The articles below include content about downloading and building Mozilla code. In addition, you'll find helpful articles about how the code works, how to build add-ons for Mozilla applications, and the like.

Add-ons allow developers to extend and modify the functionality of Firefox.
Firefox is Mozilla's popular Web browser, available for multiple platforms including Windows, OS X, and Linux on the desktop and all Android mobile devices. With broad compatibility, the latest in Web technologies, and powerful development tools, Firefox is a great choice for both Web developers and end users.
JavaScript code modules
JavaScript code modules let multiple privileged JavaScript scopes share code. For example, a module could be used by Firefox itself as well as by extensions, in order to avoid code duplication.
Mozilla MathML Project
Mozilla Persona היא מערכת התחברות אינטואיטיבית, חוצת דפדפנים, וקלה לשימוש. היא מתפקדת על כל הדפדפנים הפופולאריים, ואפשר להתחיל איתה מיד.
Here you'll find links to documentation about various Mozilla projects; these are often parts of Firefox or other products, but may also be used in other projects as well.