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Show song words on a projector and control from computer

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This demo is something I've wanted to try for a long time now. There is plenty of software written for churches to display song words, scriptures and videos on a remote screen but I've never seen it entirely in a browser.

It would be nice to expand on this and add some sort of database to allow churches to share lyrics and media as well as add offline capabilities.

This demo supports displaying Song Words on an infinite amount of displays as well as a stage display with a clock. The words can have a background image or moving video (webm).

It also supports playing a video or displaying a verse.

In Firefox you need to set full-screen-api.exit-on-deactivate to false in about:config otherwise the browser will deactivate when the fullscreen loses focus. Once I discovered this it made this whole thing possible.

This concept could work for a web based Powerpoint alternative or something like a Google Presentation.

Best used with a multi-monitor setup.


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