Perkenalan HTML5

HTML5 merupakan standar terbaru HTML. Standar ini menawarkan berbagai gitur baru, bukan hanya tentang media kaya (rich media), tetapi juga berbagai dukungan lain yang berguna untuk pembuatan aplikasi web yang dapat berinteraksi dengan pengguna, data lokal, dan server dengan lebih mudah dan efektif.

Because HTML5 is still in the design stage, changes to the specification are inevitable. Because of this, not all of its features are supported yet by any browser. However, Gecko (and by extension, Firefox) has very good initial support for HTML5, and work continues toward supporting more and more of its features. , Gecko began supporting some HTML5 features in version 1.8.1. You can also find a list of the HTML5 features Gecko supports on the main HTML5 page. For detailed information about multiple browsers' support of HTML5 features, refer to the CanIUse website.

Your first step: The HTML5 doctype

The doctype for HTML5 is very simple. To indicate that your HTML content uses HTML5, simply use:

<!DOCTYPE html>

This very simple doctype will cause even browsers that don't presently support HTML5 to enter into standards mode, which means that they'll interpret the long-established parts of HTML in an HTML5-compliant way while ignoring the new features of HTML5 they don't support.