Downloads information about the city you are at the moment and saves it for offline browsing.

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Catsei asks for your location and based on the coordinates finds your city, downloads related information and stores it for offline browsing. Right now it downloads the map of your position, news and the weather.

It was built with the idea of making it as easy as possible for a developer to add new data sources and display more information. You can customize it and save only the information you find relevant.

This application is not only useful for travelers but also for anyone who wants to easily synchronize some information for later reading. The modules that download the information don't necessarily have to use the geolocation data, you can download and store anything, Catsei automatically serializes it.

Catsei has some checks to avoid downloading unnecessary information, e.g. if the city you are in hasn't changed it doesn't start updating the information untill you tell it so.

I tested it on Firefox and Chrome. Naturally does not work in IE and I will not make the smallest effort to change that. The last time I checked it was working on smartphones too but haven't really tested it much since I don't own one.

Feel free to download, fork, modify and distribute it. Contact me if you have any questions about it or any the technologies Catsei makes use of. Please report any bugs you find.

Happy hacking!

3 commenti

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  1. elpagano3 ha scritto:

    Execelente muy buena app..testeare con ella.
    Good..execellent app..i will practice with it.
  2. tuxie ha scritto:

    Go ahead, fork it and play around with it. Let me know if you need help with anything.
  3. elpagano3 ha scritto:

    Testee la aplicacion en mi Android y funciono bien en Firefox..sin embargo en el navegador nativo se quedo en Loading..;
    Un saludo.

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