Simple Pendulum Simulation on HTML5 Canvas

A fully interactive, animated, simple pendulum made on HTML5 canvas.

Construit avec JavaScript, HTML5, Canvas, CSS3

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The simple pendulum is created on HTML5 canvas with the aid of JavaScript. It is fully interactive: a user can choose the speed from three choices.

The pendulum bob is made with a filled circle and radial gradient which gives the spherical appearance.

In order to make it oscillate, sine and cosine function of Math object is used.

The start and stop button use window.setInterval() and window.clearInterval() respectively.

The animation works on all major browsers: FireFox, Chrome, IE, Safari.

It works on tablets too such as iPad.

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  1. Vivax-Solutions a dit

    This is one of the animations that I made using HTML5 canvas and JavaScript. It uses Math object of JavaScript Dom and JavaScript Timer Control.

    The set of selection can be viewed on my website:
  2. Florian17 a dit

    Ist ein gutes Demo!
    It´s a great demo!

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