This is an archived page. It's not actively maintained.

Rhino Examples

Examples have been provided that show how to control the JavaScript engine and to implement scriptable host objects. All the examples are in the git tree at mozilla/js/rhino/examples.

Scripts Simple

Le script unique.js permet d'écrirer une seul ligne depuis un fichier.

Le script liveConnect.js montre un usage simple de LiveConnect (connectivité Java-vers-JavaScript).

Le script jsdoc.js est un analogue en JavaScript de la javadoc. Il permet un usage régulier des "regular expressions".

Le script checkParam.js est un outil utile pour vérifier les tags @param dans les commentaires documentation Java qui corresponde au paramètres dans la méthode  Java correspondante.

The enum.js script is a good example of using a JavaAdapter to implement a Java interface using a JavaScript object.

The NervousText.js script is a JavaScript implementation of the famous NervousText applet using JavaScript compiled to Java classes using jsc. It can be run in the HTML page NervousText.html.

Controlling the JavaScript Engine

The RunScript class is a simple program that executes a script from the command line.

The Control class is a program that executes a simple script and then manipulates the result.

JavaScript Shell is a program that executes JavaScript programs; it is a simplified version of the shell in the tools package. The programs may be specified as files on the command line or by typing interactively while the shell is running.

PrimitiveWrapFactory is an example of a WrapFactory that can be used to control the wrapping behavior of the Rhino engine on calls to Java methods.

Multithreaded Script Execution is a program that creates a single global scope object and then shares it across multiple threads. Sharing the global scope allows both information to be shared across threads, and amortizes the cost of Context.initStandardObjects by only performing that expensive operation once.

Implementing Host Objects

First check out the tutorial if you haven't already.

The Foo class - Extending ScriptableObject is a simple JavaScript host object that includes a property with an associated action and a variable argument method.

The Matrix class - Implementing Scriptable provides a simple multidimensional array by implementing the Scriptable interface.

The File class - An advanced example extends ScriptableObject to provide a means of reading and writing files from JavaScript. A more involved example of host object definition.