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Mozilla is committed to ensuring a great add-ons experience for our users and developers. Please review the policies below before submitting your add-on.

Add-on Submission
Find out what is expected of add-ons we host and our policies on specific add-on practices.
Review Process
In order to protect the safety and sovereignty of Firefox users, Mozilla requires all add-ons to comply with a set of policies on acceptable practices. The exact set of applicable policies varies depending on a number of circumstances, the most important being whether the add-on is hosted on addons.mozilla.org (hereafter AMO), and how the add-on is distributed in the wild.
Maintaining Your Add-on
Add-on updates, transferring ownership, user reviews, and what to expect once your add-on is approved.
Featured Add-ons
How up-and-coming add-ons become featured and what's involved in the process.
Developer Agreement
Effective January 5, 2016
Contacting Us
Add-ons allow developers to extend and modify the functionality of Firefox.

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