TOMOSHIBI of Firefox

Visualizes download of Firefox in Japan

Built using SVG, JavaScript, Canvas, CSS3, Audio


More About This Demo From The Author

The concept of “TOMOSHIBI of Firefox” is “feeling” download.
This is a real-time, interactive website which shows sparks on a map of
Japan for every download of the latest Firefox from

Usually, textual information can express download status, but this site
enables to visualize download status with sparks.

Technical Features:

- Display the map.

HTML Canvas
- Show every spark for download.

CSS Transition / CSS Transform
- Animation
- Changing scale, rotate of the map

Audio Data API
Sound is generated with JavaScript in real-time in response to every
spark without sound source.

About this Demo

Download the Source 642.25 KB · ZIP File

This demo is released under the MPL/GPL/LGPL license.