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    Delivers a platform-specific window event to the instance.

    • For Windowed Plug-ins: Currently used only on Mac OS.
    • For Windowless Plug-ins: All platforms.


    #include <npapi.h>
    int16 NPP_HandleEvent(NPP instance, void* event);


    The function has the following parameters:

    Pointer to the current plug-in instance.
    Platform-specific value representing the event handled by the function. Values:
    • MS Windows: Pointer to NPEvent structure
    • Mac OS: Pointer to a standard Mac OS EventRecord
    • Unix/X11: Pointer to a standard Xlib XEvent
    For a list of possible events, see NPEvent.


    • If the plug-in handles the event, the function should return true.
    • If the plug-in ignores the event, the function returns false.


    The browser calls NPP_HandleEvent to tell the plug-in when events take place in the plug-in's window or drawable area. The plug-in either handles or ignores the event, depending on the value given in the event parameter of this function. For a list of event types the application is responsible for delivering to the plug-in, see the NPEvent structure.

    MS Windows

    The browser gives each windowed plug-in its own native window, often a child window of the browser window, to draw into. The plug-in has complete control over drawing and event handling within that window.

    Mac OS

    The browser does not give a windowed plug-in a native window, because the Mac OS platform does not support child windows. Instead, the windowed plug-in draws into the graphics port associated with the the browser window, at the offset that the browser specifies. For this reason, NPP_HandleEvent is only way the plug-in can receive events from its host application on Mac OS. When NPP_HandleEvent is called, the current port is set up so that its origin matches the top-left corner of the plug-in. A plug-in does not need to set up the current port for mouse coordinate translation.

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