Palabras Reservadas

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Las siguientes son parabras reservadas y no pueden ser utilizadas como variables, funcciones, métodos o identificadores de objetos. Las siguientes son reservadas como palabras claves existentes por la especificación ECMAScript:

Reserved keywords as of ECMAScript 6

The following are reserved as future keywords by the ECMAScript specification:

  • enum

The following are reserved as future keywords when they are found in strict mode code:

  • implements
  • package
  • protected
  • static
  • interface
  • private
  • public

Future reserved keywords in older standards

The following are reserved as future keywords by older ECMAScript specifications (ECMAScript 1 till 3).

  • abstract
  • boolean
  • byte
  • char
  • double
  • final
  • float
  • goto
  • int
  • long
  • native
  • short
  • synchronized
  • transient
  • volatile

Additionally, the literals null, true, and false are reserved in ECMAScript for their normal uses.

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