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API Sociale
L'API Sociale è una nuova API per rendere semplice per i browser internet integrare i servizi di social media. Quando un provider di servizio sociale è implementato in Firefox, è possibile mostrare  dentro al browser i comandi e le informazioni relative al servizio. L'articolo che segue spiega come implementare un servizio sociale.
Midas is the code name for Gecko's built-in rich text editor. Midas can be enabled via JavaScript on an HTML document. When Midas is enabled, the document becomes editable by the user. Scripting for Midas is based on the DHTML commands supported by Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer supports the ability to make an entire document editable by setting the designMode property of the document object; this is how Midas is invoked in Gecko. Internet Explorer also supports the ability to edit specific elements using the contentEditable attribute; Starting with Firefox 3, Gecko also supports contentEditable. Once Midas is invoked, a few more methods of the document object become available.
Network Security Services
Network Security Services (NSS) is a set of libraries designed to support cross-platform development of security-enabled client and server applications. Applications built with NSS can support SSL v2 and v3, TLS, PKCS #5, PKCS #7, PKCS #11, PKCS #12, S/MIME, X.509 v3 certificates, and other security standards.