Just Spaceships!

HTML5 Space shooter

Built using Javascript, Vászon, Hang, WebSockets,


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Space shooter game with singleplayer (with AI) and multiplayer (via websockets). Implemented using HTML5 Canvas.

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  1. SeThwest said,

    me encanto! hace rato q queria jugarlo y q mejor reencuentro con este juego q con Firefox :)
  2. juegoslog said,

    In Multiplayer, send an error Connection closed: 1006. anyone know why?
  3. juegoslog said,

    Si esta muy bueno pero envia un error en Multiplayer Connection closed: 1006, te paso?
  4. alimd said,

    wow, very nice
    what technology did you use for communicate with the server?
  5. ondras said,

    WebSocket, of course :-)
  6. ondras said,

    Could be caused by the missing CA certificate for StartSSL.com in your browser/OS. Please try with a different browser, or a different operating system...
  7. aldfalse said,

    ondras enseñame eres master eee !

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This demo is released under the BSD licenc license.

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