A cat meowing

Built using CSS3


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Using no graphics and no javascript just CSS to animate a cat meow.

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  1. acalzadilla said,

    Beautiful! I love it... LOVE IT!
  2. nklsrh said,

  3. skylamer said,

    <audio loop="" autoplay="" src="" preload=""/>

    for mewo and with little js help you can make it to loop with synced to the css anim :)
  4. Stu Nicholls said,

    I'll give it a try, thanks
  5. Stu Nicholls said,

    I have synced the sound with the animation but it is soooo annoying that I have decided not to add this 'feature' :)
  6. codepo8 said,

    Good choice, Stu. You could run the animation and sound on hover then it doesn't loop :)

    Loving the demo.
  7. fred sheehan said,

    I love it, no browser plug ins needed!

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