Memory Cube

Memory cube is a memory game inside a 3D cube made in JS, HTML & CSS.

Kreiran upotrebom JavaScript, CSS3, Mobilni, Izvanmrežna podrška, Multi-touch

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Play this amazing memory game inside a cube. Find the pair of the cards that are hidden in the different faces of the cube.

It works in mobile, tablet and desktop modern browsers.

Offline support. You can play it without an Internet conexion.

It uses:
- zepto.js:
- touchable.js:
- sass:

It don't work in any version of IE because the lack of support of the CSS rule "transform-style: preserve-3d".

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  1. AdmTal napisao je,

    This is really slick! I like this new take on memory. Makes me want to play on top of different shapes, perhaps an octahedron.

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