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Questa funzionalità non è standard e non è parte di un processo di standardizzazione. Non utilizzarla in siti accessibili dal Web: non funzionerà per tutti gli utenti. Inoltre si potrebbero verificare incompatibilità sostanziali tra le implementazioni, ed il comportamento potrebbe cambiare in futuro.


Get a list of all installed apps from this origin. For example, if you call this on the Firefox Marketplace, you will get the list of apps installed by the Firefox Marketplace.

Note: Installable open web apps used to have a "single app per origin" security policy, but this was lifted as of Firefox 34/Firefox OS 2.1 (read this FAQ entry for more information). If you still need to support older versions, consider hosting your apps at separate origins; one strategy is to create different subdomains for your apps.


var request = window.navigator.mozApps.getInstalled();


The string ERROR can be returned in DOMRequest.error.


var request = window.navigator.mozApps.getInstalled();
request.onerror = function(e) {
  alert("Error calling getInstalled: " +;
request.onsuccess = function(e) {
  alert("Success, number of apps: " + request.result.length);
  var appsRecord = request.result;

Callers are expected to set the onsuccess and onerror callback properties of the returned object, as shown in this example. If the call is successful an array of App objects is returned in the result property of the returned object. In the example this is request.result.