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Mozilla Persona est un système d'indentification sur le web. Le fondement de Personas est le protocole BrowserID, lorsque les utilisateurs s'authentifient sur les sites internet utilises leurs adresses e-mail.

Cette page collecte les resources pour les personnes interessés à l'ajout du support de Personas sur leurs sites web, dans l'aide du développement du protocole BrowserID, ou devenir un fournisseur de services BrowserID.

BrowserID works on all modern browsers, only requires an hour or two to implement, and makes for a more frictionless experience by eliminating the "email confirmation" step when a user first signs into a site. Website operators still get a verified email address for their users, and users only have to remember a single password. BrowserID is also intuitive, since email addresses are commonly understood to be associated with identities.

You can try BrowserID right now by going to OpenPhoto and signing in, or read more about it from the user perspective at

Read on to get started!

Note: BrowserID is in active development. It's ready to use today, but we'll be introducing a new and improved API near the end of Q2. Follow our blog to learn about new developments, or join our mailing list and offer your feedback!

Utiliser BrowserID sur votre site

Pourquoi BrowserID?
Learn about reasons to support BrowserID on your site, and how it compares to other identity and authentication systems.
Installation Rapide
A quick walkthrough showing how to add BrowserID to your website.
Libraries and plugins
Find a drop-in library for your favorite programming language, web framework, blog, or content management system.
Images, buttons, and style guide
Get a nice "sign in" graphic for your users to click on and learn more about how to best present BrowserID to your users.
The API reference
Reference for the object, which web developers can use to integrate BrowserID into sites.
Verifying assertions
Learn about verifying assertions locally or by using Mozilla's remote verification API.
Security considerations
Practices and techniques to make sure your BrowserID deployment is secure.
The BrowserID cookbook
Example source code for BrowserID sites. Includes snippets in PHP, Node.JS, and more.

Information pour fournisseurs d'identités

If you're an email provider or another identity-providing service, check out the links below to learn about becoming a BrowserID Identity Provider.

IdP Overview
A high level view of Persona Identity Providers.
Guide to Implementing an IdP
A detailed guide to the technical details of becoming an IdP.
Development tips
A set of tips and tricks useful while developing a new Identity Provider.

Le Projet BrowserID

BrowserID terminology defined.
Answers to common questions.
Protocol overview
A mid-level technical overview of the BrowserID protocol.
A look at the BrowserID Cryptographic concepts.
Deep technical details live here.
To get BrowserID going, we're hosting three services at our own identity provider, a portable implementation of the BrowserID APIs, and a remote verification service. Learn here about why they're needed, and when we expect to remove them.