Unlike applications for platforms like iOS and Android, the first-tier languages of Web applications are HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. These languages are supported by a worldwide web of developer resources. This "Web stack" is available on all modern mobile and desktop hardware and it enables you to maximize code reuse and potentially reach a massive audience on different platforms and devices with little additional effort. In this tutorial we'll explore the different aspects of web app creation, the strategies for designing a flexible, functional app, and coding an app to completion.

Over the course of the tutorial, we'll be employing these techniques and technologies to create a Twitter-based application meant for desktop, mobile phone, and mobile tablet devices. This app will show tweets from selected geographic areas, and is called Area Tweet. Once the app is completed, we'll create the appropriate manifest for submitting our app to the Firefox Marketplace!

Tutorial steps

  1. Foundations of an HTML5 Web app
  2. Configuring your development environment
  3. App design
  4. App code
  5. Creating the Area Tweet app
  6. Debugging the app
  7. Testing the app
  8. Publishing the app
  9. Maintaining the app
  10. Profiting from your app
  11. Create your app!

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