Animated person running - CSS 运行一个人的动画

This is an animation of a man running made with pure CSS3

Built using Video, HTML5, CSS3, Fonts & Type, تلفن همراه


اطّلاعات بیشتر درباره‌ی این نسخه‌ی نمایشی از زبان نویسنده‌اش

Pinetrees are also animated by CSS3. No jpg or other images or javascript are used for this animation. Thanks for "the likes" of my former demo!!

Esta animación de una persona corriendo se hizo sólo con CSS3 puro, sin utilizar javascript ni imágenes jpg u otras. También los pinos en movimiento fueron animados con la misma tecnología.

About this Demo

Download the Source 5.28 KB · ZIP File

This demo is released under the GPL license.

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