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The Firefox Marketplace is an open and non-proprietary online marketplace for web applications built using HTML5.

The Firefox Marketplace enables developers to publish cross-platform open web apps using standard Web technologies, languages, and tools. Mozilla is bringing its core values — openness, freedom, user choice — to the world of apps.

Publishing your app

App publishing options
After you've build an Open Web App, there are different options available for publishing it out to the world. This article explains what's available.
Submitting an app to the Firefox Marketplace
A detailed guide for those wanting to publish an app on the Firefox Marketplace.
General app publishing topics
General information and useful tips on open web app publishing.
Firefox Marketplace APIs
Links to the main reference guides covering Mozilla's Firefox Marketplace APIs, with which you can configure app payment accounts, automate app submissions, and more.


Profiting from your app
You've worked hard on coding your latest app, but how can you get something back when publishing it? This article provides a detailed introduction to implementing app payments, including Marketplace payments and in-app payments.

Tools for app developers

Creating your own marketplace

Creating a store
You don't have to use the Firefox Marketplace to distribute your app.

Join the Marketplace community

Choose your preferred method for joining the discussion:

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