RangeError: precision is out of range

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The JavaScript exception "precision is out of range" occurs when a number that's outside of the range of 0 and 20 (or 21) was passed into toFixed or toPrecision.


RangeError: The number of fractional digits is out of range (Edge)
RangeError: The precision is out of range (Edge)
RangeError: precision {0} out of range (Firefox)
RangeError: toExponential() argument must be between 0 and 20 (Chrome)
RangeError: toFixed() digits argument must be between 0 and 20 (Chrome)
RangeError: toPrecision() argument must be between 1 and 21 (Chrome)

Error type


Que salió mal?

Fué un argumento preciso fuera de rango en uno de estos metodos:

El rango permitido para estos metodos usualmente esta entre 0 o 20 (o 21). De todas formas la especificación  ECMAScript permite extender este rango.

Method Firefox (SpiderMonkey) Chrome, Opera (V8)
Number.prototype.toExponential() 0 to 100 0 to 20
Number.prototype.toFixed() -20 to 100 0 to 20
Number.prototype.toPrecision() 1 to 100 1 to 21


Casos no validos

77.1234.toExponential(-1);  // RangeError
77.1234.toExponential(101); // RangeError

2.34.toFixed(-100);         // RangeError 
2.34.toFixed(1001);         // RangeError 

1234.5.toPrecision(-1);     // RangeError
1234.5.toPrecision(101);    // RangeError

Casos validos

77.1234.toExponential(4); // 7.7123e+1
77.1234.toExponential(2); // 7.71e+1

2.34.toFixed(1); // 2.3
2.35.toFixed(1); // 2.4 (note that it rounds up in this case)

5.123456.toPrecision(5); // 5.1235
5.123456.toPrecision(2); // 5.1
5.123456.toPrecision(1); // 5

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