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Mozilla is committed to ensuring a great add-ons experience for our users and developers. Please review the policies below before submitting your add-on.

Add-on Submission
Add-ons hosted on Mozilla Add-ons should be of high quality and give users an improved web experience. We look for the following things when deciding whether an add-on is appropriate to be public and unrestricted
Review Process
What happens after your add-on is submitted? Learn about how our Editors review submissions.
Maintaining Your Add-on
Add-on updates, transferring ownership, user reviews, and what to expect once your add-on is approved.
Featured Add-ons
How up-and-coming add-ons become featured and what's involved in the process.
Developer Agreement
Terms of Service for submitting your work to our site. Developers are required to accept this agreement before submission.
Contacting Us
How to get in touch with us regarding these policies or your add-on.

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