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Here at MDN, we try to avoid outright deleting content that might be useful to people targeting legacy platforms, operating systems, and browsers. Perhaps your target audience is people that are using older hardware, for example, and can't upgrade to the latest and greatest browsers. Or for "reasons," your company is required to use very old software and you need to build Web content that runs on that software. Or perhaps you're just curious about the history of an obsolete feature or API, and how it worked.

There are many reasons older documentation can be useful. So, we've established this area into which we can archive older documentation. Material in this Archived content zone should not be used for building new Web sites or apps for modern browsers. It's here for historical reference only.

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In progress. Archived add-ons documentation.
Archived Mozilla and build documentation
These articles are archived, obsolete documents about Mozilla, Gecko, and the process of building Mozilla projects.
Archived open Web documentation
The documentation listed below is archived, obsolete material about open Web topics.
B2G OS è un sistema operativo completo ed indipendente per il web aperto. Si tratta di un progetto sviluppato dalla comunità degli utenti di Mozilla e costituisce la base dei prodotti Firefox OS.
MDN Archive
The documentation listed below is archived, obsolete material about MDN itself.
Standard Web
  1. Add-ons
    1. Add-ons
    2. Add-on SDK
    3. Creare Estensioni personalizzate per Firefox con il sistema di sviluppo di Mozilla
    4. Supportare i suggerimenti nei plugin di ricerca
    5. Sviluppare un'Estensione
  2. Archived Mozilla and build documentation
    1. Archived Mozilla and build documentation
    2. Creare un Microsommario
    3. Firefox Marketplace
    4. Migrare applicazioni da Internet Explorer a Mozilla
    5. Persona
    6. Sviluppare Mozilla
    7. Venkman
    8. XBL
    9. XML in Mozilla
    10. XUL
    11. XULRunner
  3. Archived open Web documentation
    1. Archived open Web documentation
    2. E4X
    3. Server-Side JavaScript
    4. Strumenti di sviluppo aderenti agli standard
    5. XForms
  4. B2G OS
    1. B2G OS
    2. Automated Testing of Firefox OS
    3. Build-are Firefox OS
    4. Come installare Firefox OS su un dispositivo mobile
    5. Compilare e installare B2G OS
    6. Crea
    7. Creare App per Firefox OS
    8. Debugging on Firefox OS
    9. Developing Firefox OS
    10. Esperienza Utente
    11. Firefox OS Simulator
    12. Firefox OS apps
    13. Firefox OS usage tips
    14. Guida ai telefoni di sviluppo Firefox OS
    15. Guida allo sviluppo di Gaia
    16. Introduzione a Firefox OS
    17. La sicurezza in Firefox OS
    18. Preparazione della tua prima build di B2G
    19. Prerequisiti Firefox OS build
    20. Sviluppo applicazioni perFirefox OS
    21. TV e dispositivi connessi
    22. The Firefox OS platform
    23. Usare l'App Manager
    24. Visione architetturale di insieme
    25. Web applications
  5. MDN Archive
    1. MDN Archive
    2. Nuove tabelle di compatibilità in beta
  6. RSS
    1. RSS
    2. Iniziare
  7. Standard Web
    1. Standard Web
    2. Problemi Derivanti Dall Hover Su Elementi Arbitrari
    3. RDF in cinquanta parole o meno