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The storage event fires when a storage area (localStorage or sessionStorage) has been modified in the context of another document.

See Web Storage API for more information.

General info

Interface StorageEvent
Bubbles No
Cancelable No
Target Document.defaultView (window)
Default Action None


Property Type Description
target Read only EventTarget The event target (the topmost target in the DOM tree).
type Read only DOMString The type of event.
bubbles Read only Boolean Whether the event normally bubbles or not.
cancelable Read only Boolean Whether the event is cancellable or not.
key Read only DOMString (string) The key being changed.
oldValue Read only DOMString (string) The old value of the key being changed.
newValue Read only DOMString (string) The new value of the key being changed.
url Read only DOMString (string) The address of the document whose key changed.
storageArea Read only Storage The Storage object that was affected.


Web Storage

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