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The MDC is working to provide a new service where, once (and only once) per week, volunteers construct and publish a summary of each Mozilla newsgroup's major discussions and decisions. I've created an example summary here.

The purpose of these summaries is to make it easier for everyone to stay aware of the major happenings in all groups without having to read all of the groups themselves.

These summaries would be initially created in this wiki, and then posted to the MDC DevNews weblog.

How to create a summary

If you would like to help create a newsgroup summary, the process is very simple:

  1. Pick the newsgroup you would like to summarize.
  2. Find that newsgroup's page on this list (below).
  3. On the newsgroup's page, create a link for for this week's summary page. See the page for an example. Note: Summaries should cover a one-week period from Monday through Sunday. Some overlap is ok.
  4. Create the summary, formatting it like this.
  5. When the summary is complete, send an email to so it can be posted to the DevNews weblog.

Groups to be summarized



Technical questions and answers should not be included in these summaries -- these are for project discussions, decisions, announcements, and meeting notices. If there is a technical question in a newsgroup that you think should be in the MDC documentation, please write it up as a new article in this wiki. That sort of work is also very much appreciated.

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