Firefox OS


Firefox OS is Mozilla's mobile operating system, based on Linux and Firefox's powerful Gecko rendering engine.

Firefox Os est un système d'exploitation destiné aux smartphones, basé sur Linux et le puissant moteur de rendu de Firefox, Gecko.

In depth

Firefox OS consists of three main parts:

L'interface utilisateur par défaut et la suite d'application de la platerforme Firefox OS.
The Firefox OS application runtime: The layer that renders HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other technologies used in Gaia and 3rd party apps, to create running applications.

Le coeur de Firefox OS : le moteur de rendu HTML, CSS, JavaScript et des autres technologies utilisées par Gaia et les applications tierces, permettant de créeer des applications.
Gonk is the lower level operating system of the Firefox OS platform, consisting of a Linux kernel (based on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP)) and userspace hardware abstraction layer (HAL).
Gonk est le

Note: Firefox OS builds that haven't (yet) got official Firefox OS branding tend to be referred to by the project's engineering codename, Boot2Gecko (B2G.)

En savoir plus

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