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Here at MDN, we try to avoid outright deleting content that might be useful to people targeting legacy platforms, operating systems, and browsers. Perhaps your target audience is people that are using older hardware, for example, and can't upgrade to the latest and greatest browsers. Or for "reasons," your company is required to use very old software and you need to build Web content that runs on that software. Or perhaps you're just curious about the history of an obsolete feature or API, and how it worked.

There are many reasons older documentation can be useful. So, we've established this area into which we can archive older documentation. Material in this Archived content zone should not be used for building new Web sites or apps for modern browsers. It's here for historical reference only.

Note to writers: We need to try to keep the subpages here organized instead of all dumped into one large folder. Try to create subtrees for categories of material. Also, only move pages here that are extremely obsolete. If anyone might realistically need the information in a living product, it may not be appropriate to move it here. In general, it may be best to discuss it in the MDN Web Docs chat room before moving content here.

In progress. Archived add-ons documentation.
In progress. This page includes archived content for Apps, including obsolete web app content, Firefox OS app-related content, etc.
Archived Mozilla and build documentation
These articles are archived, obsolete documents about Mozilla, Gecko, and the process of building Mozilla projects.
Archived open Web documentation
The documentation listed below is archived, obsolete material about open Web topics.
B2G OS est un système d'exploitation autonome et complet pour le web ouvert. Il s'agit d'un projet open source développé par la communauté Mozilla et qui constitue les bases des produits Firefox OS.
L'événement deviceproximity est déclenché lorsque de nouvelles données sont disponibles à partir d'un capteur de proximité.
Les bases des services Web
Manuel de compatibilité Gecko
L'objectif de ce manuel est de vous aider à mettre à jour vos sites Web pour qu'ils fonctionnent dans les navigateurs respectant les standards du Web et détectent correctement Gecko.
Many aspects of the Firefox Marketplace will soon be removed, with more following as the different services Marketplace offers are End-of-lifed. Related documentation will be moved here as it is removed. See the Future of Marketplace FAQ for more answers.
The documentation listed below is archived, obsolete material about MDN itself.
MDN "meta-documentation" archive
Here you'll find archived "meta-documentation"; that is, documentation about how to write documentation on MDN. The articles here are obsolete and should no longer be referenced; we are retaining them here for reference while we migrate some content to new places, but very little of this is useful.
Misc top level
In progress. These pages were moved from the top level of MDN in a spate of furious reorganization.
For more information about plugin roadmap, see non-archived plugin information.
Relying on these obsolete security articles is highly discouraged. Doing so may put your systems at risk.
Social API
The Social API is a new API to make it easier for web browsers to integrate with social media services. Once a social service provider is implemented for Firefox, it becomes possible for the browser to display in-chrome user controls and information related to that service. The following articles explain how to implement a social service provider.
Standards du Web
Archived theme documentation.