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Draw on maps anywhere — laptop, iOS or Android!

Kreiran upotrebom SVG, Multi-touch, IndexedDB, Mobilni, Izvanmrežna podrška

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Metakaolin is a mouse-and-multitouch compatible feature editor, built on top of an offline capable map and database.

Its interface provides a novel non-modal editing paradigm: just draw whatever kind of shape you like — double tap–drag to extend a point into a line — and it will be converted to the proper GeoJSON geometry.

In the background, data is saved to PouchDB on your local device. This library provides a "masterless replication"–capable document database built on top of IndexedDB (or WebSQL for older browsers). Map tiles are made available offline as well, using the HTML5 Application Cache for efficient cross-browser support.

NOTE: for this static demo certain syncing features have been left out, as well as being limited to only a pre-set sample offline basemap. Check download progress in the app "Setup…" to make sure everything is ready before pulling the plug on your Internets!

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