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There are several different builds of Firefox OS you can download or build for yourself, and there are some differences between the types of features available on each device. The chart below should help you understand what works and what doesn't on the various builds.

Feature Device Emulator Desktop
Dialer All UI only, no network UI only, no network
Contacts All All All
SMS All UI only, no network UI only, no network
Camera All UI only, no camera support UI only, unsure about desktop camera support at this time
Gallery All All All
Video All UI only All
Music All   All
FM Radio All All UI only
Email All All All
Calculator All All All
Browser All All All
Marketplace All All All
Clock All All All
Calendar All All All
Home Screen All All All
Lock Screen All All All
Keyboard All All All
Task Manager All All All
First-Run All ? ?
Notification All All All
Status Bar All Some network states can't be tested Some network states can't be tested
Settings All All All


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