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Articles listed here provide a reference for the SDK's tools:

Enables you to test, run, and package add-ons. cfx has been deprecated, jpm should now be used instead.
cfx to jpm
A guide to working with jpm if you're already familiar with cfx.
Enables your add-on to log error, warning or informational messages.
The Node-based replacement for cfx. Enables you to test, run, and package add-ons.
The Node-based replacement for cfx --force-mobile. Enables you to run and test add-ons for Firefox Mobile (aka Fennec).
Use .jpmignore to ignore files from your xpi builds.
The package.json file contains manifest data for your add-on, providing not only descriptive information about the add-on for presentation in the Add-ons Manager, but other metadata required of add-ons.

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