The inputmode global attribute is an enumerated attribute that hints at the type of data that might be entered by the user while editing the element or its contents. It can have the following values:

No virtual keyboard. For when the page implements its own keyboard input control.
text (default value)
Standard input keyboard for the user's current locale.
Fractional numeric input keyboard containing the digits and decimal separator for the user's locale (typically . or ,). Devices may or may not show a minus key (-).
Numeric input keyboard, but only requires the digits 0–9. Devices may or may not show a minus key.
A telephone keypad input, including the digits 0–9, the asterisk (*), and the pound (#) key. Inputs that require a telephone number should typically use <input type="tel">instead.
A virtual keyboard optimized for search input. For instance, the return/submit key may be labeled “Search”, along with possible other optimizations. Inputs that require a search query should typically use <input type="search"> instead.
A virtual keyboard optimized for entering email addresses. Typically includes the @ character as well as other optimizations. Inputs that require email addresses should typically use <input type="email"> instead.
A keypad optimized for entering URLs. This may have the / key more prominent, for example. Enhanced features could include history access and so on. Inputs that require a URL should typically use <input type="url"> instead.


Specification Status Comment
HTML Living Standard
The definition of 'inputmode' in that specification.
Living Standard

Browser compatibility

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inputmodeChrome Full support 66Edge Full support 79Firefox No support NoIE No support NoOpera Full support 53Safari No support NoWebView Android Full support 66Chrome Android Full support 66Firefox Android No support NoOpera Android Full support 47Safari iOS Full support 12.2Samsung Internet Android Full support 9.0


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