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    Designing apps

    When creating Open Web Apps, you need to give a lot of consideration to the look and feel, user experience and workflow of your applications. Here we will look at general patterns and design techniques that work for open web apps, including Firefox OS applications.

    Note: the articles in this section of the docs cover graphics and UX in detail, including links to relevant examples and assets. If you are just searching for a library of assets and samples, BuildingFirefoxOS is a good place to go.

    Design guidelines

    Start by planning your app
    Design principles
    A useful list of general design principles to start with.
    Installed app considerations
    High level considerations particular to installed Open Web App UX.
    Graphics for responsive sites
    Ideas to keep in mind when designing graphics for responsive sites and applications.

    Design patterns and assets

    Small screen design patterns
    Guides to effective component design patterns that work on small screen apps, including Firefox OS.
    Responsive navigation patterns
    How do you make a UI that looks and works as great on a smartphone as it does on the desktop? Learn how to design UIs that change to fit your user's screen.
    Building blocks
    A library of components for use in Open Web Apps, including usage guides, assets, and HTML, CSS and JavaScript code snippets.
    Design asset library
    Graphical assets for helping design the visuals of Open Web Apps, including PSD files.
    Content styleguide
    A guide to choosing effective fonts, writing good copy, and creating good image content for Open Web Apps.
    Firefox OS styleguide
    Styleguide for Firefox OS apps.
    Firefox OS Icon styleguide
    Designing a good application icon.

    Tools for app developers
    Technology reference documentation
    Getting help from the community

    If you still aren't sure how to do what you're trying to get done, feel free to join the conversation!

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