyeye Strathmore University’s Annual ICT Conference brings together academics, researchers, telecommunication students and information technology students from institutions of higher learning, young professionals and industry experts from public and private sector to discuss about their ongoing research and projects. The theme this year is “Staying Ahead: Leap-Frogging the World through ICT” inspired by Kenya’s leading role as an ICT innovation hub with a worldwide reputation of capitalizing on ICT to improve business processes and empower citizens.
2014-09-06 2014-09-06 Lange Nacht der Startups Berlin, Germany Christian Heilmann The Lange Nacht der Startups (LNdS) is a unique event for the Berlin startup scene. It will take place on Saturday, September 6th, 2014 at Deutsche Telekom's Berlin Representative Office, Französische Str. 33 a-c, 10117 Berlin. Young entrepreneurs get the chance here to present themselves, supported by corporations such as Deutsche Telekom, Amazon Web Services or Investitionsbank Berlin. For the second time, the startup scene will up open up to the general public and present their products from the areas of games, music, communications (VoIP or social communities), commerce and startups founded by women and will invite everyone to take a look behind the scenes. The night will also consist of a mix of information, communication, interaction and entertainment. The event will include a hackathon, a conference and the Lange Nacht itself. The LNdS is supported by the Senate of Berlin.
2014-09-11 2014-09-13 FOSSETCON Orlando, FL, US Brandon Johnson Fossetcon is not a GNU/Linux conference, nor is it a *BSD conference. Fossetcon can be more described as a *nix(Unix like) conference that focuses primarily on Free and Open Source Software and the systems that run it - whether it be hardware or software. We are calling all FOSS, FLOSS and OSS Developers, Students, Teachers, Systems Administrators, Hardware Hackers, Enthusiasts, Newbies and Trolls (trolls need love too) to come out and participate in Fossetcon 2014 in Orlando, FL.
2014-09-17 2014-09-17 S2LQ Quebec City, QC, Canada Frédéric Harper The Salon du Logiciel Libre du Québec - S2LQ is held by the APELL ( and the CELL of the governement of Quebec. There will be two round tables and more than 20 presentations from software editors, members of the Open Source community, integrators and users. Frédéric Harper will be presenting "L'état de l'Open Source en 2014 Est-ce que l’Open Source n’est vraiment qu’une question de logiciel libre? Quels en sont les avantages? Y a-t-il anguille sous roche? En se basant sur l'expérience de Mozilla avec Firefox, ainsi que sur l'ensemble de son parcours professionnel, Frédéric Harper vous parlera de l’état de l'Open Source en 2014."
2014-09-17 2014-09-18 Web Unleashed 2014 Toronto, Ontario, Canada Vladimir Vukicevik, Frédéric Harper, tofumatt "If you’re a front-end developer, or aspire to be one, then you know how quickly the space changes. By attending Web Unleashed, you will get up-to-date on the skills to push you ahead in your career. You’ll also have the opportunity to network and share ideas with like-minded professionals." Vlad, Fred, and tofumatt are speaking here.
2014-09-18 2014-09-19 Nordic.js Stockholm, Sweden Robert Nyman Nordic.js is a two-day, single track, conference all about JavaScript. The conference will take place on an island in the middle of the beautiful archipelago of Stockholm.
2014-09-19 2014-09-19 From The Front Bologna, Italy Christian Heilmann From the Front is a nonprofit organization whose goal is spreading the front end culture in Italy.
2014-09-24 2014-09-25 Supporting Cultural Heritage Open Source Software Atlanta GA, and online Jennie Rose Halperin The purpose of the symposium is to provide managers of open source software projects and organization leaders with details about support practices in use in the field and to further the cooperation of cultural heritage organizations towards common interests in sustainable open source.
2014-09-26 2014-09-28 PyCon India 2014 Bangalore, Karnataka, India Abdul Rauf PyCon India, the premier conference in India on using and developing the Python programming language is conducted annually by the Python developer community. It attracts the best Python programmers from across the country and abroad. Mozillian Abdul Rauf is organizing this event.
2014-09-27 2014-09-27 Accessibility Camp Toronto Toronto, Ontario, Canada David Bolter "Focusing on users with different disabilities, sessions can cover digital accessibility topics from the web (technical to tactical), desktop software, mobile apps, eLearning, online gaming, open source innovations, and everything in between."
2014-10-08 2014-10-09 Internet & Mobile World Bucharest, Romania Christian Heilmann IMWorld is the largest expo-conference in Romania dedicated to digital, mobile & software solutions(120 exhibitors, 6000 business participants, from which 800 are developers).
2014-10-11 2014-10-14 PyCon Ireland Dublin, Ireland Ian Connolly, Stephen Murphy, Padraic Harley PyCon Ireland is Ireland's largest open source developer conference focused around the Python programming language. Join over 300 Software Developers from Ireland and all over Europe.
2014-10-16 2014-10-18 Paris-Web Paris, France Tristan Nitot, Julien Wajsberg Paris-Web is the reference event for those who build the Web in France. The goal of Paris-Web is to spread the word about how to build high-quality, cross browser, accessible, Web sites. Paris-Web, like Mozilla, is non-profit working hard to make the Web a better place.
2014-10-17 2014-10-18 ConnectJS Atlanta, GA, US Jason Weathersby ConnectJS is a two day JavaScript focused show featuring half-day day workshops, tutorials, and sessions. Experts will be presenting in three different JavaScript tracks: Server, Web, and Mobile.
2014-10-20 2014-10-21 HTML5 DevConf San Francisco, CA Josh Carpenter, Vlad Vukicevic HTML5Devconf is the largest gathering of technical software developers, designers and decision makers in the world focused on Internet software technologies such as JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, node.js and other cross platform web, mobile and server technologies. Josh and Vlad will be speaking on Virtual Reality and the Future of the Web.
2014-10-21 2014-10-22 CampusLink Tijuana Innovadora 2014 Tijuana, Mexico Odin Mojica Campus Link is an initiative that began three years ago in Chihuahua, México; born with the purpose of gather people coming from diverse universities for a day full of activities related with technology and innovation.This year, we are working with Tijuana Innovadora to talk about innovation with students and faculty coming from universities around the binational area of Tijuana / San Diego.
2014-10-22 2014-10-22 GlazedCon London UK Chris Heilmann GLAZEDcon 2014: The Dawn of the Wearable Economy Calculating Business Strategy in the New World of Wearables & IoT.
2014-10-23 2014-10-23 JS Technical talks Toronto, CANADA Marcos Caceres 3 Talks on JavaScript
2014-10-23 2014-10-24 FSOSS2014 Toronto, CANADA Regnard Raquedan , Mike Hoye 2014 will see the thirteenth iteration of the Free Software and Open Source Symposium hosted by Seneca College’s Centre for Development of Open Technology. Hosted at the Seneca@York campus, the conference is a venue for the discussion of open source issues and the development of open source technologies and ideas. Over the years FSOSS has played host to presentations and workshops that have covered a wide range of topics including open web development, using open source in varying levels of education, copyright, enterprise applications, economic practices, and global connectivity using open source technology. Speakers from all over the world have presented at FSOSS with the goal of providing open source alternatives for every aspect of computing.
2014-10-23 2014-10-24 SAE Alumni Convention Berlin, Germany Christian Heilmann The SAE ALUMNI CONVENTION is a networking event, which connects SAE Alumni, SAE students, industry reps and interested visitors. This event is one of the most popular event highlights of the year for creatives and the media. Alumni as well as students, industry partners and experts will have the opportunity to exchange experiences and to meet and talk to new people. We are expecting about 50-60 lecturers and speakers from all over the world. Our head topics are Film Making & Animation, 3D FX, Audio Engineering, Web Design & Development, Game Design & Development & Cross Media.
2014-10-24 2014-10-26 ZTG GameDev Convention Poznan, Poland Andrzej Mazur GameDev Convention is a side event of Poznan Game Arena, one of the biggest game expos in Europe and the biggest in this Arena. Over 45,000 visitors come to see the games and touch the gaming hardware from nearly 60 particpating expositors.
2014-10-25 2014-10-26 Google Summer of Code Mountain View, CA, US Andre Luiz Pontes Natal "Google Summer of Code is a global program that offers students stipends to write code for open source projects. We have worked with the open source community to identify and fund exciting projects for the upcoming summer." Andre is working on enabling Voice Input in Open Web / Firefox OS, more info can be found here:
2014-10-27 2014-10-27 Trondheim Developer Conference Trondheim, Norway Christian Heilmann The agenda consists of multiple tracks for front-end, back-end, agile, and some embedded developers. The conference strives to reach a balance between local, national and international speakers. We welcome talks are in English and Norwegian (Norwegians are in general flutently english-speaking). Talks will be recorded and published unless otherwise is requested.
2014-10-27 2014-10-27 (FirefoxOS edition) Budapest, Hungary Robert Nyman, Kálmán Szalai, István Szmozsánszky, Krisztián Karóczkai Budapest mobile meetup group which has a very simple and dedicated goal: getting mobile devs, mobile platform lovers together.
2014-10-27 2014-10-27 Analysis of the App Ecosystem in Key Emerging Markets San Francisco, CA Rick Fant, Bertrand Neveurx Worldwide App Store Trends This special MMSV event in association with MEF, the global community for mobile content and commerce offers a uniquely global perspective at Games & Apps trends & opportunities in some of the world’s key growth markets. App market data specialists App Annie will share exclusive data from a new report looking at the hottest growth markets including Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Mexico and Turkey. An expert panel led by Mozilla will discuss the new app ecosystem and why it’s essential to think global for long term App Store success. A free copy of the MEF / App Annie report will be available to all attendees post-event.
2014-10-31 2014-11-02 FSCONS 2014 Gothenburg , SWEDEN Oliver Propst, Martin Jernberg, Soumya Kanti Chakraborty FSCONS is the largest gathering for free culture, free software and a free society in the Nordic countries.
2014-11-03 2014-11-03 Hybrid and future web – meet Mozilla, Nordnet and Jayway Stockholm, Sweden Christian Heilmann This is a meetup in Stockholm at the offices of the Øredev organisers. There will be a speaker on Firefox OS and me rounding up the evening.
2014-11-04 2014-11-09 PyCon Brazil 2014 Recife, RE, Brasil Tarek Ziade " The PythonBrazil is currently considered one of the main tech events at Latin America. It gathers several developers, managers, researchers and anyone interested during 5 days to discuss about open-source, development techniques and of course, Python! We are celebrating our 10th edition, where for the first time, hosted at Northeast of Brazil, in the cities: Recife and Porto de Galinhas, Pernambuco, the land of frevo songs and crabs. It will be an unique event with a enjoyable experience to everyone. " Mozillian Tarek Ziade will be speaking.
2014-11-07 2014-11-09 Joomla! World Conference 2014 Cancun, Mexico Holly Habstritt Gaal This conference brings together the Joomla! open source community to discuss contribution, skills growth, offers expert panels, and invites keynote speakers from other communities to share their knowledge.
2014-11-08 2014-11-08 Hungarian Web Conference 2014, November 2014 Budapest, Hungary Angelina Fabbro, Andrzej Mazur Annual gathering of Hungarian web developers. Professional presentations, professional guests.
2014-11-13 2014-11-14 Fraunhofer Future Seamless Communication Forum Berlin, Germany Robert Nyman Join more than 250 colleagues and experts from all over the word, including operators, global analysts, standard bodies and manufacturers to learn, share, network and experience everything you need to know about the the new trends, developments and impacts of Cloud technologies on all levels of Smart Systems, such as: Network Evolution towards 5G NFV and SDN/Open Flow Cloud-based Networks and Service Platforms Internet of Things (IoT) / M2M Multimedia Web Realtime Control (WebRTC) Applications Recent advances in the provision of Open Smart City Testbeds
2014-11-14 2014-11-15 Django: Under The Hood Amsterdam, The Netherlands Jannis Leidel Django: Under the Hood is a one day conference to be held on the 14th of November 2014 in Amsterdam. There will be six highly technical talks covering a range of django related topics. Our target audience are experienced Django developers wishing to gain greater understanding of how and why Django does what it does, and to help shape future work. In particular, we hope to bring many of the core team together for the event, spreading knowledge within the team and allowing easier review and contribution processes for the community. There will be around 120 attendees. The conference will be followed by a sprint day on the Saturday. More information:
2014-11-17 2014-11-19 MEF Global Forum 2014 San Francisco, CA Rick Fant MEF Global Forum is a must-attend international gathering for senior executives who are looking to grow their mobile business and meet potential partners from around the globe. The two-day program also features the Meffy’s, an Awards Gala Dinner, and various networking activities which offers an exciting new perspective and deal-making platform for mobile success.
2014-11-17 2014-11-21 ApacheCon Europe Budapest, Hungary Jason Weathersby ApacheCon brings together the open source community to learn about and collaborate on the technologies and projects driving the future of open source, big data and cloud computing.
2014-11-17 2014-11-17 dotJS Paris, France Guillaume Marty, Nicolas Perriault, Patrick Brosset This will be the 3rd edition of dotJS and conference number 8 for dotConferences. We want to bring an unheard-of, TED-like level of quality to Javascript conferences where speakers have a 20 minutes slots , all in english, to present in the famous theatre in the city center of Paris.
2014-11-19 2014-11-21 JSConf.Asia and CSSConf.Asia Singapore Arky, Georg Fritzsche CSSConf is an event that wants to bring designers in touch with web implementation and front-end devs closer to the design thinking. It's a one-track 1day international conference and part of the CSSConf world-wide events series. JSConf is for web developers of all flavors, to educate, inspire and entertain about the technologies and methodologies that make for a greater web experience.
2014-11-21 2014-11-22 Codemotion Madrid Madrid, Spain Christian Heilmann, Francisco Picolini, Codemotion brings the IT communities of Spain together for two days to discuss all languages and technologies. This year the focus topics are web technologies, mobile and cloud.
2014-11-21 2014-11-21 CODAME ART+TECH “VIRTUAL REALITY” Mozilla SFO Common Space Josh Carpenter Join hackers and artists at Mozilla San Francisco, as CODAME presents an evening of virtual reality experimentation and education. Be inspired, meet other VR pioneers and see how easy it is to start building your own VR worlds on the open web.
2014-11-21 2014-11-22 NetHui South 2014 Christchurch, Canturbury, New Zealand Blair McBride NetHui South 2014 is a 2 day event that serves as a platform to bring together those involved with or interested in Internet issues from all round New Zealand, with a focus on Canterbury and the South Island. NetHui South is based on the NetHui event format, based on multi-stakeholder collaboration and linked to the global Internet Governance Forum (IGF), which is a uniquely New Zealand interactive event focused on discussion and dialogue around a wide variety of Internet issues.
2014-11-24 2014-11-24 OpenSource & OpenData business models, Corporate Social Responsibility Montreal, QC, Canada Frédéric Harper Presentations to the MBA & Masters students of HEC Montreal Business School on the different business models of the Open Source/Open Data world.
2014-11-29 2014-11-29 JSConference, Argentina Buenos Aires, Argentina Andreas Gal JSConf Argentina is the first JSConf in Latin America (2012), and this year, to be the biggest event.
2014-12-06 2014-12-07 RobotsConf 2014 Fernandia Beach, FL Kassandra Perch This conference brings web and software developers towards the hardware, electronics, and robotics world.
2014-12-07 2014-12-13 JSFest Oakland Oakland, CA Angelina Fabbro, Jen Adwent-Fong JSFest is a week long festival organized by numerous members of the JavaScript community.
2014-12-12 2014-12-12 Mozilla FireFox OS and TIZEN for HTML5 Mobile Web Developer Mozilla MTV Common Space Bill Walker Speaker Bill Walker will present on the topic: Firefox Marketplace: Breaking the Stranglehold of App Stores - Hands on Workshop for the Silicon Valley Mobile Meetup Group.
2014-12-13 2014-12-13 A Smashingly Good Style & Class Vancouver, CANADA Stephanie Hobson Style & Class is a community for the designers and developers who build the web. It's for designers who want to learn and share new techniques from concept all the way to execution. It's for front-end developers who want to talk shop about HTML, CSS, and creating great experiences. Most importantly, it's for people to get involved in conversations about cutting edge design methods, brand new development techniques, and brilliant experiments in user theory and interaction strategies.
2015-01-08 2015-01-08 VR Cinema #2 - Animated VR Films Mozilla SFO Common Space Josh Carpenter VR Cinema's second event will explore the unique challenges and creative opportunities of animated films in Virtual Reality. Come hear from the visionaries who are defining this new medium and experience their groundbreaking VR films. Join us at Mozilla HQ in beautiful SF on October 2nd at 7pm to meet and mingle with the pioneers of VR filmmaking in a casual, friendly environment.
2015-01-16 2015-01-16 Browser-Based Virtual Reality in HTML5 Google, San Francisco, CA Josh Carpenter, Speaker It's VR time! Let's kick off 2015 with a super exciting event featuring 5 expert talks about browser-based virtual reality at SFHTML5. After that, head over to the VR world tour kick-off event at The Metreon!
2015-02-02 2015-02-04 JFokus Dev Conference Stockholm, Sweden Florian Scholz Florian's talk: The modern web needs a better programming language and at the same time, there is no way the current one could break existing code on the web. The ECMAScript 6 / harmony project solves this problem and specifies compatible, major updates to JavaScript -- the language of the web. A ratified standard of the already feature-frozen ES6 will be published in mid 2015. All modern engines are working on implementing it. This talk looks at what features are coming for JavaScript with ES6 and what is in the makes after that.
2015-02-04 2015-02-04 ForwardJS San Francisco, CA Diane Tate Three tracks will cover an abundance of technical topics including JavaScript, the ES6 standard, real-time communication, web MVC components, functional programming, UX, data visualization, and more.
2015-02-04 2015-02-06 Mobile Central Europe 2015 Warsaw, POLAND Lucas Rocha MCE started as a conference for developers by developers. This year, we are expanding our horizons to include all mobile creators - developers, designers and tech leaders. We are interested in details, hidden mechanisms, in short - everything behind the scenes that makes the user go WOW! when they download an app.
2015-02-09 2015-02-12 Code4Lib Portland, OR Selena Deckelmann (Keynote), Jennie Rose Halperin (Speaker) Code4Lib is a core community of developers and technologists for libraries, museums, and archives who have a strong commitment to open technologies. Each year, the Code4Lib conference helps revitalize the community as participants meet in person to discuss new and ongoing projects in a single-track format with 20-minute presentations and 5-minute lightning talks. Volunteer-led pre-conference programs provide in-depth participatory learning experiences for participants while ad-hoc afternoon breakout sessions focus on collaboration around specific topics of interest.
2015-02-10 2015-02-12 JavaScript Summmit 2015 Online Conference Chris Mills Environments for Humans brings together some of the Web's most notable experts in JavaScript and jQuery for an all-new, three-day online conference, the JavaScript Summit 2015. In [his] talk, Chris discusses the historic problems with web apps, and sheds light on new web platform features that are filling the holes. This includes device APIs such as Web Activities, Camera, device orientation and nfc, offline apps (which are finally looking realistic thanks to service workers), installable apps and more.
2015-02-19 2015-02-22 SCALE 13x Los Angeles, CA Tanner Filip, Michaela Brown, Liz Sands, Stormy Peters SCALE 13X – the 13th annual Southern California Linux Expo
2015-02-23 2015-02-28 SINFO Lisbon, Portugal João, Filipe SINFO is an annual not-for-profit event organised exclusively by college students which takes place every February in Lisbon, Portugal. It is nowadays one the biggest tech events in Portugal and the biggest student-only organized event in Europe.
2015-02-25 2015-02-27 IntegratED Portland, OR Benjamin Kerensa A three-day teaching and learning conference focused on technology integration strategies.
2015-02-26 2015-02-26 OWASP New Zealand Day University of Auckland, NZ Francois Marier One-day conference dedicated to application security, with an emphasis on secure development techniques to help Kiwi developers build more secure applications. Francois will be speaking on "Sub-resource integrity"
2015-03-06 2015-03-06 jQuery UK Oxford, UK Soledad Penades jQuery UK is returning to Oxford for its fourth year. Join us for two packed tracks featuring the biggest names in front-end development. Leave with valuable takeaways you can put to use straight away.
2015-03-24 2015-03-25 MobileTech Conference 2015, Munich Germany Munich, Germany Philipp Sackl The MobileTech Conference is one of the most important events for the mobile sector of the German-speaking market. Its concept spans various platforms and high quality technical expertise about iOS, Android, Mobile Web and many other mobile platforms, delivering a wide range of technical skills and orientations to mobile experts. In addition, the conference discusses business and strategy topics, while providing valuable impulses for innovative mobile business models.
2015-04-08 2015-04-12 PyCon US Montréal, Québec, Canada Dan Callahan, Paul McLanahan , Eric Rose, James Bennet, Jannis Leidel PyCon is the largest annual gathering for the community using and developing the open-source Python programming language.
2015-04-09 2015-04-09 Django Girls @ PyCon US Montreal Convention Center, Canada Maja Frydrychowicz Django Girls event is a free, one-day workshop for 50-80 people about building your first application using HTML, CSS, Python and Django. It's main goal is to bring more women into technology. In last half a year we taught around 500 females in Europe, Australia, Asia and Africa. Maja Frydrychowicz from Mozilla WebQA will be coach and mentor at this workshop!
2015-04-11 2015-04-12 International Space Apps Challenge Santiago, Región Metropolitana, Chile Pablo Sepúlveda, Scarlet Melgarejo, Sebastian Becerra, Lourdes Castillo, Eduardo Urcullú The International Space Apps Challenge is an international mass collaboration focused on space exploration that takes place over 48-hours in cities around the world. The event embraces collaborative problem solving with a goal of producing relevant open-source solutions (hackathon) to address global needs applicable to both life on Earth and life in space.
2015-04-20 2015-04-22 O'Reilly FLUENT Conference San Francisco, CA Andreas Gal (Keynote), Mike Taylor + Dan Callahan (Workshop) Dirty Performance Secrets of HTML5 Andreas Gal (Mozilla) 9:25am–9:40am Tuesday, 04/21/2015 Keynotes Location: Salon 9 Writing HTML5 apps is easy and intuitive. Ensuring flawlessly fluid animations and interactions is exceptionally hard. In my keynote I will highlight some of the fundamental principles of HTML5 rendering that are important to understand in order to diagnose and avoid performance problems and the dreaded “jank” in modern Web applications. Debugging the Mobile Web Mike Taylor (Mozilla), Dan Callahan (Mozilla) 9:00am–12:30pm Monday, 04/20/2015 Cross-platforming Location: Salon 9 THIS TUTORIAL HAS REQUIREMENTS AND INSTRUCTIONS LISTED BELOW The mobile Web continues to be a challenging place for developers and user alike. In this workshop, attendees will learn how to diagnose the many different types of compatibility issues that occur in different mobile browsers.
2015-04-21 2015-04-23 MEF Nigeria: Mozilla at Mobile West Africa Lagos, Nigeria Nisha Malhan, Tayo Fagbohun MEF Nigeria is part of Mobile West Africa for 2015. It will be the 16th event in the Mobile Web Africa series of conferences across Sub-Saharan Africa and All Amber’s 20th conference since the company’s inception in 2009. Mozillans Nisha Malhan and Mozilla rep Tayo Fagbohun will be in attendance.
2015-04-23 2015-04-23 Philly Tech Week 2015 - Dev Day Talks Philadelphia, PA Andrew Sutherland, Speaking An afternoon of high-level dev talks focused around problem solving and innovative solutions. You'll hear from over 15 dev experts talking about real world scenarios and the tools they're using. Andrew's topic: The Firefox OS email app: devious stratagems for offline HTML apps on limited-resource devices.
2015-04-26 2015-04-27 EmpireJSCONF 2015 New York, NY Soledad Penadés speaking on: Web components and experimental mobile UI audio+p2p wifi+whatnot (next level js) Two day event held in downtown NYC focused on two things: pushing the boundaries of what is thought to be conceivable with JS and providing exceptional human social activities that encourage community and friendship building.
2015-05-06 2015-05-08 Front-Trends 2015 Warsaw, Poland Andrzej Mazur, Zibi Braniecki, Stas Malolepszy, Piotr Zalewa demoing FirefoxOS at booth Front-Trends is a 3-day 1-track conference with additional lightning talks. Each talk is 30-minute long and topics cover HTML/CSS, Javascript (libraries, frameworks, architecture), large-scale web and mobile apps, optimization techniques, nosql and local storage related topics, localization, web browsers market, etc.
2015-05-06 2015-05-06 ScotlandJS Web Audio Hackday Edinburgh, Scotland Paul Adenot The Web Audio Hackday is, if you will, a specialisation of the Music Hackdays with a focus on the Web Audio technologies. It's a day long hackday with presentations at the end of accomplished hacks. Mozilla contributed with a prize - MIDI controller!
2015-05-07 2015-05-09 Open West 2015 Orem, UT Dan Callahan, AJ ONeal The largest regional tech conference devoted to all things OPEN: Hardware, Standards, Source and Data. OpenWest works closely with many of the local user groups to plan, develop and operate the conference. Dan will give a workshop on "Firefox OS App Development: It's just the Web... or is it?" which is going to cover tooling, WebAPIs, API permissions, and distribution models.
2015-05-09 2015-05-10 Open Source Conference Albania Tirana, Albania Panos Astithas as co-keynote speaker, also Elio Qoshi, Redon Skikuli, Kristi Progri, Aleksander Koko, Kelvin Cobanaj, Greta Doçi, Ardian Haxha, Gent Thaci, Altin Ukshini OSCAL (Open Source Conference Albania) is the first international annual conference in Albania organised to promote software freedom, open source software, free culture and open knowledge.
2015-05-15 2015-05-15 Rust 1.0 Celebration Mozilla London Andreas Tolfsen hosting Celebrate Rust 1.0 in the Mozilla London space.
2015-05-16 2015-05-17 !!Con (pronounced "bang bang con") New York, NY Josh Matthews and Simon Sapin are both speaking !!Con is a two-day, single-track conference of ten-minute talks about the joy, excitement, and surprise of programming. !!Con is for programmers, artists, tinkerers, and anyone who uses programming to do something they enjoy.
2015-05-16 2015-05-16 Advancing the Careers of Technical Women: Seattle Seattle, WA Sandra Persing, co-organizer Advancing the Careers of Tech Women Conference spotlights a one-day engagement event for women to build skills, grow their community, and accelerate their career path. The conference includes main speaking sessions, parallel hands-on workshops, and breakout sessions for one-on-one coaching sessions.
2015-05-17 2015-05-19 Write the Docs Portland, OR Ali Spivak, Janet Swisher Write the Docs brings devs and documentation people together in one place. We talk about things interesting to both groups, and build a sense of community. The event is run as a community conference, and as such doesn't look to generate a profit. We depend on sponsorships to make the event great. Mozilla is hosting the Sunday sprint day (which will include MDN) in the PDX office.
2015-05-19 2015-05-19 UpFront Conference Manchester, UK Soledad Penades A Front-end Conference for anyone who makes for the web.
2015-05-22 2015-05-25 CampJS V Melbourne, Australia Paul Theriault, Sole CampJS is a biannual conference with a hybrid format – a split focus between open-ended hacking and expert-led workshops and talks. Across 2013 and 2014, we've run 4 CampJS events in 2 locations (Gold Coast and Melbourne, Australia), including many of the most influential JS developers in Australia and around the world.