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The MDN documentation project is enormous; there are a huge number of technologies to cover, and we have hundreds of contributors all over the world. To help bring order to chaos, we've got standard processes to follow when working on specific documentation-related tasks. Here you'll find guides to those processes.

Cross-team collaboration tactics for documentation
One thing that we've learned at MDN is that when the development team and the documentation team for a given project, API, or technology work closely—and well—together, the documentation quality is incredible. This guide offers some suggested tactics for how the developers and writers can work hand-in-hand.
Documentation bugs
One of the main ways that that the MDN writing team gets requests for new documentation or documentation changes is through Bugzilla. Within Bugzilla, doc requests occur in two ways:
Documentation plans
The MDN community sometimes is tasked with large documentation projects—that is, large amounts of documentation to be written or edited about a specific topic, or a large maintenance project to existing content. In order to be properly prepared to work on these projects, we first create a documentation plan which outlines:
Requesting elevated privileges
Some tools or operations on MDN require elevated access privileges not available to ordinary users.
The MDN community uses a Trello board to organize and keep track of the things that need to be done to improve, update, and add to our content. This guide will help you learn what Trello is and how we use it.

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