Layer Synthesis Device (LSD)

VJ using your browser! Loop and mix clips using pure HTML5.

Construit avec JavaScript, HTML5, Canvas, CSS3, Vidéo

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Use LSD to VJ live video on the web! Choose video clips and images and blend them together using the mixer controls or the interactive mouse mode. Create your customized hallucination directly in your browser and share with your friends!


You can control the mixing of the layers with the sliders below.
Click the layer's thumbnail to choose a different video and blend mode.

Interactive Mouse Mode

Hold shift to temporarily activate interactive mouse mode, or check the box.
Click the mouse to change the blend mode.
Move the mouse up and down to control opacity of the top two layers.
Move the mouse right to exacerbate the top layer's seizures, move it left to give the poor guy a rest (Sheesh!).

Supported on Firefox 3.5+, Safari 4+, Chrome, iPhone, Android (no IE, what a surprise...)

Check it out for yourself:

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