Network Security Services

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Network Security Services (NSS) est un ensemble de bibliothèques conçues pour supporter le développement mutli-plateforme d'applications clientes et serveurs sécurisées. Les applications construites avec NSS peuvent supporter SSL v2 et v3, TLS, PKCS #5, PKCS #7, PKCS #11, PKCS #12, S/MIME, les certificats X.509 v3, et d'autres standards de sécurité. Pour des informations détaillées sur les standards supportés, voir Overview of NSS. Pour une liste des question fréquentes, voir la FAQ.

NSS est disponible sous la Mozilla Public License, la GNU Generel Public License, et la GNU Lesser General Public License. Pour savoir comment télécharger des releases de NSS sous forme de fichiers tar, voir Télécharger le Source PKI.

If you're a developer and would like to contribute to NSS, you might want to read the documents highlevel overview of internal details of NSS and getting started with NSS.


Background Information

Overview of NSS
Provides a brief summary of NSS and its capabilities.
Answers basic questions about NSS.
Introduction to Public-Key Cryptography
Explains the basic concepts of public-key cryptography that underlie NSS.
Introduction to SSL
Introduces the SSL protocol, including information about cryptographic ciphers supported by SSL and the steps involved in the SSL handshake.

Getting Started

NSS Releases
This page contains information about the current and past releases of NSS.
Get the source code and Build it
Instructions on how to build NSS on the different supported platforms.
Get Mozilla Source Code Using Mercurial
Information about with working with Mercurial.
Get Mozilla Source Code Using CVS (deprecated)
Old deprecated CVS documentation.


Introduction to Network Security Services
Provides an overview of the NSS libraries and what you need to know to use them.
NSS Public Functions
Summarizes the APIs exported by the NSS shared libraries.
NSS Reference
API used to invoke SSL operations.
NSS API Guidelines
Explains how the libraries and code are organized, and guidelines for developing code (naming conventions, error handling, thread safety, etc.)
NSS Technical Notes
Links to NSS technical notes, which provide latest information about new NSS features and supplementary documentation for advanced topics in programming with NSS.

Tools, testing, and other technical details

Build Instructions for NSS
Describe how to check out and build NSS releases.
NSS Developer Tutorial
How to make changes in NSS. Coding style, maintaining ABI compatibility.
NSS Tools
Tools for developing, debugging, and managing applications that use NSS.
Sample Code
Demonstrates how NSS can be used for cryptographic operations, certificate handling, SSL, etc.
NSS 3.2 Test Suite
Archived version. Describes how to run the standard NSS tests.
NSS Performance Reports
Archived version. Links to performance reports for NSS 3.2 and later releases.
Encryption Technologies Available in NSS 3.11
Archived version. Lists the cryptographic algorithms used by NSS 3.11.
NSS 3.1 Loadable Root Certificates
Archived version. Describes the scheme for loading root CA certificates.
Archived version. General format of the cert7.db database.

PKCS #11 information

CA certificates pre-loaded into NSS

NSS is built on top of Netscape Portable Runtime (NSPR)

Netscape Portable Runtime
NSPR project page.
NSPR Reference
NSPR API documentation.

Additional Information


Information on NSS planning can be found at, including:


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