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This set of articles provides information for developers wishing to provide localized versions of their apps.


Getting started with app localization
This tutorial is an introduction to app localization. It's structured as a walkthrough of the process of localizing an app. It only covers localizing strings appearing in HTML.
This article covers the extra files you need to add to your app to enable it to work in diferent locales. It's the foundation of both the next two articles.
Localizing strings in HTML
This article builds on Setup to describe how to localize strings appearing in your app's HTML.
Localizing strings in JavaScript
This article builds on Setup to describe how to localize strings appearing in your app's JavaScript.
Localizing the manifest
This article describes how you can provide translations of localizable strings that appear in your app manifest, including the app's name and description.
Connecting developers and translators with Transifex
This article explores the use of Transifex for managing translation work, both for app developers and localizers.


Developing Bidi Apps
Best coding practices and guidelines for developing bi-directional (left-to-right and right-to-left, RTL) apps.


Translation tester
This app is for testing translations for Firefox OS apps and provides a blueprint for adding translation support to your own apps.

Blog posts

Localising Firefox OS Apps
In this article, we will discuss how to localize your Firefox OS app using the libraries currently employed for localization in the Gaia layer of Firefox OS, such as L10n.js. Gaia encompasses all of the built-in web apps in the operating system, including the Dialer and the Contacts Manager, so it provides a good model to emulate.
Localizing the Firefox OS boilerplate app
This article builds upon the method discussed in the previous article where we use the L10n.js library for app localization, running through a workable process for localizing an existing Firefox OS app - the Firefox OS Boilerplate app.

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