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    The links on this page will direct you to a variety of tutorials and additional resources. Whether beginner or old guru perfect web development, you will find valuable resources on best practices. These are written by companies and web developers that have adopted open standards within their projects and provide or authorize translated versions through open licenses such as Creative Commons.


    Basic Level

    HTML Basics (
    What is HTML, what does he do, summary of its history and structure of a document type. The following articles explore deeper each HTML component.
    Basic structure of a web page (SitePoint)
    Learn how HTML elements come together to form this great puzzle.
    Basic HTML elements (SitePoint)
    Description of different types of elements used for writing an HTML document.
    HTML Beginner's Guide (HTML Dog)
    Tutorial and exercises to assist you in learning the basics.
    HTML Challenges (Wikiversity)
    Use these HTML challenges to sharpen your skills.
    MDN reference HTML elements
    Complete reference HTML elements and how Firefox and other web browsers support.
    CodeAvengers (
    Avengers Code, a fun introduction to the development of web applications and games with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

    Advanced level

    Tips to quickly load your HTML pages
    Optimize your pages for a reactive site and a reduced load on your web server.
    Dive into HTML5 (Mark Pilgrim)
    Discover a selection of the features of HTML5, the latest version of the HTML specification.
    Tutorials HTML5 (HTML5 Rocks)
    Let us guide you through the maze of HTML5.
    HTML5 semantics (A List Apart)
    Learn markup that makes sense and is backward compatible and will be compatible in the future.
    Canvas tutorial
    Learn to draw graphics using scripting through the canvas element.
    HTML5 Doctor
    Use HTML5 now.
    The joys of audio with HTML5 (Elated)
    Introducing HTML5 audio element to include sound in your web pages with ease. Many examples of usage identified therein.


    Basic Level

    Codecademy (Codecademy)
    Codecademy is the easiest way to learn programming with JavaScript. Interactive, fun and collaborative.
    Start with JavaScript
    What is JavaScript and how can it help you?
    Programming - The real fundamental (
    Introduction to JavaScript, its possibilities, best practices, to enjoy it, and more.
    JavaScript Best Practices (
    Check out some of the obvious (but not only) best practices to write JavaScript.
    CodeAvengers (
    Avengers Code, a fun introduction to the development of web applications and games with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

    INTERIM Level

    Re-introduction to JavaScript
    Summary of the JavaScript programming language designed for mid-level developers.
    Eloquent JavaScript
    Complete Guide JavaScript intermediate and advanced methodologies.
    Essential JavaScript Design Patterns (Addy Osmani)
    Introduction to basic design patterns JavaScript.
    The JavaScript programming language (YUI Blog)
    Douglas Crockford explores the language as it stands and how it got there.
    Introduction to object oriented JavaScript
    Learn more about the JavaScript object model.

    Advanced level

    Learning of advanced JavaScript (John Resig)
    JavaScript Guide forward by John Resig.
    Introduction to JavaScript DOM (Elated)
    What the Document Object Model, and why is it useful? This article will give you a small glimpse of the power of JavaScript functionality.
    An Inconvenient API: The Theory of the DOM (YUI Blog)
    Douglas Crockford explains the "Document Object Model" (DOM).
    Advanced JavaScript (YUI Blog)
    Douglas Crockford observes the code patterns from which the JavaScript programmers can choose in creating their applications.
    JavaScript Garden
    Documentation of the strangest features of Javascript.
    Which JavaScript framework to choose? (StackOverflow)
    Tips for choosing the Javascript framework.
    Non-blocking JavaScript Downloads (YUI Blog)
    Tips to increase page load speed using JavaScript.
    JavaScript Guide
    A guide explaining in detail the operation of JavaScript and regularly updated. It is intended for all learning levels of the neophyte to the most advanced users.

    CSS Tutorials

    Beginner level

    CSS To start
    This tutorial will introduce you to Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). It will guide you through the CSS features, using concrete examples that you can try for yourself on your own computer.
    CSS Basics
    What is the CSS, learning from its use, key selectors and properties
    CSS Basics (
    What is the CSS, how to apply it in HTML and looks like the basic syntax of CSS.
    Selectors CSS classes  (Wikiversity)
    What is a class in CSS?
    External CSS  (Wikiversity)
    Use CSS to an external stylesheet.
    Add a touch of style  (W3C)
    Realizing this beginner's guide to learn how to put CSS in your pages.
    Frequently asked questions about CSS
    Questions and answers for beginners.
    CodeAvengers (
    Avengers Code is an effective and fun way to learn to code web applications and games with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

    Intermediate level

    CSS Reference
    Complete CSS reference with support details of Firefox and other browsers.
    CSS Challenges (Wikiversity)
    Practice your skills in CSS, and see where you need the most practice.
    Intermediate concepts in CSS  (
    Group, pseudo-classes, and more.
    CSS positioning bases  (A List Apart)
    Using positioning to meet the standards, the layout without tables.
    Progressive Enhancement with CSS (A List Apart)
    The gradual improvement of your web pages with CSS.
    Fluid Grids (A List Apart)
    Creating models that smoothly resize with of the browser window while using a typographic grid.

    Advanced level

    applying a rotation deflect measure , and  translation using CSS .
    CSS3 in less than 5 minutes (Addy Osmani)
    A short introduction to the hearts of innovations introduced by CSS3.
    Use of CSS transformations
    Apply rotation deflect measure , and the  translation using CSS .
    CSS transitions
    CSS transitions, CSS3 included in job specifications, to control the animation when changing CSS properties. This adjusts progressive visual transition of the related property.
    Understanding CSS3 transitions (A List Apart)
    Start using CSS3 transitions carefully choosing what situation use.
    Quick guide to implement Web Fonts with @ font-face (HTML5 Rocks)
    The function @ font-face CSS3 proposed among modules allows you to use custom fonts on the web; and this in an accessible, flexible and extensible.


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